THREAD: Are you (or someone you know) in danger of having your utilities cut off during the #COVID19 pandemic? Tag @sierraclub to share your story (or DM us!) and we will amplify your voice, follow up with your local utility and connect you with resources.
And let us know if your utilities were ALREADY cut off before the pandemic began - we want to help you get them turned back on, if we can. You deserve to be able to wash your hands and communicate with loved ones during this time of crisis.
In your post, try to share:
-The name of your local utility for power and for water
-Where you live
-Whether your utilities are already shut off or if they will be shut off in future
-Tag us!
Don’t forget to tag us so we can see your post and follow up with your utility, and DM us your email address so we can connect you with resources!
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