Lady Science is running and environmentalism and conservation series in May.

We're seeking pitches that explore conservation and environmentalism through a feminist perspective.

(This means you!)
Some ideas of what you might explore:

🌳How can feminism change the way we approach environmental justice?

🐃What's currently overlooked in conversations about conservation and environmentalism that a feminist lens can add?

🦅How are conservation & environmentalism gendered?
As always, we strongly encourage writers from minoritized and marginalized backgrounds to send us a pitch.

We also encourage newer writers to pitch as well.

We pay.
If you want a sense on what we are looking for in pitches, check out our ~convenient pitch guideline page~ https://www.ladyscience.com/pitch 
Ready to pitch? Great!

🌲Send pitches to [email protected]

🦇Put "ENVIRONMENT SERIES" in email subject

🐚Send 2-paragraph pitches & include clips to previous writing (if available)

🐳Pitches due by FRIDAY, APRIL 10.

🚀We look forward to hearing from you!
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