What was the most mind-blowing scientific reveal in your life? Something that you learned that completely shifted your point of view (can be obvious, maybe you learned it as a kid).

I'll start with my big one, not commonly known, which I learned as an adult:
Magnetism doesn't really exist - it is just an artifact of our frame of reference. Electric fields + relativity explain all of electromagentism and we only needed the concept of magnetism because we didn't have relativity at the time.
This isn't just a semantic distinction. Basically, it is saying that everything that we view as magnetics has always just been the operation of an electric field - we just didn't know that we needed to account for relativity!
Anyway, I learned this as an adult *after* studying a lot about electromagnetism and about modern physics (including relativity), so this blew my mind. I spent hours calculating things from a relativistic POV to confirm that it was really true!
My #2 choice would be when I was a kid and finally understood orbit as a dynamic phenomenon under regular gravity (falling normally, but moving ahead fast enough to miss the Earth). The concept hit suddenly and all at once. There is no such thing as zero gravity!
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