🇺🇸 is getting to work

Ford, 3M, & GE Healthcare: 50,000 ventilators in 100 days, 30,000 per month after

Ford: 100,000 face shields per week, 3D printing PPE

Toyota: face shields & collaborating with medical device companies to speed manufacturing of ventilators, respirators
GM: 50,000 surgical masks per day, working with Ventec Life Systems to mass produce ventilators

Fiat Chrysler: donating more than 1 million protective face masks a month

Honeywell: doubled production of N95 masks, increasing capacity to 5x, hiring 500 new employees
3M: doubled global output of N95 respirators to 100 million/month

MyPillow: producing 50,000 masks/day

Hanes: 1.5 million masks/week

L.L. Bean: 10,000 masks from dog beds/day

Jockey: producing 50,000 gowns per week, donating 10,000 scrubs to medical workers at Javits Center
Ralph Lauren: manufacturing 250,000 masks, 25,000 isolation gowns

Brooks Brothers: converting NY, NC, and Mass. factories to make 150,000 masks/day

Bauer: factories making face shields

Under Armour: 500,000 masks, 1,000 face shields, thousands of hospital gowns in Baltimore
HP: 3D printing parts most in need

Facebook: donated 720,000 masks, sourcing millions more

Apple: donated millions N-95 masks, working w/Trump admin on self-screening app of #COVID symptoms

Tesla: purchased & donated 1,000+ ventilators

SpaceX: hand sanitizer & face shields
Lockheed Martin: donated corporate aircraft and vehicle fleet for medical supply delivery

Boeing: 3D printing PPE and face shields for healthcare workers

United Technologies: donated 90,000 pieces of PPE to FEMA, manufacturing 10,000 face shields
Pernod Ricard: repurposing spirits production to hand sanitizer

Anheuser-Busch: producing hand sanitizer, $5 million donation to American Red Cross, helping transition stadiums into blood drive sites

Bacardi: producing ethanol, a needed ingredient to produce hand sanitizer
Bayer, Novartis, & Teva Pharmaceuticals: donated 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to HHS

Johnson & Johnson: partnering w/BARDA more than $1 billion to co-fund vaccine research, development, & clinical testing

Proctor & Gamble: 45,000 liters hand sanitizer/week, face masks
Medtronic: doubling capacity to manufacture ventilators

Healthcare Distribution Alliance, Cardinal Health, McKesson, Henry Schein: working on "Project Airbridge" to airlift critical medical supplies

Atlas Air: 3,800 crewmembers, ground staff coordinating medical supply flights
UPS: supporting FEMA, Project Airbridge w/supply chain & shipping services for respirators, test kits, & PPE across the US

FedEx Express: launched special op to help govt quickly move coronavirus test specimens from over 50 remote drive-thru testing centers across 12 states
McLane Global Logistics: partnering w/USDA to deliver food to children

Panera Bread: serving meals to children throughout Ohio with USDA, expanding program across the country

Countless more are joining the fight

America always rises to the challenge 🇺🇸
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