So Comey tweeted a pic of him climbing in a red hat and a Dickinson poem... #QAnons
Check this out. It's the same poem in video produced by Red Hat Co.

Red Hat is in bed with Google. This video demonstrates the usage of the newer Google Cloud Platform Ansible modules gcp_*, by provisioning a RHEL8 compute instance inside a VPC network w/a public IP address...

Look what else Red Hat Co. is involved in:

I'm not Open Source savvy or familiar with very many of these "Solutions," but it seems to be this might be worth checking out. Please add any relevant explanations, comments. #QAnons
People, I think Comey is referring to the Red Hat Co! Here's Comey's camel (Apache Camel). Everything else he tweeted fits, too - see above! What is it about this open-source company? A little help, please? @LisaMei62 @almostjingo
Comey: “Without laughter, life on our planet would be intolerable” — Steve Allen. And here is Red Hat Co's Steve Allen! Every single Comey tweet can be traced to Red Hat Co. @bchapman151 @almostjingo @LisaMei62
Judas Tree - Israel? Red Hat Co had a Red Hat Forum Israel in 2018. "Israeli Govt Enters Secret Nuclear Command Bunker to Fight Coronavirus" #QAnons #QArmy #QAnon
Wasn't Comey affiliated with IBM or the Eclipse Foundation?
Comey worked for Lockheed Martin in 2005. Lockheed worked with Red Hat to upgrade F-22 Raptors.
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