A thread of how continuously #ShehnaazKaurGill ( @Shehnazgill123 ) has been insulted, called names and slut shamed. I hope celebrities take a stand for her and also ask @TwitterIndia to take the necessary steps
#Rashmi fan (1)
Agains #Rashmi fan (2)
#Asim fandom

Such lovely words the most positive fandom (3)
Profile details r here go check

Not slut shaming???
Wow such positive fandoms ...so much respect 👏
#Asim fans r the most positive with proof
@imrealasim please speak up and ask your fans to continue this
@paras_chhabra the person who respects girls the most his fans wow....superb
@Devoleena_23 how can I forget u u know how it feels to be targeted R8 that's why umpromote such comments on insta stories as well
Wow just that slangs use Karne wale Saab Shehnaaz ke fans hi Hain Baki Saab such ke dhule huye...bechara world against Shehnaaz and SidNaaz fans
@MahiraSharma_ fans wow ...so nice and kind dey r
@MahiraSharma_ @paras_chhabra so sorry u guys cried because of fans of other fandoms because Ur fans r saints as seen
United u all stand against Shehnaaz using slangs 👏👏👏👏
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