1n Pointing out that #TablighJamaat is disproportionately responsible for the spread of a disease is NOT Islamophobia. It comes from the methods of political negotiation that muslims developed in the wake of 1857 & have been systematically rewarded by both Britain and India
2n Given their eviction from power, their society never moved past the feudal structure of power capture by few elite families. Given their weak economic & electoral hand: their tactics have remained consistent: escalating through obstinacy, obstructionism & finally violence.
3n An example of this is Partition. Jinnah starts with impossible maximalist demands, then starts obstructionism, & finally calls for violence. Issue is this pattern was rewarded by the British, then by the INC & now by the BJP. This strategy has proved brilliant for them.
4n You want proof? Here’s a Hindu lady waving a sword at police and refusing to obey lockdown, police immediately Lathi charged her & her followers.
5n But when the #TablighiJamaat people do it, repeated police missions have to beg & please with them. Finally the NSA has to go crawling like a beggar. Imagine the NSA of 1.3 billion representing a party with an absolute majority of 303 seats, held hostage by 2000 people.
6n understand be it partition, be it Shaheen Bagh, be it #NizamuddinMarkaz, every government has succumbed to this kind of blackmail. Consequently they backup position has and will always remain one of obstinacy - no matter what the law, because every law is an opportunity...
7/7 for the Muslim leadership of the country to extort concessions. Remember rewarding bad behaviour leads to more bad behaviour. That is the essence of appeasement and that’s what Modi has been doing.
8n Eg: this behaviour follows the template - What #TablighiJamaat did, refusing to comply with orders was Stage 1 (obstinacy) now what these scumbags are doing is Stage 2 (obstructionism). You know what comes next in Stage 3? Congrats.
https://twitter.com/ani/status/1245349439453253632?s=21 https://twitter.com/ani/status/1245349439453253632
9n you see Stage 3 (violence) has set in. Thanks Modi! Thanks Doval!
10n and another example of stage 3, all from #NizamuddinMarkaz attendees BULLETS were fired and stones pelted upon police in #Bihar by the members of #TablighiJamaat, who attended #NizamuddinMarkaz 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 https://twitter.com/timesnow/status/1245245179423911936
11n from earlier today, Stage 2 by a #TableeghiJamaat fellow who attended #NizamuddinMarkaz. When asked to come for corona testing he says “go test Modi he travelled to 120 countries, go test EPS OPS (CM & DtyCM of Tamil Nadu) they have corona”
12n in Secunderabad, Stage 3. The family of a 59 year old man who died after returning from the #NizamuddinMarkaz beat up medical college students, for letting him die. Notice the absolute impunity with which they behave - state or centre
13n meanwhile in Indore, full stage 3: muslims stoned heath workers trying to protect them from Corona.
14n meanwhile in muzaffarnagar full stage 3: cops grievously injured while attempting to do their jobs & disperse a crowd https://twitter.com/syedzakiahmed_/status/1245377534377652237
15n GRAPHIC WARNING: the cops beaten up in Muzaffarnagar today
16n Health Care workers in Indore complaining that a certain local community isn’t cooperating and abusing them (same area where they were pelted with stones)
17n this is how the health care workers were abused by the same people they were trying to help
18n Gomtipur in Ahmadabad - again police going to get attendees of the #NizamuddinMarkaz for@medical screening were attacked with stones. See the pattern? First it was just Stage 1 laughable videos on how “Corona Allah ka NRC hai”, and within days this.
19n Understand what happened. Thanks to the #TablighiJamaat & their infernal #Nizamuddin Markaz India’s efforts to flatten the curve have been delayed by between 2 weeks to a month. What’s even more amazing is instead of being repentant and cooperating, they’re defiant & violent
20n Apparently they’re convinced this is one more of their routine political negotiations - their cooperation even during a national emergency will have to be “bought”. The threat of spreading #Corona is the 2nd currency of this negotiation & Modi sending Doval validated it.
21n in Rajasthan, still deliberate defiance Stage 1 - obstinacy. As a community it surely can’t be a collective act of cognitive disability given how diverse the community is? No. This is ingrained behaviour.
22n the Indore doctor attacked in the video above (13n) relates what happened. After a positive test in the area, they went back. After initial cooperation, the mood suddenly turned. Why? Ask yourself why?
23n it wasn’t just health care workers attacked in Indore. Even the Safai Karamcharis were attacked - people cleaning their streets for them!
24n meanwhile in Bengal, this preacher wants crores of people dead from corona. Classic stage 1 provocation setting the ground for imminent violence. Action against him? Zilch.
25n Bengaluru is next. This ASHA worker collecting stats on #COVID was attacked by a mob after an announcement from the local mosque. Notice how the attacks on ALL government services: health, sanitation, police by Muslims are spreading across India?
26n A Dinamani reporter by the name of Thirumalai, in Dindigul was beaten up by a Muslim reporter and a Muslim mob he collected. His crime? Reporting that 85 people from Dindigul attended the #TablighiJamaat #NizamuddinMarkaz.

#PressFreedom? #FoE? No editors guild statement?
27n meanwhile in Delhi, attendees of the #TabhleegiJamaat #NizamuddinMarkaz are objecting to testing though 23 out of 24 turned out to be #corona positive. They’ve gotten so threatening police has had to be deployed in the hospital.
https://twitter.com/ani/status/1245609788764913665?s=21 https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1245609788764913665
28n meanwhile in Noida stage 2 obstructionism. Case has been registered against one Salik for assembling this congregation on the roof. Obviously if cops try do anything it’ll progress to stage 3
29n like I said the Muslim polity, considers everything calamity an opportunity to extract concessions. Here #MaulanaSaad of the #TabilghiJamaat has issued “demands” from hiding. Same man who told his followers #COVID was a conspiracy to divide Muslims
30n later on I’ll get into why sections of the press either underplay this, bring in false equivalences, or spread conspiracy theories like the tweet below. Needless to say the “secular” press has a mutually beneficial business compact with the feudal Muslim polity.
31n beginning of Stage 1, in KIMS hospital in Hubbali by the #NizamuddinMarkaz folks.. watch how this rapidly progresses to stage 3
https://twitter.com/news9tweets/status/1245585602235363329?s=21 https://twitter.com/NEWS9TWEETS/status/1245585602235363329
32n Ask yourself why is it in a normally violent country like India, only one community is reacting so violently against #COVID control measures. One explanation could be this apocalyptic messianism “ #Corona is from Quran”
33n Then we have conspiracy theories like #MaulanaSaad “corona is an anti Muslim conspiracy”, But how can two such contradictory beliefs (corona=Quran & corona=conspiracy) still lead to the same conclusion of “oppose #COVID control measures”?
34n in many ways this isn’t different from extreme religiosity that Judaism saw till the Bar Kokhba rebellion in 137AD put an end to both social control by priests as well as apocalyptic messianism. Anyway sorry for the diversion, but I thought it’s important to give some context
35n in Dongri (north of Mumbai) today. Stage 2: The acts of deliberate and calculated public defiance just seem to be increasing. This is still too small a gathering for it to escalate to stage 3 in Dongri at least
36n mind your not one of these people will be charged with attempted murder, which it clearly was. NOT ONE! Slim chance if they get charged liberals will spin the “wow you’re victimising a COVID patient for contracting COVID? Let that sink in” line
37n meanwhile #TabligiJamaat members in the Ghaziabad isolation ward are sexually harassing female health care workers: walking with their genitals on display, passing lewd comments about nurses and playing vulgar songs. CMO is begging police to intervene. Via @capt_ivane
38n Nobody knows why these #TablighiJamat folks defied lockdown and decided to holiday in Goa instead of heading home. So much for asking the SDM for “cooperation to get home” on the 24th (remember that)?
https://twitter.com/ani/status/1245700282241241091?s=21 https://twitter.com/ani/status/1245700282241241091
39n meanwhile never forget folks like Dr Zakiya, doing their duty. She was one of those injured in the stone pelting yesterday and went back to work despite being injured.
40n and while the police were acting like impotent eunuchs in front of the #TablighiJamaat look at their bravery dealing with Hindus! My my my, when the target is supine, what courage swells in police hearts. A temple in Tamil Nadu
One event - just one event - by the #TablighiJamat has destroyed the curve that India had succeeded in flattening by day 7. Just one event - knockdown effects on everybody, especially the poor
https://twitter.com/shamikaravi/status/1245918848861106185?s=21 https://twitter.com/shamikaravi/status/1245918848861106185
41n Tablighi entitlement is amazing. The lawyer is complaining that they’re kept 4 to a room & it’s taken 3 days since they got tested. Barkha points out that the rest are in general wards, had to transport themselves to hospital & are waiting much longer
43n Entitlement part 2: while the #TablighiJamaat succeeded in singlehandedly destroying India’s attempt to flatten the curve, & the chief is absconding, they’re more worried about the number of tweets dedicated to covering their crime
https://twitter.com/karmariaz/status/1245623849753821185?s=21 https://twitter.com/karmariaz/status/1245623849753821185
45n and in Hubbali in Karnataka this attempt at breaking up a Friday prayer congregation is just a full on stage 3 riot. There’s literally no other word for it save Riot
46n this just about sums up the duality of what we see with the Muslim polity. When the political ideology that is Islam is attacked, hide behind religion. When you want political concessions, then dress the politics up as religion https://twitter.com/rahulroushan/status/1245734769918263299?s=21 https://twitter.com/rahulroushan/status/1245734769918263299
47n And in Thenkasi the TN police who so bravely beat up a hindu priest and his small congregation, (40n in this thread) running like headless chickens after getting stoned when confronted with Quwwat-Ul-Islam (might of Islam)
48n and here the #TabligiJamaat threatens the press not to mess with the reputation of Maulana Saad. All those press persons who tried defending these terror incubators will now swallow tubs of fevicol
49n these tweets should give you a sense of percentage responsibility per state of corona infections caused by the #TabligiJamaat this is Tamil Nadu
50n this is Telangana Assam and Delhi all because of the #NizamuddinMarkaz
51n @IndiaToday has compiled the full statistics on how much this one group has affected India’s fight against corona. And now people are casting aspersions on the doctors & nurses instead.
52n Another view of the illegal gathering in Thenkasi (47n) that turned into a full riot. This shows you the number of people who congregated. If even one was positive, imagine how many people would’ve been infected.
53n when in trouble with the law use women to shield yourselves.... for everything there’s the bogey of Islamophobia
54n In Amdavad the same pattern of misbehaviour, harassment & intimidation of doctors, no police or physical restraining like tying them to their beds. Instead appeasement ... a Muslim doctor has to be called to calm them. Such hatred for Hindus! Thread👇🏾
https://twitter.com/mehharshil/status/1246653621065973766?s=21 https://twitter.com/mehharshil/status/1246653621065973766
55n in prayagraj another attempt at deliberate spread. This man visited a hospital and went around touching everyone. When asked why, he replies “to pray for them”
58n incidentally there is religious justification for the #TablighiJamaat’s behaviour. This is from the Hadiths - the Sahih Al Bukhari. Plague victims are martyrs, & killing non-believers is a valid form of jihad. Bonus 2 in 1 martyrdom
59n Stage 3 in Odisha now. Police enforcing lockdown attacked in Cuttack
https://twitter.com/ani/status/1246783645496549376?s=21 https://twitter.com/ani/status/1246783645496549376
60n In Tuticorin district of TN, one Khaja Moinuddin tested positive. His family members & a local crowd violently tried to prevent him from being taken away.
61n And in Varanasi a #TablighiJamat fellow has been arrested for haranguing a nurse
63n And in Narela, the pattern continues. Defecating outside their rooms. I guess consistent reports of the exact same behaviour patterns (defecating, urinating, harassing, spitting) from across the country are wrong right?
https://twitter.com/ani/status/1247377045304143872?s=21 https://twitter.com/ani/status/1247377045304143872
64n And a jamaati broke a window & escaped, presumably to spread some more corona. I guess this is also a “sampling error of hindu bigotry”
https://twitter.com/punjabkesari/status/1247391149938987008?s=21 https://twitter.com/punjabkesari/status/1247391149938987008
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