There comes a point where we need to look at the state of society objectively and accept that our life as we new it only exists in the past... this is a new world, our behaviors and neural pathways are different and will be forever #COVIDー19
With in the last 3 weeks the first world has collectively developed PTSD... very similar to what happened after 9/11, except this spans the whole northern hemisphere. People are talking about “when things get back to normal”.... #COVID19 #coronavirus
There is no normal anymore... let’s take schools for example: How will public schools function like they have in the past? What will happen the first time Jimmy starts dry coughing in class just a month after everyone returns? What happens... #COVIDー19 #coronavirus
When someone tests positive in a school and it has to be quarantined for at least 2 weeks? How are you gonna feel in a bar, shoulder to shoulder with strangers? Even the staunchest deniers of this second guess themselves in the presence of someone who sneezes or coughs...
What about sporting events? Are we really gonna put 25-75,000 people in an arena on top of each other, right after the government tells us it’s ok? Concerts? Are we going to ostracize and be horrible to people who have had the disease because subconsciously... #COVIDー19
We blame them for our inconvenience? This is the new world, I think we all need to think about how we are going to fit into it. That is just socially, think about the reaches and precedents our governments are setting... #COVIDー19 #coronavirus
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