Was your school supposed to have an Author Visit this Spring but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus?

That's a bummer, but it also means the author lost income.

Consider purchasing a book by that author from your local bookstore so they can continue making great books!
Consider ordering NOT QUITE SNOW WHITE by @DifferentAshley & @artsyebby from Two Friends Books https://twofriendsbooks.indielite.org/book/9780062798602
Consider ordering HOUND WON'T GO by @LisaLJRogers & Meg Ishihara from @WellesleyBooks https://www.wellesleybooks.com/book/9780807534083
Consider purchasing THE STORY SEEKER by @ktubb from @ParnassusBooks1 https://www.parnassusbooks.net/book/9781250301093
Consider purchasing some LUNCH LADY books by @StudioJJK from @odysseybks https://www.odysseybks.com/book/9780385752794
Consider purchasing FACTS VS. OPINIONS VS. ROBOTS by @mikerexbooks from @Balt_TheCBStore
Consider buying by THE UPPER CASE: TROUBLE IN CAPITAL CITY @taralazar & Ross MacDonald from The Bookworm https://bookwormbernardsville.indielite.org/book/9781368027656
Consider purchasing GO WITH THE FLOW by @lwbean & Karen Schneemann from @SecondStarBooks https://bookshop.org/shop/SecondStartotheRight
Maybe pick up A HOME FOR GODDESSES AND DOGS by @LeslieConnor29 from @ScrawlBooks https://www.scrawlbooks.com/book/9780062796783
Or order A GALAXY OF SEA STARS by @JZulFerr from @rjjulia https://www.rjjulia.com/book/9780374309091
Consider ordering MADAME SAQUI: REVOLUTIONARY ROPE DANCER by @elisaitw & Rebecca Green from @booksmithtweets https://www.brooklinebooksmith-shop.com/book/9780525579977
Or maybe preorder THE GIRL AND THE WITCH'S GARDEN by @erin_bowman from @GibsonsConcord https://www.gibsonsbookstore.com/book/9781534461581
Or maybe preorder NIKKI TESLA AND THE TRAITORS OF THE LOST SPARK by @Jess_Keating from @GibsonsConcord
Or maybe MOON! EARTH'S BEST FRIEND by @stacymcanulty & Stevie Lewis from @Malaprops https://www.malaprops.com/book/9781250199348
Consider ordering THINGS YOU CAN’T SAY by @buffalojenn from @bluemanatee
Or possibly WHEN GRANDPA GIVES YOU A TOOLBOX by @jlbdeenihan & Lorraine Rocha from @ThatBookStoreCT https://thatbookstore.indielite.org/book/9781454932321
Consider ordering ¡VAMOS! LET'S GO EAT by @raulthe3rd from @belmontbooks https://www.belmontbooks.com/book/9781328557049
Consider purchasing CILLA LEE-JENKINS: THE EPIC STORY by @SusanSMTan & @danawulf from @TridentBooks https://www.tridentbookscafe.com/book/9781250183637
Or maybe order BEATRICE ZINKER UPSIDE DOWN THINKER: SABOTAGE by @shelleyjohannes from @BookbugKzoo https://www.bookbugkalamazoo.com/book/9781484767405
Consider ordering MAKING THEIR VOICES HEARD: THE INSPIRING FRIENDSHIP OF ELLA FITZGERALD AND MARILYN MONROE by @viviankirkfield & @alleannaharris from @toadstoolbooks https://www.toadbooks.com/book/9781499809152
Or maybe preorder ARITHMECHICKS TAKE AWAY by @AMStephens_ & Jia Liu from @interabangbooks https://www.interabangbooks.com/book/9781629798080
Consider purchasing WHAT IF ...? THEN WE ...: SHORT, VERY SHORT, SHORTER-THAN-EVER POSSIBILITIES by @Rebeccakai & @superfredd from @WritersBlockWP https://www.writersblockbookstore.com/book/9781629799094
Consider purchasing I AM HUMAN: A BOOK OF EMPATHY by @susanverde & @peterhreynolds from @BlueBunnyBooks https://www.thedotcentral.com/ 
Or consider preordering THE CASE OF THE BAD APPLES by @robinnewmanbook & Deborah Zemke from @MysteryLovers1 https://www.mysterylovers.com/book/9781939547767
Consider preordering MOOTILDA'S BAD MOOD by @CoreyPBNinja, @kirsticall, & Claudia Ranucci from @andoverbooks https://www.hugobookstores.com/book/9781499810868
Maybe order THE BEAR'S GARDEN by @MarcieColleen1 & & Alison Oliver from @HartfieldBooks https://shop.hartfieldbookco.com/book/9781250314819
Or maybe order FOR SPACIOUS SKIES: KATHARINE LEE BATES AND THE INSPIRATION FOR "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL" by @nchurnin & Olga Baumert from @covertocover_oh https://www.covertocoverchildrensbooks.com/book/9780807525302 (happy #bookbirthday, btw!!!)
Consider ordering SILVER MEADOWS SUMMER by @EmmaOtheguy from @TTPBooksCT https://bookshop.org/shop/turningthepagebooks
Consider ordering EEK, YOU REEK! POEMS ABOUT ANIMALS THAT STINK, STANK, STUNK by @JaneYolen, @heidieys, & Eugenia Nobati from @broadsidebks https://www.broadsidebooks.com/book/9781512482010
Maybe order HOW TO FIND A UNICORN by @SueFliess & Simona Sanfilippo from @justonemorepage https://www.onemorepagebooks.com/book/9781510754072
Or consider preording QUIET DOWN, LOUD TOWN! by @alastairheim & Matt Hunt from @Watermarkbooks https://www.watermarkbooks.com/book/9781328957825
Maybe order WHEN THE BABIES CAME TO STAY by Christine McDonnell & @JeanetteBradley from @bsb_savoy https://www.banksquarebooks.com/book/9781984835451
Consider ordering BABY LOVES POLITICAL SCIENCE: DEMOCRACY! by @RuthSpiro & @GregPaprocki from @volumesbooks https://www.volumesbooks.com/book/9781623542276
Consider preordering THE BOY WHO THOUGHT OUTSIDE THE BOX: THE STORY OF VIDEO GAME INVENTOR RALPH BRER by @MarcieDWessels & Beatriz Castro from @quailridgebooks https://www.quailridgebooks.com/book/9781454932598
Or maybe preorder GEEGER THE ROBOT GOES TO SCHOOL by @Jarrett_Lerner from @thereadingbug https://www.thereadingbug.com/book/9781534452169
Consider ordering SEASHELLS: MORE THAN A HOME by @mstewartscience & @SarahBrannen from @BrewsterBook https://bookshop.org/shop/BrewsterBookStore
Consider ordering TITAN AND THE WILD BOARS by @sHood125 & @DowPhumiruk from @BookBarDenver https://www.bookbardenver.com/book/9780062907721
Consider ordering FIRE TRUCK VS. DRAGON by @Bartography & @ShandaMcCloskey from @BookPeople https://bookshop.org/shop/bookpeople 
Consider buying VAMPIRINA AT THE BEACH by @AnneMariePace & LeUyen Pham from @bbgbbooks https://bbgbbooks.com/product/vampirina-ballerina-at-the-beach/
Consider purchasing TREES MAKE PERFECT PETS by @PCzajak & @cgend from @bookstoreofge https://bookstoreofge.indielite.org/book/9781492664734
I'll come back and add more later.

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