1. Expectations are at an all-time high for the long awaited culmination of what patriots around the world affectionately call #TheStorm, the highly evident and unprecedented global corruption purge and organized crime crackdown. Here is what I expect for the next 30 days.
2. Most of the speculation is focused on the prospect of high-profile arrests of the Deep State who are still walking around free even though so many of us have woken up to their crimes. Punishment for these traitors is GUARANTEED like MyPillow's comfort - only issue being WHEN.
3. One reason now is a good time is that the Deep State, vicious monsters that they are, enjoy school massacres as a way to focus public attention away from their own bad news, and with a shutdown they cannot achieve this. Their ability to hurt the public is severely curtailed.
4. Another is that Q always spoke of a coordinated domestic mobilization of our national guard and the military working in partnership to protect us against Deep State paid rioters, like Antifa, if and when the swamp goes down. This has now happened because of #Covid19.
5. We know indictments would need to be unsealed in large batches because of the deeply enmeshed & interconnected nature of the Deep State. They are a shadow corporation, and you cannot take one without their full network being implicated, or else you'd get a mad rush to escape.
6. We know that Durham, the special prosecutor with a very wide scope, covering Clinton espionage, #FISAGate, #Uranium1 and the Clinton Foundation international sex trafficking network, will be going straight to indictment without warning, unlike the IG who issued a report.
7. So all this considered, one might be forgiven for having high hopes that now is the time for equal justice to finally return to the Republic after 3 years of treasonous leaking, media complicity, coup attempts on Trump, phony impeachment, election interference, censorship etc.
8. I expect April to be a major turning point in #TheStorm, with crucial operations taking place under the hood to make arrests across the globe and advance the worldwide objective to drain the globalist swamp. However, expectations should be mildly tempered, and here is why...
9. Trump gave a very ominous warning to the public yesterday. He said the next 2 weeks would be very tough. The public are scared and expecting hard times. To witness a sudden and shocking event like current and former government leaders arrested would be highly destabilizing.
10. Better outcome would be the silent crackdown taking place behind the scenes during this convenient shutdown, give everyone their checks, give Trump the credit when it's not as bad as he said, see the economy suddenly recover, triumphant return to work & school and then...
11. Durham drops the hammer AFTER the public has seen that the Trump administration cared about their well-being during #Covid19 and fought for financial aid to be provided to their families - something Democrats tried to block - making big arrests much more palatable.
12. After a successful handling of #Covid19, Trump will be appreciated by everyone, not just his base. A president proven to give a damn about us would be tolerated when his enemies - who did nothing but stonewall in congress and spread fear on TV - are shown to be criminals.
13. Make no mistake, April is a major milestone in this amazing time to be alive known as #TheStorm. No matter what, justice is coming. The world that had become sickened to within an inch of death will be CURED of this [hidden enemy]. Nothing can stop it. Nadda. #DarkToLight đź•Ż
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