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Like all good ghost stories this is supposedly based on a true story. All usual disclaimers apply. For entertainment only.
This story happened about 22-23 years ago and I heard from someone who said she heard it from the brother of the person to it happened. Long chain, no? Anyway. Should we begin?
This is a story of a happy family. Well to do. Lived in a bungalow of sorts in a satellite town of Mumbai. The family consisted of a father, mother, son and daughter. The HH also had a couple of help (gardner/cleaner, and a cook IIRC).
It was a happy family by all accounts, well respected in the community. I do not know of any internal issues they had or any other information that was revealed to them privately during or after this incident I will be mentioning.
It was a typical sunday morning. For people who know this satellite town they know it has a very sleepy vibe, and days (esp Sundays) are especially relaxed. There used to be large grounds where kids used to gather to play sports and hang out.
The day went by well. 'Largely' uneventful. The kids had gone out to play. The Son was about 18. the daughter was 15 or so. It started around dinner.
At night the girl didnt come down for dinner. She said she wasnt feeling too well and stayed in her room. The mother gave her some lemonade thinking its probably acidity or indigestion. But it wasnt.
The next morning, the parents went in to check on her. thinking she would be ok by now. But she wasnt. She was still in bed and even though she had missed just one meal it seemed like she had not eaten for a long time.
She had suddenly become gaunt, eyes had gone in. like someone or something had sucked the life out of her. the parents got worried but decided not to call the doctor at that time. They gave her some fruits. and left her to rest for the day as they went to work.
When they came back, the servants were looking really scared. They asked if she has eaten. They nodded yes. As the parents went in, they saw the plates of food that the servants had kept inside in the noon and the fruit plate from the morning. But they hadnt collected it back.
+ they saw that the girl had apparently finished off the food but the room was filled with a debilitating stench. Their daughter had puked whatever she had eaten across the room. the sheets were dirty as well.
The parents were absolutely livid! The servants hadnt even cleaned her room after this?! But try as they might the servants refused to enter that room. Finally the mother coaxed them to come in with her and they cleaned the room, changed the sheets.
But the servants would not say a word. The girl was sleeping through all this. She looked even more deprived than in the morning. The sudden change in just 24 hours shocked the parents. They called their family doctor. He lived in the same sector and he came late night.
Even he was shocked when he saw what had become to a bubbly, good looking, healthy young girl in such a small time period. He in fact suspected that she was unwell longer but parents had for some reason hidden it.
So he made the examinations accordingly. He didnt find anything wrong with her as such, but prescribed nutrition, gave something for the nausea, etc and left. But the situation did not improve.
This went on for about a week, during which time the girl went from bad to worse. The shocker came when on the next Saturday late night, the girl's voice changed. It became very base heavy. And she started abusing her mother in such disgusting terms that she could NOT have heard.
The family doctor now wondered if the girl was a victim of her father and brother in some sinister way and she was psychologically acting out. So in order to not accuse them directly he suggested she be moved to a nursing home where he would recommend a psychiatrist.
The parents of course were blameless so they moved her there. Now she was hardly speaking, and when she spoke she spewed only disgusting things in an alien voice. The voice was a deep growl that scared anyone who heard it.
But despite all conventional methods were tried, her situation did not improve. She was force fed, but threw up. Put on a saline to keep her body and soul together. but there was no improvement at all. Another week went by.
Now finally one of the servants at their house after seeing the mother cry at home for hours after hours after cleaning up her daughters puke etc ventured to suggest something.
With a lot of reticence she approached the mother and told her that she feels this is something very different, and that she needs to consult with this 'baba' she knows. To her surprise the mother didnt fight back. Perhaps the mother was waiting for a sign.
That night when the father came home, the mother told him this. He was not convinced but after all as the father of a daughter he too would not stop at anything. While he did not believe, he said he would go along. "Marta, kya na karta".
In a couple of days, they wrapped the daughter's now frail body in a shawl and semi carried her to the baba's place. It was a dingy hut in a slum area. Long line of people to meet him, but given the situation he had agreed to see this couple first.
They went in and sat down in front of him. I do not know the description of the interiors of the hut but safe to assume that they were very mantrik-y. As soon as they sat down, the daughter who could not hold her body up, opened her eyes and sat up ramrod straight.
A very different look came in her eyes. A sharp, teekshna, cruel stare, that was blank, unfocused and yet very direct at the mantrik. The baba looked at her for sometime. They had brought the girls horoscope, and he checked that. By this time a lop sided evil grin had appeared
on the girl's face. The family was scared. even the other 'clients' of the baba sitting in the small hut sqooched back. There was literally no conversation as the baba held up his hand to silence the mother as she was about to say something. He simply said: I cannot help her.
The parent's heart sank. They had held on to this last hope. Its like when there is something wrong with you, but you dont know what, then you reach such desperation that simply diagnosing the disease provides relief (leave alone cure). But now even that is denied to this family.
The mother and father who had held a stoic silence thus far, had swollowed their pride and come to sit on the floor in front of who they (quietly) thought was a charlatan, in midst of the, as Shashi Tharoor may describe, "cattle class", were now denied from even here.
The dam broke and they started crying uncontrollably. Even as the girl with her evil stare, and lop sided grin continued to look unblinkingly at the baba. They begged the baba to help. they would do anything!
What they did not notice is that even the baba's eyes betrayed his fear. He was not sure what he was dealing with. He quietly beckoned the father to take his daughter away and gestured for the mother and the servant to wait for a bit.
As the father was getting up, he almost felt his daughter had become heavier. but he compensated and lifted her out. The daughter's eyes never came off the baba till they left the hut. The baba was visibly shaken.
As they went out, the baba took a minute to compose himself. He asked his chela to clear off all the others who were waiting. He could not see anyone today, not any more.
As the grumbling crowd left (silently abusing this family which caused this), baba turned his attention to the mother. He said, sister I do not know what I am dealing with in your daughter. I have not seen this before. But there is a way, a chance. If you want to take it.
The mother was willing to do ANYTHING. The baba then continued. He said I dont know anyone here who has dealt with what is affecting your daughter. But I feel only my guru can handle this.

Where is your Guru?! Cried the mother.
The baba said, he lives in Kashi. And he wrote down his address almost illegibly on a small scrap of paper and handed it to the servant. He added, if you want your daughter to live, go there as soon as you can.
The mother profusely thanked the baba and asked if she should give him some money, some dakshina. The baba said no no I havent done anything. But if at all you want to give, promise me this, that you wont bring your daughter back here if she is like this.
The shocked the mother as she realised what was the scale of the problem that was scaring even this baba. They thanked him and left.
At home the father who was already a skeptic was further incensed with "all this nonsense". He wasnt sure of going to this guy in the first place. now take my daughter in this state all the way to Kashi!? Remember this was pre-Namo Kashi.
NO WAY! This back and forth went on for another 2-3 days when the daughter became a skeleton. It was a matter of is she dead, or is she dead now? The mother finally put her foot down and the family decided to make the trip to kashi.
The daughter, father, mother, a family friend, and their servant. A team of 5 left for Kashi. The father had accepted the inevitable. It had been a month. How long could the gentle body of a young girl bear to carry on like this?
Somehow the team reached Kashi. It was late at night. and they decided to put up in a dingy hotel and see the Guru the next morning. Early morning, in the cold and dark of Varanasi, the family got ready.
The Guru lived in a small temple on an elevated area,like a hillock. There were steps going up to it. The father carried his 15 year old girl in his arms like a baby as the 5 reached the base of the steps in the morning dark. The small fire burning in the temple was their beacon.
But then something unexpected happened. The frail body of the girl suddenly became electrified with activity and she jumped down. The father was surprised. The servant who had seen her since she was in nappies seemed to have anticipated this as he grabbed her arm quickly.
She was trying to come out of his grip with superhuman strength. A girl who hadnt eaten anything or retained anything in days! The family stood by dumbfounded! The servant begged them to help bringing them back from their reverie almost.
The same deep feral repulsive growl returned as she started abusing everyone there. Her choicest abuses were directed at the servant who stopped her from running and for the Guru who she hadnt even met!
It took the four men in the group all their power to hold on to her and literally drag her up the few dozen steps. Her biting, scratching, abusing, pulling, pushing, tearing her own clothes, even as the mother tried her best to protect her modesty with her own shawl.
Some early devotees around were shocked seeing this but it seemed like they knew what was happening and stayed away. Some elderly ones seemed to be chanting some mantra to protect themselves as the girls gaze fell on them all in her frantic attempt to flee.
Finally the troupe reached the top. All of them were sweating in the cold. They were tired, hearts pumping, partly due to the effort, and partly due to extreme fear. The girl reduced her struggling as they brought her in front of the guru.
This one wasnt scared. He met her evil stare, and crooked smile with benign ones of his own.

Chotu sent you? He asked. (I guess that was his name for he baba-chela)

The mother nodded yes.

Theek hai. Dikhao hamey he said.
The girl kept abusing him, though her growl seemed a tad less scary in the presence of this frail old man with no following, sitting alone next to a small fire with no paraphernalia.
He looked at her eyes, her tongue, felt her throat like doctors do. Looked at her ears. Then saw her horoscope. Kab se ho raha hain ye?

It was just over a month now. The family gave the date. They remembered it because it was a sunday and all were home.
He was a little perturbed when he heard how long the girl was going through this. But he continued calmly. The girl was continuously giving him choice and vile abuses all this while, but he seemed to have tuned them off.
He almost had pity in his eyes as he looked at her cruel ones.

He sat quietly for a minute. Deep breathing. almost like in a trance like state with his eyes open. and then he said something to the family.
He said in chaste hindi (so I can only paraphrase):

uss din, aapke ghar mein kuch hua tha. Kya aap bata sakte hain kya hua tha?
The parents were confused. They expected answers here, not questions.

They said: babaji kuch nahi hua tha, Sunday tha, hum ghar pe hi they. baccha khelne gaye they. shayad bahar kuch hua ho. ghar pe toh kuch nahi hua tha. hamey kuch nahi maloom, aab bas isse theek kardo please.
Even as the mother was saying this, the guru was already shaking his head negatively.

As she finished the guru said: nahi maa-ji (the mother found it odd that someone older than her father is calling her mother)...nahi maaji...
...hua toh aapke ghar pe hi hai. Aap jab tak mujhe ye nahi bataoge, main aapki madad nahi kar sakta. Ye cheez bahut zaalim hai. aap zara sochiye aur bataiye.
The parents murmured among themselves. They asked the Guru, "babaji "kuch" matlab kya?"

Guru: yehi toh aapko mujhe batana hai. Kuch matlab kuch toh alag hua tha. Shayad koi badi cheez nahi hogi, choti hogi, par hua toh tha. ussi din. Aap yaad karo theek se. mehnat karo.
The parents were flummoxed. "Kuch" matlab kya?! What is "kuch". They looked helplessly at the Guru.

The guru's gaze became sterner, but voice remained compassionate. He asked....yahan kahan tehre ho (where are you staying here?"

The parents told the name of the hotel.
Guru: Theek hai. You go back to the hotel. Take your time today. Think about that day from the morning to the evening. Something has happened in the day. however small, but offbeat, odd. If you recall, come back here tomorrow at this time. Or go back home, and prepare the pyre.
This was too much for the mother to bear. She broke down completely.

The guru said: if you give up maaji who will take care of your daughter. Go to your room. Think. This is bhairav's nagari. He will ensure you remember. I hope to see you tomorrow. Go now.
The day at the hotel, no one ate, no one slept. They racked their brains as their life depended on it (it did in a way). They thought of what work they did. They thought of who they called. Where they went. As a modern family they did no pooja anyway so...
...the question of anything going wrong there didnt arise. So what had gone wrong. What had brought this family which never even looked at a temple in their lives to come to Kashi and be at the mercy of this Guru who is forcing them to rack their brains?! How fate moves.
However, it is true that Kashi is Bhairava's playground. And as dusk was falling, and the mother had started packing to leave with tear filled eyes, something struck her. Yes! Yes! That must be it! She had GOT IT! Yes!

While I cant call it joyous, it was certainly a relief.
The next morning the troupe again set off for the Guru's temple. The morning's crisp air that seemed heavy just 24 hours earlier, felt refreshing today. It was raising their spirits like Bhairava himself blessing them in his own unique way.
Needless to say, the girl did the same drama as earlier. Even though the men were prepared, and the mother had carried a big blanket to cover her young daughter after her clothes tearing, the daughters demeanor was of another level today.
However the invigorated bunch managed to bring the daughter back in front of the guru with much effort. Even the father seemed less cynical today. As the guru looked at the mothers triumphant eyes, he smiled back reassuringly.

Baithiye. he said simply.
As the party sat, for the first time it was the girl's eyes that betrayed fear. Was her...sorry..."its" game up?

Bataiye maaji, main aapka hi intezaar kar raha tha.
The mother started:

It was a normal Sunday. I had done the cooking and the maid had finished cleaning up. Since we are busy during the week, I spend some part on Sunday afternoon tending to the garden. It is here that this "kuch" happened.
She said I could not remember this easily because it was such a small thing and I actually asked my gardner to deal with it. but last evening it suddenly struck me of nowhere.

"bhairav krupa" the Guru interjected.
Ji Ji...the mother said, and then continued.

What happened is, the bigger trees that we have are near the compound wall. I had gone to inspect them and water them when I saw this thing.
She said, it was a piece of flesh.

But not like from the butchers. But like its been cut from an animal just like that.

It was slathered in blood, and it still had hair on it. Was impossible to tell which animal it was from. But looked very very fresh.
Like its been cut off just 10 mins back. It was about this big (she made a gesture suggesting it was about 2 by 4 inches. and it was quite thick, with the skin, fat, flesh, blood, and hair being seen.
It was really horrific, she ended.

What did you do with it? The Guru asked.

She said, I told the maali, the gardener to throw it of course!. I thought some crow had dropped it here. So I told the maali to pick it with some twigs and leaves and throw it over the compound wall
and it must have fallen into the gutter outside our wall.

Guru asked, were there ants or insects or worms on it?

The lady said: no no...no no ant on it at all.

Guru: hmm...even cats had not touched it, nor ants.
The mother added. Bas, yehi yaad hai. Yehi alag hua tha uss din.

The Guru's eyes sparkled. He had his own Eureka moment. He knew what it was and how to deal with it now.

Haan, sab samajh aa gaya maaji. bhaiyya (he beckoned to the men), aap zara kanya ko kas ke pakadiye.
Aur kuch bhi ho jaye, chhodna nahi hai. Samjhe?

Haan maharaj ji (the father had turned from skeptic to full on maharaj ji mode by now)

The guru looked at the servant and their family friend. Aap bhi. Kuch bhi ho jaye...chhootne mat dena. Theek?

The the aura of the Guru changed. From compassion it became intense, from intense, it became fierce, and from fierce it became fire itself. He laid his right hand on the girl's head with his thumb on her Agnya Chakra (between the eyes) and 4 fingers on the Sahasrara.
The girl became an animal. growling, thrashing, abusing, howling, scratching, as the Guru started mumbling something intently. It was like watching a raging and roaring tsunami crashing against a mountain that impassively was breaking it down.
The men holding the girl felt like they were wrestling with an anaconda, and losing. This girl who had no food, was almost lifting three grown men off the ground but she was unable to shake the baba's hand off.
The in a flash the baba's chanting ended and the girls struggles stopped, the baba said...hatt jao sab...everyone move aside now...let her go...
The frail girl was on all fours now. Her neck was not able to hold her head up. Baba said. isko aise hi rakhna...keep her like this, dont let her sleep on her back. The confused parents held the girl again. And then it started.
The girl started vomiting. and vomiting. and vomiting. It was foul smelling, black, deep red. Thick at some point, liquid at another. but she couldnt stop. All over the temple's floor, the vomit started spreading.
She hadnt eaten or retained anything for days. Where was this vomit coming from?! The parents were holding her, were slathered in the vomit. The smell made them gag. It was particularly foul. The father and mother were barely able to hold back from puking themselves.
Whenever there used to be a lull, the parents used to try and lift her. But the Guru should to shout across the room...rehne do aise...pakde raho...honey do...hold her like this...let more happen.
And the confused parents held on. Surely in a few minuted the girls body used to convulse and with a loud hurling sound, another wave of repulsive fluid used to gush out of her mouth.
The parents clothes and the girls clothes were now drenched with whatever it was she was puking. By now people had gathered and were seeing this tamasha. but the parents and the guru were oblivious to all.
FInally, the girl puked, and puked, and puked, and when they thought she could not possibly puke any more, she puked again.

Eventually the girl puked up something that no one could have dreamed of.
She actually puked out that piece of meat that her mother had seen in the garden that day over a month ago!
As soon as that piece was out of her, her body fell limp. She was out. The father picked her up in his arms again. The Guru was continuously chanting something. He now stopped, and said...there is a tap behind the mandir. Go there and clean yourselves up. Ill take of the floor.
When the parents came back they were barely clean. but had washed off what they could of the vomit. The gurus chelas were sweeping the floor of the flood of puke. The piece of meat was nowhere to be seen. Ive taken care of it, the guru said simply.
The mother started, How did this happen Guru ji? What was it?

My daughter never even saw this piece of meat. She might have passed by it, not even over it, or stepped on it. It was too far off the path for that. How did it get inside her, I threw it out!
The guru heard all these questions. In return he said: Maaji I have taken care of the issue. Dont think of such things now. These are areas that are too deep to know. Someone had done something very powerful. Itna kathor kaam aaj kal aasani se nahi dekhne milta.
Dukh hi baat hai ki kisi vyakti mein itni sadhana ki kshamata hain par uska upayog wo aise kar raha hain. Chalo, sab apna karm dhoyenge.

Now you go home and dont worry. Your girl is weak, inko acche doctor ko dikhao. Put her in a hospital if needed. She will be fine now.
The girl is now happily married, and healthy. And she doesnt remember a thing from that 1 month. It was like it didnt exist in her life. And its also partly true, because that one month was lived in her body by someone else.

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