RISHI VASISHTHA is known for his good deeds & great qualities.He was a great Visionary.
He is one of the Saptarishis & most revered Vedic Rishi of Bharata Varsa.
Vasishtha is chief author of Mandala 7 of the Rigveda.He was the Manasaputa of Brahma.
He was married to Arundhati, who was known for her virtue & devotion.He had his Ashram on the bank of river Saraswati & had
possession the devine cow KAMADHENU & her Daughter NANDINI,who could grant anything to their owner.
Pic-Vasishta Ashram,Gaumukh Mount Abu
He was the Rajapurohita of Ikshwaku dynasty and guru of Shri Rama.
He had complete knowledge of the whole cosmos and the God.He was the first member of Advaita guru parampara.
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Pic-Vasishtha temple,Ayodhya
Once king Kaushika with a large, tired army arrived at Vasista's Ashram
Rishi Vasistha fed the entire army with the help of Nandini.The king got very much amazed by the cow and suddenly demanded for the cow to take with him.
Pic-Vasishtha temple,Manali
Vasishta refused as Devaraj Indra had gifted the cow to feed thousand of his disciple and guest every day.
This lead a argument and finally a fight between the two. At the end Vasishtha won because of Nandini as she defeated the entire army by her devine power.
Then Kaushika decided to acquired devine power himself through penance like Vasishta.He gained devine weapon from Lord Shiva & again attempted to conquer Nandini but couldn't
Finally he decided to become a Bramharsi named as Vishwamitra.
Vasishtha Gufa,Rishikesh
The Basishtha Ashram of Guwahati was founded by Risi Vasishtha
Legend says once Risi Vasishtha went to Kamarupa to worship godess Khamakya.When Narakasura tried to stop him to doing so, Rishi Vasishtha cursed him.

Pic-Bashistha Ashram,Guwahati.
He built a Ashrama at Sandhyachala on the bank of a mountain stream which in turn become river Bashistha.he led his life meditating Lord Shiva .Here he wrote the Vasistha Ramayana .It is said to be, he has died here.
Maharshi Vasishtha was a humbled peace-loving ,intelligent,selfless ascetic who had imparted great knowledge and become a guide to thousands aspirants. He had also conquered hunger and desire.
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