1 Medical coronavirus corruption breaking the world economy

A prolonged corona lockdown will be catastrophic for the economy. Millions of people will lose their jobs, businesses go bankrupt. #coronavirus #COVID19
2 The extreme lockdown in Wuhan was in place for 59 days, and has now only been eased slightly. Once restrictions are lifted, experts fear the virus will spread again. But most of this could have been avoided if the regulatory-medical sector hadn't been corrupt and incompetent
3 The difference between a mild cough and life-threatening lung failure is the patient's immune response. Strengthening the immune system BEFORE ppl get infected is possible by issuing advice on smoking, diet, vitamins and dietary supplements. But this is totally absent today
4 The medical establishment refuses to issue such advice due to claimed lack of supporting RCT scientific evidence. But their definition of science (RCT, Randomized Controlled Trials), was developed for expensive drug testing under medical supervision, not public health
5 There are 1000s of non-RCT scientific studies of the effects of diet, vitamins, and other micronutrients. These studies are all rejected by the medical establishment as "inconclusive", "flawed design", "quackery", etc. But taken together, they form a solid base of evidence for
6 … for the hypothesis that high dose intake of vitamin C, D, etc. will reduce the average severity of corona in the population. Natural micronutrients found in dietary supplements have been in our food supply for 1000s of years. Their safety has been studied extensively
7 The downside of issuing advise for high dose intake is insignificant compared to the benefits of possibly curbing the corona pandemic.
8 Corona is a worldwide emergency. Business leaders are forced to make mission critical decisions based on incomplete information every day, or they would fail. The idea that policy decisions can only be based on absolute certainty is absurd
9 It is time to override the medical establishment if they continue to block working solutions. Business leaders (and political leaders) need to speak up. Loudly.
10 And the claims of scientific superiority by the medical establishment can be challenged based on the rampant Conflict of Interests, Institutional Corruption, and Regulatory Capture in the medical sector
11 It is possible to cheat and manipulate scientific studies. Many examples are given in the book “The Truth about the Drug Companies”, written by Marcia Angell, MD and former editor-in-chief of New England Jnl of Medicine, today at Harvard. https://www.amazon.com/Truth-About-Drug-Companies-Deceive/dp/0375760946/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0
For example:
12 For example:

☞ If a safety study shows severe side effects beginning after 10 weeks, publish a study claiming: "an 8-week study showed no side effects, here is the data"
☞ Conduct several studies, but only publish the ones with favourable results (wasting hospital time and patient’s willingness to take personal risks in drug trials)

☞ Cheat with placebo. Add active substances in RCT placebo drugs to push the results in the right direction
☞ Exclude outliers from a study based on subjective criteria to get the result you want

☞ Ghost written articles. Have a contract research firm do a study and write the article, but pay a famous MD professor to add his name as author, who never saw the original data
☞ Cheat with metastudies (summaries of other studies). Tweak the inclusion criteria to exclude unwanted articles. PubMed excludes many non-English journals and PubMed excludes "controversial" journals for political reasons, e.g. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
☞ Design studies to fail as a way to slander competitors. Many studies "proving" that vitamins are useless have been designed to fail

☞ Dishonest conclusions. If the data in a study shows unwanted results, pretend they are not there when writing the conclusion and abstract
☞ Outright cheating, not that uncommon
☞ Monetary nudging. If the conclusion of an article is that drug X is effective, the Pharma firm making X will buy one million article reprints, enriching the medical journal and the authors. No reprints are bought for articles with inconclusive results
☞ 95% of medical journal revenues are Pharma industry ads

☞ Pharma ads a major revenue for the TV networks and other MSM, hence no critical reporting

☞ FDA and other regulators are financed by fees from the Pharma industry. Staff pay checks are dependent on these fees
☞ MDs paid kickbacks for prescribing, paid to attend lavish Bahamas conferences, paid to speak at lavish Bahamas conferences, offered free tickets for their partners to lavish Bahamas hotels, paid for "consulting" and on and on and on

☞ Revolving doors, surprise surprise
21 Marcia Angell's book was written in 2004, but nothing has improved since then. It is still BAU corruption
23 The approval (and ensuing PR hype in MSM) will probably be based on a combination of greed, corruption, and wishful thinking. We can't trust the safety of a new vaccine due to the Institutional Corruption in the medical-regulatory sector
24 The risks of giving a new untested vaccine to the entire world population are high. One vaccine candidate for corona is an RNA-vaccine. But this is a new type of vaccine that has never been tried before
25 The swine flu vaccine in 2009 was rushed to the market without testing and caused 1000s of cases of narcolepsy. The vaccine was probably unnecessary. The mortality rate in France, where few people got the shot, was the same as in countries with a high vaccination rate
26 The members of the WHO committee who declared the 2009 swine flu a Category 6 pandemic all had financial ties to the vaccine makers. Surprise surprise
27 In the quest for a treatment, other countries have been less rigid than the Western world. The malaria drug Hydroxy Chloroquine has shown positive results. However, the drug itself is toxic and there is a narrow margin between therapeutic and toxic dosages
28 Globally many people suffer from an enzyme defect called G6PD, which cause those given chloroquine to become seriously ill. Chloroquine poisoning is commonplace in countries where malaria is endemic. https://www.anhinternational.org/news/covid-19-when-the-world-went-into-lockdown/
29 The extreme lockdowns that will break the world economy could be lifted if it wasn't for the lung failures that require ICU and ventilators. A medical intervention that prevents ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrome) would reduce the mortality rate to near zero
30 ARDS occurs when the immune system overreacts and too many pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6 begin to attack healthy lung tissue (called cytokine storm). Modulating the immune cytokine response would improve the odds for these patients
31 There are a number of natural substances with these desired effects on the immune system. They have been in our food supply for ages and are approved as dietary supplements. They are cheap and have no side effects
33 Administration of a combination of these substances to hospitalised patients ought to be a no-brainer. They will probably help, and if they won't, no harm done. But establishment medicine refuses
35 There are 1000s of published medical studies on IV vittmin C. Most of which were published in medical journals 1940s to 1970s. The protocol is cheap, studied, proven, and safe. It is easy to train medical staff and uses standard equipment. No need for ICU care and ventilators
36 Today, these older studies have been "forgotten" by the medical establishment. The book "Curing the Incurable" by Thomas E. Levy, MD, provides a summary and review.
Download at: http://www.whale.to/c/CURING%20THE%20INCURABLE%20-%20Vitamin%20C%20Infectious%20Diseases%20and%20Toxins%20-%20Thomas%20E%20Levy%20MD.pdf
On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Curing-Incurable-Vitamin-Infectious-Diseases/dp/0977952029/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0
Also: http://orthomolecular.org/ 
37 By ridicule, smear and bullying, the top of the Medical Establishment has suppressed findings that threaten their power. (Few doctors dare to look at the facts with intellectual integrity, but prefer a safe career based on groupthink, and deference to hierarchical authority.)
38 All lockdowns worldwide could probably be lifted if this protocol was widely adapted. But the medical establishment refuses. The corruption and the regulatory capture in the medical sector are now bringing the global economy to a standstill
39 It is time to use logic, facts, and scientific rationality to scrutinize the claims by the self-righteous, arrogant and sanctimonious medical establishment. For decades they have managed to intimidate challengers and dismiss them (helped by complicit fakenews Mainstream media)
40 They cannot be allowed to stand in the way. It is time to override their authority and push them aside. It is time for business leaders (and political leaders) to speak up. Loudly. Sheep No More
41 For further research on this topic, do not use Google but the non-censored search engine DuckDuckGo
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