Someone please tell me how the F this had happened?!
US is the largest funder of UN! 🤬
Tencent and United Nations announce global partnership to hold thousands of conversations online through platforms including VooV Meeting for the UN's 75th anniversary
Thé US provided 22% of the entire UN budget, vs China’s 12.5%!

Who allowed UN to partner with China’s most dangerous telecom virus probably worse than Huawei & has been oppressing human right all over China & Xinjiang concentration camps?

H/t @AnonsSynonymous
UN has plans to conduct millions of convos using Tencent Meeting, We Chat Work & Tencent AI Simultaneous Interprétation - 🙄

Do u know if u had a WeChat account thé Chinese govt could hack all ur personal records thru that account?
Where’s the US ambassador to UN?

China is taking advantage of America by using US taxpayers’ $ to promote its telecom virus Tencent.

And Tencent will use this event to collect data of people all over the world!

Coronavirus is not that deadly compared to the Tencent Virus!
You know many UN organizations have been infected with the ChiCom virus?
China lets America foot most of the bill of UN orgs, then pays 1/100 the cost to bribe the officials.
Do you know China is in charge of UN food & agriculture agency?
BTW, what the hell is wrong with @Microsoft & @Facebook ?!

You gonna get us all infected with the Tencent Virus?!
Thé US pays 3x as China does to WHO, but the war criminal @DrTedros is a puppet of China.
Here’s a great thread of the dirty history of @WHO General Secretary @DrTedros :

The only place @DrTedros belongs is in jail.
@DrTedros and Robert Mugabe :
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