the little things 👀 #HospitalPlaylist
ikjun's mind 💭
ikjun was so stiff here 😅
he won't, she won't
when you see it: the 3 dolls

here we go again¿¿¿
i'm all about the bass 🎸

ikjun used to play the bass. based on their conversations, he taught songhwa for five years. songhwa uses the same bass up to now
it was a brief moment.

ikjun suggested "love over a thousand years" by park wan kyu (boohwal)

"for me, you had to hold back your tears, how hurt were you in the past" 🤔
eyesight as a metaphor?
contact lens as a metaphor?

aloha MV: a woman was about to lose her eyesight but the man still chose to stick by her side.
that tiny smile on songhwa's lips when she heard stories about social butterfly ikjun
ikjun being curious of songhwa's shoes

this tiny moment got an official still 😳
songhwa thought that junwan was the one who picked the song but it turned to be ikjun.

they like the same song 🤷‍♀️
jeongwon was the one who set up ikjun with hyejeong (wife) flashbacks pls! 🤞

ikjun sets up jeongwon with gyeoul now 😂
hyejeong is ambitious. 👀
songhwa singing along to toy's "good person" junghwan cancelled the song (ya!~)

"if you're good, i'm good too but when i look at the guy standing next to you who is so different to me, making me shabby, i could only ask him to take care of you well..." 🎵

hmmm, pd-nim?
"it doesn't have to be fancy. i don't need a perfect life, the only thing i want is you" 🎵
"i have wounds and scars" ikjun 😥
IF ever this ship sails, it's going to be #HospitalPlaylist's treat to junghwan (sounds like junwan) & deoksun (sounds like iksun) fans.

- "gae jungpal" (gae = dog/dog x iksun)
- tsundere x funny girl
- iksun's from military academy just like junghwan https://twitter.com/dramalatte/status/1245753114444967936?s=19
*cue: hyehwadong*

hi uju, even choi taek got a new mom. 👀

songhwa: present love vs. past love

🎼 canon in D (D major - key of triumph)

- repetition, church, canon ship, weddings

they know the likes/dislikes of one another since they've been friends for a long time. but in this scene, the script really asked junwan to be particular about the gimbap.

"songhwa bought the gimbap YOU LIKE."
the word "like" was mentioned again. this time, it was mentioned several times.

they were talking about the sudden changes with their taste (food, allergy, new perspective) #HospitalPlaylist
"not gradually... all of a sudden."

junwan must be thinking of something or someone 👀 when he said that. there's this new character who loves food/eating, what's her name again? iksun. 🕊️
ikjun took many photos of flowers. he was suddenly immersed in those flowers. his story implied that he didn't really like or appreciate the flowers before but now, his perspective/taste has changed.

💡song hwa. hwa/화 means flower.

hmmm. #HospitalPlaylist
when Ikjun called songhwa "queen of parking," and when i saw the angles, i knew something was up. i lazily researched on cars/parking. i stared at songhwa's plate # but only focused on 08 haha

hands down to the korean fan who made this! #HospitalPlaylist
the shift in songhwa's (mi do 👏👏👏) facial expressions

the story of HER first love is really something to look forward to.

songhwa's room is the new taek's room 🚪

an endearing scene. we've seen songhwa being soft with uju, in contrast to ikjun's ex-wife who greeted us with lots of unpleasant news.

if the pd/writer would prefer to take a route their main couples haven't taken before, they'd explore this one. 👨‍👩‍👦

brain? “the most complex object in the known universe."

brain. universe (우주 - uju). star wars. darth vader & luke skywalker.

will our favorite father & son welcome songhwa inside their universe in the future? 🤔

#HospitalPlaylist @CJnDrama
songhwa's flying shoe
target: ikjun 😂

songhwa wasn't really in the mood that night. she looked so down. so many things were going on inside her head.

her face brightened up a bit and she smiled when she heard ikjun's greeting to seokhyeong's mom. little things.



in episode 3, ikjun was all over songhwa's work space. he even placed the brain model in front of him. is that a miniature house/home 🏠??? appear. disappear. i'm—

well, pd shin & writer lee planted the seed.

“우리 귀여운 우주는 어뜩하궇?” *OUR cute uju 😭

- uwu. it just came out naturally. our songhwa-holic hearts! #HospitalPlaylist
the detail!? virgin mary. bless you, pd shin.

#HospitalPlaylist #WinterGarden
🎶 oh! what a shiny night/deep in the night by crying nut

shoes?¿ flower?¿ 👀 #HospitalPlaylist
"똥차가고 벤즈온다"

this one's pretty interesting. a korean fan compared prof. jang's old sonata III (ddong cha) to ikjun's new benz. 🚗


there was so much pink in the 3rd episode. ikjun's shirt, songhwa's pink headband, pink mug, pink run, aloha ost album cover. foreshadowing of songhwa's condition?

aloha + hawaii (1808) were heavily emphasized too. 💕 #HospitalPlaylist
in episode 1, uju wore a sweater with a "rabbit" logo

- year of the rabbit 🐰
- lacking 5 first meeting
- SNU pre-med freshmen orientation
- formed a band

in reply 1994, trash oppa referred to najung as "patrasche," the dog from "a dog of flanders" (heol! we also encountered patrasche in tonight's episode!!! 😱)

1994??? year of the dog 🐕

#HospitalPlaylist #Reply1994
in reply 1988, deoksun would often accompany taek in his trips/baduk matches in china. in china, dragon is considered as an important figure.

1988??? year of the dragon 🐉

#HospitalPlaylist #Reply1988
you're probably thinking that the "6th episode" in pd shin & writer lee's works is really something because THESE scenes happened in reply 1988. we got sunbora x suntaek.

*in episode 1, you can see 6:00 on taek's wall clock. (6:00 - 6th episode) 🕕

#HospitalPlaylist #Reply1988
BUT... LOOK @ THIS! 👀 #HospitalPlaylist

- ep1 opened with a dark room. seokhyeong turned on the lights.
- songhwa's wrist watch: 5:00 - ep5? MAFIA GAME - ju jong su (sounds like?) said I'M THE MAFIA. no one believed him.
- ikjun came to check on songhwa/turned off the lights
ju jong su was owning his role as the mafia. but no one believed him. they voted out an innocent civilian. it seems like pd shin already assigned a "mafia" from the very beginning. 💡

what do we have now? flashbacks of iksjun x songhwa since episode 1.

216 - lee ikjun || 219 - chae songhwa

69 - yin yang ☯️

#HospitalPlaylist #IkSong
lights! nightclub. 🤣 #HospitalPlaylist
choose your squad's theme 🎶

#Reply1988 #HospitalPlaylist

hyehwadong city hall subway
by ZOO station by ZOO
the significance of these lines. ✨

iksun & ikjun were talking about go ara here but this conversation is actually a prelude to what they're about to show (ikjun's feelings for songhwa) in the next episode. you know what's nice? songhwa cares about uju too.

this one, actually. 🤣 #HospitalPlaylist https://twitter.com/aallliin/status/1250971334080790528?s=19
we all know that he's talking about himself. here's ikjun talking about IKJUN. 😂

fixed it for you. #Hospitalplaylist [1/3]
we all know that he's talking about himself. here's ikjun talking about IKJUN. 😂

fixed it for you. #Hospitalplaylist [2/3]
we all know that he's talking about himself. here's ikjun talking about IKJUN. 😂

fixed it for you. #Hospitalplaylist [3/3]
the truth about hyejeong according to junwan.

"he married hyejeong because she chased him."

in ep 3, hyejeong asked for a divorce. ❌

songhwa was reading ikjun wrong here. this was ikjun speaking as a man not a doctor. what he really meant was he'd fight with her all the way.

he didn't get a chance to explain further. why? the talk was interrupted. seokhyeong called. déjà vu.

#HospitalPlaylist 😭
no words, just two people looking at each other. you can feel the assurance and security in this scene. 😭

jeongwon x junwan parallels.

*iksun had biliary atresia before.

jeongwon worrying about the donor = junwan waiting for iksun's reply
they found a donor = iksun said yes
the liver was too thick = chihong said iksun isn't ready to date yet.

fighting, junsun! 💪 #HospitalPlaylist
no, this is not "two cops." 😂

but here's deoksun, ikjun and their connections with zoo's hyehwadong and in front of city hall at the subway station. 🎶

#HospitalPlaylist #Reply1988
deoksun kept on eating a lot as if she didn't care about taek.

ikjun didn't say much when they were talking about songhwa's condition as if he didn't care. he was so chill & he even left without eating.

#HospitalPlaylist [1/2]
here's deoksun falling in line early at a famous japanese place. *she was worried about taek. she did everything to make sure he'd eat.

here's ikjun, showing up early at the hospital (yes, earlier than songhwa) *he couldn't sleep. he was so worried. 😭

#HospitalPlaylist [2/2]
this scene was pretty intense in its own way. these two are clashing and they don't even know it yet (?) HAHAHA ikjun's a smart guy. he was low-key being savage here 😂

striking lines from zoo's song. 🎶

the songs they perform together are like puzzle pieces. every song is connected to the first love narrative. we're halfway through the season and this is the picture they want us to see. ❤️

iksun & junwan paved the way 😂

ikjun needed smaller bills. instead of buying food, he checked out the hair accessories. the hair clip was expensive so he picked the scrunchie. maybe, it was for iksun.

junwan reserved a seat for ikjun and the rest is history.

5200 (TJ Karaoke): 🎶 gangwon-do arirang by cho yong pil

what's located at gangwon-do? inje. 😱

iksun said "yes" to junwan in this episode.

this little detail can melt your heart. 😭

ikjun: you can't finish it right? pour me some.

it's like saying your problem is my problem too. if the load's too heavy, i'll help you carry it. deoksun & taek shared the same amount of coffee & milk. balance. ☯️

2 remaining cards:
♣️ king of clubs: ikjun (club rat)
♥️ 3 of hearts: love triangle/standing between two choices

2nd chance at 1st love? 😭

#2 in sight: balance, harmony, love.

so... the clue has always been there. hmm, starting a family? iksun & junwan, fighting! 🕊️

you're all talking about jongrosa, so here's pd shin reminding us of taek's father & sunwoo's mother - longtime friends who crossed the line.

#HospitalPlaylist #Reply1988 🐢💕
the red flask. ♥️

songhwa gave it to ikjun
ikjun took it
but seokhyeong came to interrupt them so he gave it back to songhwa again

that was smooth, pdnim. #HospitalPlaylist

"that's such an old trick." 👂😏

no hunt extension? no taek 2.0. no old tricks.

of course, references will always be there. there'll be reversals at times. i'd like to believe they won't repeat the same strategy they did with taek. they have to fill in the gaps though. (ex. make sure no one gets jungpaled this time!? married/family life) ☺️ #HospitalPlaylist
look, the baby/taek-ish character pulled ikjun's hair. in episode 6, ikjun gave up his first love for his friend. sounds familiar? the writer's previous work: reply 1988.

hmm do you think our pd-writer duo will take that route again or not? 👀

remember how they got their hearts broken in the writer's previous works?

taewoong was shiwon's "daddy long legs." chilbong, popular baseball player who had his eyes set on one girl. junghwan, tsundere who hesitated a lot when it comes to his first love. 💔

in #HospitalPlaylist, we also got "daddy long legs," a popular doctor who's been keeping a baseball (ball) on his desk and a tsundere surgeon.

what's the writer's plan? give new hope? resuscitate or revive these ships that she chose to kill in her previous dramas? 😯
it's as if the writer gave birth to new ships but somehow, it feels like they've been reincarnated.

will she mend our broken hearts? it seems like the wounded, scarred and the ships that needed healing are being nursed in yulje.

do your best, writer-nim. ✊
STAIRS x #WinterGarden 👀

- ep3: ikjun asking jeongwon about gyeoul
- ep6: jeongwon's ringtone? STAIRWAY.
- ep7: the elevator is broken. it was implied that she used the stairs.
- ep7: the shot from the top (showing the symbols: man x woman, stairs)

as @asianentfangurl pointed out...

#HospitalPlaylist #WinterGarden https://twitter.com/asianentfangurl/status/1249340942777122817?s=19
it'd be uneasy for songhwa to hear about ikjun's wounds (cheating of his ex-wife) in ep 3. songhwa didn't talk to him. she said he'd sort it out. ikjun has been joking a lot but she didn't know much about his pain.

2 different convos in ep7 × parallel 😭

king of hearts: junwan (10 of ♦️ beside him could mean success) if ikjun's the king of clubs, then who's the queen of clubs? hmm. songhwa/rosa.

"most men would love to marry a woman like queen of clubs; high intuition, knowledge & mental balance." 💭

pit-a-pat. something in the rain. 🌧️

in episode 3, songhwa still went on camping even if it was raining. she seems to love the rain. in episode 9, it was raining as well. ikjun invited her to eat with him.

#HospitalPlaylist #Iksong
99z couple #IkSong drives us crazy. 😊


did. he. remove. his. contacts? yes or yes?👀

ep3 ep9
ikjun on his ex-gf: she was addicted to sleeping pills. she never ate. it felt like she lived in a different world.

he isn't looking for someone who eats a lot. there's a woman whom he really wants to eat with. someone who's in the same universe as him. *sobs*

i've been keeping these shots in my drafts for a while now but now let me drop them.

the appearances of UK's "union" flag. iksun's about to study in england. 🇬🇧

union could mean marriage/baby. no, pd shin don't twist it (separation) no, please.

#HospitalPlaylist #DoveCouple 🕊️
this one is the most striking for me.

it's a parallel of junwan's scene with iksun. jaehak called junwan about the baby's condition then later on, he called director ju to accept the CS chief position. a bigger responsibility. 👀

#HospitalPlaylist #DoveCouple
heol! the cheong-sil hong-sil (청실홍실 - blue thread x red thread) gaming here is so strong.

get married, you two! ✊

#HospitalPlaylist #SonghwaHolic
*cries in korean*

to more meals together, iksong! 😭

#HospitalPlaylist #IkSong https://twitter.com/midowaparasol/status/1259355720807407616?s=19
the prod team teasing its viewers:

⛄globe + 🌲 = #WinterGarden

don't trick us, #HospitalPlaylist. just don't.
coincidence? random?

yulje is surrounded by glass windows. they used high angle shot after the crumpling of cigarette scene. a korean vlogger pointed out the ✝️ above (as if God was looking at him) but it also looked like jwon was inside a " #WinterGarden" 🌿

#WinterGarden - also called as FOUR SEASONS SUNROOM. a sanctuary for all seasons. it's also associated with greenhouse. green - yup, the color of the ost album for "confession is not flashy."

- a garden of evergreen plants and plants that flower in winter. ☘️

songhwa, a lonely flower in yulje.
social butterfly, ikjun came at the right place at right time.
jeongwon gathered everyone.
love lines started to bloom.

jwon, take care of your own winter garden aka yulje. fake flowers & butterflies are out, real ones are in. #HospitalPlaylist
that one time when ikjun intentionally looked at the 3 guys on the other side while saying "yes, your brothers are all bony." 😏

#HospitalPlaylist #IkSong
the props department deliberately added the props/papers with "잔치국수" written on it around iksong (glass window, the wall behind songhwa & the poster behind ikjun)

➡️ janchi guksu (banquet noodles) highly associated with weddings & parties.

433 - a three-movement composition. the 4:33 also appeared on choi moosung's clocks in *reply 1988. taek, the silent guy was the 3rd one who got linked to deoksun.

so, why did we encounter it again? 3rd movement = probably bec their love interests were introduced in the 3rd ep.
twisting an old trick. in 1988, 3rd ep featured jungpal & his family. in hp? they introduced other girls for jwon, jwan & seokhyeong. ikjun isn't a taciturn man.

433 also redefines music. it's a silent piece. in ep3 ikjun asked everyone to keep quiet & say a prayer. poignant. 😿
433 brought luck to taek in 1988. 433 was unkind to ikjun in 1999. that's why i want ikjun to succeed in the present time. not the 3rd son or the late contender (jwon) bec it's just going to be a recycled trick. they already did that with taek. no need to repeat that strategy.
ikjun (as the grim reaper) was encouraging seokmin to come with him but he said he still have a lot to do, just like songhwa (ghost) who's not thinking about love now. she's too focused on her work.

*seokmin gave songhwa the "ghost" 👻 nickname. #HospitalPlaylist
in line with this idea. *coughs* sokcho

ikjun heard it for a reason, right? 💭
in ep2, songhwa was alone in the taxi, thinking about yet another failed relationship without a sad farewell. ikjun heard that her ex-bf cheated on her. fast forward to ep11, ikjun who's now a single man rests his head on the shoulder of his first love, songhwa. #HospitalPlaylist
i've always believed that the "rabbit" plays an essential role in #HospitalPlayist 🐰 https://twitter.com/midowaparasol/status/1250788468818448384?s=19
ikjun didn't accept the golden turtle. 🐇

in 1988, they already showed the charm of the turtle (taek) to us. in a fast-paced, multitasking environment like the hospital, don't you think it's more ideal for them to show us the charm of the rabbit this time?

ikjun was about to go to... SPAIN.

• spain is also called the "land of the rabbits"
• the colors 🇪🇸 (yellow flowers = friendship, red flowers = love) he must pick one side. LOVE.
• wearing red = poured his heart out 🍻🎤

the bgm they used for winter garden's confession/kiss scene was the same bgm they used for sunbora in reply 1988.

jeongwon & gyeoul are warm × cold like sunwoo & bora but #HospitalPlaylist altered it. jwon didn't confess right away unlike sunwoo. gyeoul asked him out first. ❤️
so that's what they meant when they said reply 1988 was such an old trick. in #HospitalPlaylist, we hear a familiar song but they're putting a new spin on it. an altered piece, like a revival or cover. an old song bringing out a new perspective.
ikjun's car.

seokhyeong would often sit at the front passenger seat of ikjun's car (ep2 & ep8) in episode 9, we finally saw songhwa getting off from the front seat of ikjun's car. ikjun also waited for her and sent her home.

in the first episode of s1, iksong's silhouette/door scene and jeongwon's confession scene with his brother suggested that direct "confessions" would happen in the last episode. virgin mary also made a statement right there. ❤️

#HospitalPlaylist #IkSong #WinterGarden
remember the hit kdrama "endless love"? a set of four kdramas based on four seasons.

#HospitalPlaylist also uses the four seasons as a motif. we see the characters grow as the seasons change and based on our observations, each ship also represents a season. 🌸🌴🍂❄️
i've mentioned last time that winter garden is also called as "four seasons sunroom."

kim hae sook (rosa, jeongwon's mom) appeared in all four seasons of endless love. she went through it all and now, she's doing the same in #HospitalPlaylist. ❤️
how to properly greet your special someone during holidays according to yoo yeon seok:

happy new year merry christmas
(01/01/1995) (12/25/2019)
#Reply1994 #HospitalPlaylist
it's quite interesting that the classic (🌧️👫) ost, "me to you, you to me" was originally recorded by a folk band called jatanpung (자전거 탄 풍경) which means "scenery of riding bicycle"

songhwa loves the rain...
ikjun loves biking...
- i consider jeongwon as the most intriguing character in season 1. writer lee somehow used his character as a "forerunner." he would often give us previews of future events or revelations. i'll add two of my fave previews in this thread. (1/3)
jeongwon as a forerunner:

"my friend is very drunk" in ep1, jeongwon lied to the guys. seokhyeong went along with it. in ep6, we got flashbacks involving iksong × seokhyeong. seokhyeong was drunk for real & ikjun tried to assist him. déjà vu. (2/3)

jeongwon as forerunner:

in ep3, jeongwon signed up for a "half course" run. we all know that the pink run foreshadowed songhwa's dilemma which was addressed in ep6.

#HospitalPlaylist had 12 episodes. we got iksong flashbacks and songhwa faced her dilemma in ep6 - half course.
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