"Aurangzeb had daddy issues"

I gave full marks.
Dysfunctional Mughal father-son relationships ft. Akbar and Jahangir:
"When Salim was in Agra after the death of Akbar’s mother, the emperor reprimanded him for his acts of disloyalty, even humiliating his 35 year old son by confining him in a room for 10 days without access to wine or opium, for which he had developed fondness, if not dependency."
Dysfunctional Mughal father-son relationships ft. Jahangir and Khusrau:
"In Kabul, Jahangir unchained Khusrau, unaware that his son had been secretly plotting another rebellion. When the plot was discovered, Jahangir executed its ringleaders and partially blinded his son."
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