I have started watching #TigerKing
These first 15 minutes have been... intense. #TigerKingNetflix My wife is identifying a lot with Carol which I think will not turn out well.
Joe Exotic's backstory is wild and tragic and... just Everything. #TigerKingNetflix
The dude in Myrtle Beach SC has gotten my wife particularly exasperated. #TigerKingNetflix
They feed the Tiger road kill!? Wait, that one was obese... on roadkill? #TigerKingNetflix
This has proven too much for my wife halfway through episode one. I'll tweet more when I watch it on my time. #TigerKingNetflix
Time to finish Episode One of #TigerKingNetflix
There's magic too!? I think we got some Mission Creep... THAT'S HOW HE GOT THE NAME JOE EXOTIC! #TigerKingNetflix
Shaq? The Shaq? #TigerKing
The Myrtle Beach guy helped make Dr. Dolittle and Ace Ventura? My lord, how big does this web grow? #TigerKingNetflix
Joe Exotic is a paranoid gun guy? Shocking. I'm shocked. #TigerKing
I hear this escalates and escalates with each episode so episode one will be it for tonight. Trust me I know their all villans in the end. #TigerKingNetflix
Just watched #TigerKing Episode Two... this show has the narrative structure of an epic crime drama. The sex cults came out of nowhere, eh?
Episode 3: I see I've now reached the Carol Baskin murdered her husband episode. #TigerKing
How did Joe Exotic get her diary? #TigerKing
Carol probably killed him. It's not an open and shut case though. Supposedly there is a true crime podcast that is clearer on all this. #TigerKing
#TigerKing Episode 4: Yes, this dude definitely could've been a reality show on TLC. This being a Netflix docu-series is certainly the lesser outcome in Joe Exotic's brain.
The studio fire feels like a slideshow in a circus even if Joe was the arsonist. The crazy thing about this episode of #TigerKing is that all this legal drama is before we even get to the meth, hitmen and political ambition.
How I met your Mother is my #TigerKing chaser. Enough of that madness for tonight.

"I'm always Pre-Coital, Ted."
- Barney Stinson
How about some Saturday afternoon #TigerKing
Oh boy! This is the episode where #TigerKing gets political! The 2016 Presidential run and the John Oliver clip I didn't remember until I saw it. So much has happened since. This campaign manager guy must have a big debt to pay.
Joe Exotic running for Governor in Oklahoma actually isn't such a long shot, not in Trump's America. #TigerKing
The idea that Joe Exotic went crazy AFTER the political campaigns is a misunderstanding of this whole series. #TigerKingNetflix
Why are they just getting to the meth use in episode 5? Like obviously, right? #TigerKing
Wait, Joe Exotic's husbands weren't gay? That's a twist. #TigerKing
Yikes, this suicide section is just horrific. #TigerKingNetflix
Come on, was it EVER about the animals? I don't think the zoo itself was ever the priority. #TigerKing
#TigerKing Episode 6: More crime drama as if that's not what this whole show is actually about.
Time to finish this whacky nightmare called #TigerKing .
Did Carol Baskin kill her first husband? Idk. Did one of these crooked monsters in Joe Exotic's orbit call a hit on Baskin? *Whispers* Seems like a clearer case, ya sexists. #TigerKing
"The Noble Thing to do" is a really brilliant framing device to begin to wrap this story up. James Garretson represents all these people's complete lack of self-reflection. #TigerKingNetflix
Yeah, Joe Exotic definitely paid a Hitman. This whole Big Cat industry needs to be legislated out of existence at the Federal level. Screw Jeff's new park. They're all monsters. #TigerKing
Starting the last one: Episode 7. If any tweet in this thread gets 30 retweets I'll watch the #TigerKing After Show and live tweet it.

Wait, Joel McHale hosts the aftershow? Blast from the past there.
I know why but the Press really needs to stop giving air to these people. We need more ethics classes in this country. #TigerKing
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