Here's Ace's post on that IG report released today.

The DOJ IG's office picked 29 other FISA warrants on US citizens to review. How many had problems?

Of course, we discovered in December of 2019 that the reason the DOJ wasn't publicly sharing any info about the verification efforts of the Carter Page warrants because a MASSIVE FRAUD occurred here and the IG's office was investigating it before handing it off to John Durham.
Issues under investigation aren't shared with the public, that's just how the DOJ has always rolled.

The massive fraud used to obtain the Carter Page warrants had to be thoroughly reviewed by the IG, then the system had to be fixed to ensure nobody ever does this again.
And now this new report establishes the problems and acts of outright fraud to get surveillance warrants was CULTURE WIDE at the FBI.

It was not limited to the members of the Crossfire Hurricane team.
I'm hoping Durham's finishing up his multiple investigations into how the RussiaGate hoax was launched to get that FISA warrant on Carter Page, and then sustained long enough to get that fraudulent warrant renewed 3 times isn't delayed all that much by this virus pandemic.
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