I've noticed that a lot of large Twitter accounts are opportunists. They lack integrity (look up the definition if you don't know it)

I want to make it clear where I stand on certain things

These are set in stone for me and I won't ever waver, even when they're not popular
1. Free Speech. Anything goes. If you're offended, that's your problem

Yes, some folks are assholes. If you don't like them, you can always hit the block button

ONLY exceptions to Free Speech:
Copyright violation

I'd LOVE for your band to cover Princess for the Night. I'd LOVE for it to be a huge hit

Under 2 stipulations -

1. you admit I wrote it,
2. I get my dues, as per your country's laws

You do NOT publish your enemy's address, credit card info, and the school their kids go to. Highly illegal

No matter how much you hate them

No matter how much you think they deserve it
Verbal threat

If anyone comes onto my property, calls my name, and threatens to murder me, I shoot them. And I NEVER miss

And it's self-defense
You're free to hate someone. You're free to even say you hate their guts, for any reason whatsoever

You can even say you hope they get coronavirus and die

Bad taste?

Sure. But legal

You cannot say you're going to their house tonight to murder them

You have the Right to say horrible things about anyone

Under the stipulation that it’s true

For fun - research famous slander cases
2. My phallic symbols - my guitars, my guns, and my paintbrushes

If you want to ban any of the 3, you and I are going to have a problem

My least favorite people are the ones who want to ban what I love

My enemies are always trying to ban anything masculine
These 3 things are part of who I am

And I’m damn proud to be a man

The Post Modernists want men to be ashamed of being men. Yet another reason they are my enemies
3. Aesthetics

I strongly believe that aesthetics matter. I'm one of the few on here who actually really, really like people irl

I have several very emotionally intimate friends of both genders, and I'm sexually attracted to beautiful women
I have the Right to my aesthetics and I'll voice them. If that offends you, that's your problem

Aesthetics are a HUGE part of my life. My paintings, my music - both done for aesthetic purposes

I paint beautiful paintings and write beautiful music http://opiumtales.com/shop 
I absolutely HATE Post Modernism because it's anti-aesthetics

They're the ones who preach that all bodies are beautiful, and produce absolutely crap art

I may have an ugly face but I look damn good on the beach, even at my age
I expect people to at least try to look good

In the 80s in America, we took looks seriously. I'd love to see that again

The body positivity people are shitty people and they’re raising yours and my healthcare costs
4. Pro-America

If I were running this country, those who sent jobs overseas, or laid off American workers and replaced them with foreigners, I'd send them overseas and not let them back in

I value the American worker. As you should value the worker of your respective nation
And speaking of America, I also love American culture. I'm proud to be contributing to it https://twitter.com/romanastral/status/1185234863537807360
5. Enjoy life

I'm not one of these don't drink, don't smoke, don't watch tv, don't drink coffee, don't take hot showers, don't do this, don't do that morons

Life is made to be enjoyed. You get to be you once. Enjoy it!

Rather than focus on don’t dos, I focus on doing good
I also know to let things go. "Don't sweat the small stuff" is a great expression

The older I get, the more I realize most stuff is small stuff

And gratitude. Be thankful for what you have

Also be thankful for the good people in your life

Heck, tell them!
Travel is now a HUGE part of my life. My wife and I made some super smart decisions 2007-2009 that put us into the upper middle class

So in 2014, we decided to take travel very seriously

You'll see some of my travel pics
I'm also very healthy. I learned from working in a retirement home who lives and who dies

I noticed that it's as much mental as it is physical. Those who made it a very long time loved being themselves
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