“At first, I was absolutely terrified. But now that I feel like Government has a handle on it, I feel much safer.” - Margaret Price

I asked friends how they feel about #COVID19 & how they’re keeping busy. By sharing we can ease our anxieties & stay positive! 🌟 #StrongerTogether
“I’m grateful that our leaders here in Ireland are being direct, caring, transparent & factual. Not telling us what we want to hear, but what is happening.”

@TheGinaLondon talks about the importance of honesty during the #COVID19 crisis & how she is putting her work online!👩‍💻
“I’m a fire fighter so I still have to go to work. I’m not in full isolation, so I can’t see my dad who’s 91. It’s very tough.”

@GaughanDominick shares what it’s like working throughout the crisis & why he’s happy with how the gov is responding like an “emergency service” 💫 🚒
“Sometimes I get overwhelmed and it feels very much like grief. But, then I realise the rest of the world is feeling the same and that were all in this together.” #StrongerTogether

Film producer 🎥 Catherine O’Flaherty @catzo1 believes these restrictions will #FlattenTheCurve 🙌
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