I'm organizing the 4 GA in this pinned post - link to each in comments. Make sure you comment your entries under the GA tweets (not this one). Win 🍑coloring book, YCMN album, 7for7 album or Spinning Top album. Directions for each in each tweet. Tag @GOT7Official and #GOT7
Spinning Top album GA. Vote for BamBam in MuBeat and show that you are following GOT7 memebers and group in the app. Use the tags @GOT7Official and #GOT7 with your screenshots https://twitter.com/AndyPratt81/status/1244826004914425856?s=20
YCMN Give Away - stream Lullaby on GOT7's official YouTube to get Lullaby on road to 100MIL views. We can do this during quarantine! 💚🔥 https://twitter.com/AndyPratt81/status/1245014422441144320?s=20
7for7 album give away - vote for BamBam' birthday ad in IdolChamp. Use the tags @GOT7Official and #GOT7 https://twitter.com/AndyPratt81/status/1245006352545652739?s=20
Jinyoung coloring book GA - vote for GOT7 in Idol Pick. Use the tags #GOT7 and @GOT7Official with your screenshots https://twitter.com/AndyPratt81/status/1245004398180384773?s=20
I'm adding this one to this thread, because I hope lots of editors will participate! @GOT7Official #GOT7 https://twitter.com/ot7agha/status/1245593682910171137?s=20
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