31/ Continuing this popular thread now.

Some think this is all some big, crazy conspiracy theory.

Well, let's talk about that. Let's discuss how to think about the "conspiracy" of elite child rapists. https://twitter.com/lsanger/status/1244733672240054275
32/ Some say "conspiracy theory," the phrase, is itself deeply misleading...a "psyop" invented by the CIA.

But look, there *are* bona fide crazy people with bona fide crazy theories. Right?

Let me tell you something: there are sources for everything in the thread above.
33/ Epstein & pals? "Pedowood" cases? Jimmy Savile? The Catholic Church? All the other crazy-sounding cases?

They sound crazy because the basic reality is horrific. But you can look up every one. They're all facts.

Putting them together alongside each other? Also not crazy.
34/ But when I put them together, what conclusions do I draw?

I'll be honest:
* nothing definite
* many clues suggest we need to keep digging

Both parts are important.

I know that's not the confident answer many wanted to hear. But this is important, so let me explain why.
35/ As a philosopher, I deeply studied theories of knowledge, evidence, and justification. My methodological principles have not changed. I am not impressed by inconclusive evidence.

Neither are many decent people. They are put off by unjustified judgments of others. Right!
36/ And we *are* talking about horrific crimes, and justice, here. The stakes are high. It is as important as anything that we be quite sure of our conclusions, so justice is done.

I and most people care a lot about that and don't want to play fast and loose with reputations.
37/ But this is very difficult, because some powerful people have gone to extraordinary lengths to hide their crimes systematically. Some possible tactics have come out most strikingly in the cases of Epstein, Savile, and the Catholic Church.
38/ Imagine that, for whatever reason, *you* wanted to hide a system of child trafficking. You would kill a few people to keep everyone quiet. But you would also closely associate hard facts about the system with, forgive me, crazy-sounding, unverifiable crap.
39/ What could be a more effective cover than to infiltrate the "truth movement" with a bunch of people who sound nuts? Who wants to associate with a bunch of nuts? Not many of us.

Look, this will never change: justice requires good evidence and a rational commitment to truth.
40/ Everyone knows that justice requires sobriety.

So if the people talking about child sex trafficking sound like lunatics, they clearly don't have justice at heart.

So others will stay far away; that's how it works.

I leave you, therefore, with this bit of advice.
41/ Do you want to see justice done, finally?

Then get together. Collaborate on documents. Make sure someone really good at *writing* and *reasoning* is leading your group. Split up work.

Set ground rules. Rule #1: nothing goes into the document that lacks good evidence.
42/ For example, some of my good friends love to talk about occult symbolism in popular media. (Go ahead, share some.)

Here's the problem: the symbols don't speak for themselves. It's too easy, and credible, to believe they have innocent meanings.
43/ What we need are the rare quotes from people, who really are in a position to know, saying the symbols really do mean what you say they mean. But even that is not great evidence, as symbols have multiple meanings.

Credibility is key.

Take another example:
44/ Other of my friends love to talk about suspicious connections (e.g., Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein). This is interesting but unpersuasive. Everyone knows that "guilt by association" is a fallacy.

Associations are best used as grounds for digging for real facts.
45/ I don't care if you think there is evidence for reptilians and their wonky inhuman eyes, parallel fairie worlds, or for flat Earth or against the Moon landing.

Keep all such garbage far away from your document; that will make it look ridiculous. Or maybe that's the point?
46/ Some people think child sex trafficking is associated with Satanism, that evil elites are taking a youth-enhancing drug called adenochrome, made from terrified children.

If you must get into that, for God's sake, go very, very slowly, and do not lower standards of evidence.
47/ Something I haven't mentioned yet is Qanon. What's my take? I don't know. I'm not a spy or a decoder. If you can mine that information source for real evidence, more power to you.

Telling *most* people to go straight to the "Q drops" is pretty obviously a failing strategy.
48/ If real evidence is there, organize it so people can understand it. Don't do it alone, but with sober, smart people who are good writers and thinkers.

Sorry, but that's the *only* way you're going to be able to "pill" everyone else about the reality of child sex trafficking.
49/ Am I going to start such a group?

Nope. I need to work on my nascent consulting business and have a homeschooled family to care for, so I have no time. I will look in on and advise efforts. But you must organize yourselves. Feel free to use this thread to do so.

Good luck.
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