Please stop emailing me to ask if you can speak with people seeking abortions during COVID. It’s an invasive, disrespectful ask and I won’t make it. Our focus is to get them the abortion they need and stay safe, not prep them for an interview. They need care right now.
If someone wants to come forward and share their story, I am happy to support them, but it’s not an ask I am willing to make during a pandemic—or ever while someone is seeking care.

I can connect you with storytellers who are working on the ground to help folks get care now.
I can connect you with storytellers who can talk about what it was like to get an abortion during snowstorms and other times when cities are shutdown, as much of it is the same.

But it’s too much on someone trying to get an abortion right now.
What they’re dealing with is appointments being cancelled and reinstated day-by-day as the state plays with their rights and healthcare. That’s stressful AF. It’s uncertainty. Anyone who sought an abortion can tell you what that is/would be like.
It’s really confusing for people seeking abortions as unclear headlines make it seem like abortion is banned.

Abortion is legal across the country.

Please have compassion right now. Don’t add to the stress of an already stressful situation. Our focus is getting people to care.
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