All about #WetMarket - Things you should know! Thread!

We are familiar with the term 'Market' which has been a place of prime trade, since the days of Barter System. Broadly categorised as Dry & Wet based on the products - Fabrics, Electronics & those dry come under former. 1+
Wet Markets are places where seafood, meat, live animals are sold/butchered.
These are there around the world.

Are these places a source of deadly virus and bacteria?
Not necessarily. As long as these markets sell only fresh products like seafood, meat, poultry prdts.. 2+
When does this Wet market becomes a matter of serious concern?
When they sell Captive animals tht are of wild nature & not domesticated which means those animals did not take any vaccines or medications. Naturally, wild animals have microbes owing to their habitat in d forest. 3+
But those animals wud have developed a defensive immune system to these microbes. When those animals are trafficked& held Captive, the stress will increase the chance for those microbes to get mutated as well. This wil not only affect d animals, but also its handlers 4+
This is d reason for the Wet Markets to be probable source of infectious disease. But this is not just an Asian phenomenon. There are similar markets all over the world. But researchers of zoonotic disease point to wet markets in China for some reasons like - 5+
1 - These markets have many different animals - wild, domesticated& exotics.
2. The stress of captivity not only weakens them, but there is chance of cross infection from other animals leading to mix of microbial genetic code says research done by EcoHealth Alliance. 6+
Such large Wet Markets becomes a viable ground occasionally to develop a new strain of an animal virus. Though not all such virus are dangerous to human, but might really become dangerous. Why? Because its not known to humans and there is no prescribed medicine to treat. 7+
Will banning these Wet Markets end the #zoonotics?
The answer cannot be that straight. Not all wet markets are potential sources of zoonotics. But certainly those which deal with wild/exotic animals are. Therefore its the mandate of each country to check&control these markets. 8+
Such stringent control on sale of only selected species, regulations for captivity, veterinary care& vaccinations to those animals can help to larger extend.
The additional benefit is - such string control will reduce the poaching/ trafficking and will help d #conservation too.
P. S - This thread is no way related to COVID. It's an analysis about wet market, WHY & HOW such places should be controlled.
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