1/POTUS spells out P-A-I-N

Invoke the "P"
A-head instead of head
I-n instead of Of
TaNk spelled as TaMk.


Now comes the PAIN—-23!!!
They thought it was coming yesterday.
They were wrong. https://twitter.com/Sun_Q_Tzu/status/1244966462923640832
2/ It's DJTJr's tweet for the N, not POTUS.
Son not Father

"plausible deniability"?
and More symbolism?

We're heading into the time of celebrating Passover (Jews) and Easter (Christians).

Both celebrations involve sons/fathers...

Jesus the Son did the Father's will
3/ the above verse about the Son is John 3:16.

Q mentions John 3:16 as a "day of Reckoning" in Drop 790

Here's the Verse reference again.
5/ PASSOVER and EASTER both involve Days of Reckoning,
Settlement of Debts
Triumph of Good>Evil

April Fool's Day
Easter Season: dates differ for
WC=Western Christians
EC=East Orthodox

IMO there's important SYMBOLISM used by Q team for Good and Cabal for Evil
6/ How does Easter and the Quarantine dates relate to Q dates and Countdowns?

Bear with me. IMO the PUZZLE PIECES are all coming together.


and it is SWEET!
8/ Why did the Cabal "think it [the PAIN] was coming yesterday?"

IMO, cuz Yesterday, 3/30 was the 39th anniversary of the Cabal's attempted [email protected] of Ronald Reagan

mirror 39 to 93. a Cabal # of darkness
999 flips to 666
9/ Inserting my Ronald Reagan thread here for those interested in a deep dive.. a theory that Reagan , a Patriot, was in on the PLAN from the [email protected] point forward...as he realized he couldn't take on the Cabal alone. https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1127695931124715526
10/ back to April 2020.

Let's start with April FOOL's day...

Q has told us 37 times...


Stupid = FOOLish

Expand your Thinking...
11/ Recall this is a battle of Good v Evil

April Fool's represents the Evil of the Cabal, trying to play the FOOL occultic Tarot card as a curse against POTUS.

Tarot Card XXII = 22
LOOK how they try to portray POTUS...as a bumbling FOOL., and worse.
12/ POTUS is in good company.
at Easter, Good Friday (April 10 OR 17, dep on East or West celebration day) we remember the MOCKING of Jesus, prior to his crucifixion.

By both the Jews and the Romans at the sham trial.
by the soldiers.
by one of the thieves crucified with Him
13/ a CROWN of thorns?

Re CORONA virus?

CORONA = Crown
14/ Final thought of FOOL card.

It's LAST CARD XXII 22 in the occultic Tarot Deck

Recall Q asking "when do you play the TRUMP card?"

Tarot cards are called Trump Cards

if you LISTEN to POTUS speeches this week?

the #22 arises often
i.e. 2.2 m estimate of dead

Q drop 22
15/ Looking ahead to the rest of April?

all within the next [30] days of the Slow the Spread timeline?

Passover , the Jewish holiday, is the basis for Easter
Apr 8-16 in 2020.

Let's start there https://www.chabad.org/holidays/passover/pesach_cdo/aid/871715/jewish/What-Is-Passover-Pesach.htm
16/ for those unfamiliar, the PASSOVER celebrates the FREEDOM of the Jews from Slavery in Egypt via God's man for the hour:


The Egyptians resisted freeing their slaves until?

the 10 PLAGUES.

BTW, what are we all experiencing RIGHT NOW?
17/ here's a graphic thx @HelenRachelle overviewing the 10 plagues on the Egyptians from the book of Exodus. (Exodus = think EXIT)
18/ Q has told us "it will be BIBLICAL". Many meanings there.

Q posted an anon's thread of literal PLAGUES occuring all over the world ....
and the Ephesians 6 admonition to "put on the Armor of God" https://www.qmap.pub/read/3887 
19/ another sign of a Biblical "plague" on those holding others in Slavery?

it HAILED on Ellen... https://twitter.com/theellenshow/status/1243336908719169537
20/ the "boil" on Trump hater @MichaelRapaport ?
21/ Note there are 10 Plagues

and Q speaks of 10 Days of Darkness

Q defines the 10 DAYS as SHUTDOWN...

Last year we thought it meant the Government shutdown over the border fight....
22/ the second to last plague 9/10
marker [9]

Darkness that could be FELT.

for 3 days.
23/ Remember this cryptic Q drop?

It preceded 93 days of "darkness" from Q posts?

[9] marker?
3 days?
dk = darkness?
24/ Ten days of Darkness, counting from April 1 Fool's Day, gets us to Western Good Friday, April 10.

3 HOURS of Darkness, then The start of 3 DAYS of Darkness, while Jesus lay dead in the tomb.

the Apostle Mark tells us in Chapter 15:
25/ Signs of coming 'plague' of Darkness. The internet, all providers, shut down at 4 am today

MSM has declared they will no longer air POTUS pressers in entirety, effectively now putting We the People in the Dark as to what is happening re the Virus. https://twitter.com/elenochle/status/1245006937768382465
26/ I just HAVE to insert this PLAGUE as a tag-on.

Exodus 7 the 2nd plague : "the frogs will go ...on YOUR OFFICIALS"

the Anons certainly were and are a PLAGUE on the Deep State officials intending us harm --kek

THEY will be in the DARKNESS of Plague 9. NOT US....

27/ here's some examples of Cabal tweeting imagery of LIGHT and DARKNESS....

Patton even mentions 9 plays....
Darkness is the 9th Plague
Q has a [9] marker.
28/ when THE darkness of the STORM is on us?

We'll see this.
and get our info re: this.

Emergency Broadcast System
29/ Recall that in the time of the first PASSOVER, celebrated by Jews to launch their exodus from slavery in Egypt, the Darkness of Plague 9 was followed by Death in Plague 10.

the Avenging Angel PASSED OVER the Jewish households, striking only Egyptian slavemasters
30/ in 2020, the Passover Seder Meal, will be celebrated by Jews the night of April 16, between the 2 Easters.

on the Jewish calendar, It's the 22nd day of Nissan.

There's 22 again...recall the 22 "fool" card and Q drop 22
and 11/11 Markers? + more cryptic '22's in the drops?
31/ I normally celebrate Western date of Easter, April 12. But I find the Eastern date April 19 to be more appropriate.

It's based on the first Sunday after 1st full moon after vernal Equinox, but NEVER before Jewish Passover, the 22nd of Nissan. (4/16 in 2020)

Why is that?
32/ because Eastern Orthodox Easter wants us to LOOK at the Jewish celebration of the Passover lamb first, and see that it points to the ONE LAMB of God that hundreds of years later, took away the Sin of the World on the first Good Friday...
33/ let’s look at Holy Week days. Most of us are familiar with Psalm Sunday, which kicks off holy week. The day Jesus was recognized as the Jewish Messiah promised in the Old Testament, by the people waving palm branches and chanting Hosanna in the highest...
34/ next date?

SPY Wednesday.

Yea, you heard right. the Name was new to me.

We learn of the SECRET PLOT against Jesus...the insertion of a SPY into his inner circle.

We know him as Judas.

the BARGAIN of Judas, paid to turn on Jesus the King, for 30 pieces of silver.
35/ GUESS WHO just tweeted out a picture of a JUDAS TREE?

the Redbud.

@Comey tweets out "portrait mode", pointing us to the PERSON he's signalling?

Who's the JUDAS of the Deep state that's Turned?
36/ Judas story involves 30 pieces of silver, the price he was paid, to SPY.

[30] days added to POTUS timeline, to slow the spread.

Is this some sort of related timing signal?
Judas HUNG HIMSELF on a tree, hence the name.

Cabal have 30 days left?
Death BLossom?

37/ There is a Hanging Man Tarot card. #12 XII.
Just before XIII 13 Death.
38/ We've seen some very odd upside down positions of the cabal, incl @TheEllenShow and @Madonna
39/ Trump says in Presser there will be Suicides.

Q keyword "suicide" 19x

WEEK reference could be Holy Week(s) ?

40/ An intercom from the Captain:

PLEASE don't miss the link between SPY Wednesday, upcoming either April 8 or April 15 and the treasonous #SPYGATE PLOTTERS in our Dirty DOJ

41/ Next in Holy Week is Maundy Thursday or Clean Thursday as it's sometimes known in Eastern Europe.

This day celebrates Jesus washing the Disciples' feet and the Last Supper.

It's when He presents the cup to Judas, who drinks it and betrays the Saviour.
42/ CLEAN Thursday.

Recall Q posts Clean 53x


Here's last post.

ReRead w new eyes.

"N-adler P-elosi S-chiff cannot walk down the street?"

Neither can anyone else!

Interesting that NPS acronym is National Planning Scenario by FEMA...what we're all under now
43/ Good Friday

the day Jesus was crucified, and laid in the tomb.
The day He voluntarily took the punishment for our sin onto Himself. Good for Us, through His pain.

Friday, per the Q drops: Good News.
44/ Holy Saturday

This was a Jewish Sabbath Rest starting evening Good Friday.

IMO? We are in a metaphorical "sabbath rest" Shabbat, right now as a nation, a down time. A black time for the economy.

Our economy is down only to essential activities.
45/ Shabbat is celebrated every weekend by observing Jews. Has been since Moses gave them the Law, the Torah from Mt. Sinai , just after the Exodus after Passover.

Here's a chart in modern lingo, of what Sabbath, Shabbat means.
46/ Easter Sunday, when the women went to Jesus's tomb, to anoint His body w spices, but found?

an EMPTY TOMB, & an Angel

Jesus laid down his Life, then had POWER to take it up again.

He CONQUERED Death. We can too, and live forever with Him if we accept His payment for us.
47/ back to the April calendar, showing both Western and Eastern dates.

Note that under the Eastern dates, Good Friday is on Q day, the 17th.

Also see Eastern Easter is called Pascha, not Easter.

48/ the word Pascha, not Easter, is used in the East.
It's the Greek/Latin word for Pascal Lamb, the Passover Lamb, tying directly to the lamb of the Exodus, ensuring the Death Angel Passed Over the Jews' homes, and points to the Lamb of God defeating Death for us.
49/ Paschal Basket in Eastern countries ties to Passover/Resurrection Day much more than our candy Easter Baskets do

That's because Easter, the term used in German and English speaking countries, is actually derived from a pagan goddess of fertility, Ester, not the Pascal lamb.
50/ the pagan goddess Ester / Ishtar, was from ancient times, worshipped in a fertility cult with the Baals. She was a goddess demanding child sacrifice.

Here she is, in "art" over Gloria Vanderbilt, reading to her sons, incl Anderson Cooper.

we get the word Estrogen from her
51/ I prefer the term Resurrection Day, as a result, but still use Easter. God knows what we're celebrating.

Christ's sacrifice for us, not Ester, a Babylonian pagan death cult goddess.

He is Risen
He is Risen Indeed.
52/ POTUS said last week that Easter was a very special time for him. This was BEFORE the 30 day extension, but he was stating he wanted the country to be up and running by Easter. When pressed if that was April 12? He demurred. https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1242646116660908032
53/ as of today?

He's telling us the next two weeks are going to be Rough. Very Rough.

and for the Most part, He has canceled many events and will be staying here. [WH] https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1245104392367464451
I was asked to tack on where we got the letters P A I N for PAIN out of POTUS tweets:

Here it is: https://twitter.com/elenochle/status/1243921266874052608
55/ an Anon found the COUNTDOWNS in Q of

Added together They stretch out to 11.11.20.

As I explain in my add-on?

11.11.20 in BIBLICAL years = 11.11.18, Q's promise when
AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED AGAIN! https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1244744492856553479
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