Me watching 90s marvel cartoons
Fantastic Four: this is fine but season two should’ve kept the bopping theme song from season one
Iron Man: this is a fucking fever dream but season two’s theme song is bopping
Silver Surfer: time to spend six hours reading up on cosmic marvel
Real talk. I’ve never seen the silver surfer show before now. It’s really fucking good. Writing is super solid and the art style is really unique. Really hard to believe this was intended as a kids show.

Also cosmic marvel hurts my head like type moon lore. Fucking omniverse
Gonna watch bootleg avengers and hulk next since X-men and Spider-Man are both long
Okay back to this
First five episodes of Hulk: this is pretty good
Hulk episodes 6 and 7: She Hulk make a me horny
Rest of season 1: where She Hulk go
Season 2: She Hulk make me hornier. Also it’s not as good but fuck it She Hulk is sexy
Season 1 on the left. Season 2 on the right. Good thing I didn't see this show as a kid. I'm horny enough already. I didn't need an earlier start
Okay forgot about this thread. Finished axmen and Spider-Man
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