31 March 2020 - #MAGAAnalysis #Coronavirus

We've discussed the biological aspect of China's war against us. We haven't discussed China's war against the world much, and today we will, a little. Our main focus will be turning to the economic war.
2) There is a reason why China's war is primarily against America. But, the right way to consider America, from China's point of view, is as the ultimate road bump between them and complete Global Domination. This passion has long, deep roots into China's history.
3) Consider WWI. It was the beginning of the end for the Russian Empire, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and even the British Empire. It wasn't the war to end all wars. It was the war to end all empires. Imagine that. just 130 years ago, or so, no one believed in the end of empires.
4) Due to victory, the British Empire received a stay of execution until WWII. But its power began falling long before. Funny thing. All of this could have been foreseen by the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911, three years before WWII began.
5) I will keep explaining that the revolutionary leader, Sun Yat Sen, was a Communist. The fall of the Qing Dynasty was, in fact, the very first Communist Revolution, six years BEFORE the Bolshevik Revolution took down the Czars in Russia.
6) Sun Yat Sen created a party called the Kuo Min Tang. His successor to leadership of that party was Chiang Kai Shek. Chiang was a Communist, too, of course. Yet, why don't we all know this? We know that Vladimir Lenin was a Communist.
7) We know that his successor, Joseph Stalin was the Uber Communist. We know about Russia's history and its turn in 1917 to become the USSR. We all know about that, maybe not in the specific details, but we've heard about it. Who realizes China's Communist roots? Not many.
8) Where the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 is at least somewhat familiar, we don't even have a common name for the 1911 Revolution led by Sun Yat Sen. You know what, I'm going to go see if I can't find a name for it, right now...
9) Mostly, I love Wikipedia. But often, I find their articles, well, insufficient and yes, often poorly written. Sun Yat Sen's entry is just such an example. Here it is. Read it, in spite of its weaknesses. I promise. You need to know.

10) Why do I think I know that 1911 was, or has been sometimes called the October Revolution? Why don't we know Chinese history? Why am I still so shocked that 1911 was the first successful Communist Revolution? I am. Shocked, that is. I still am.
11) As I understand it - and I will study and learn the real sweep of the story - Sun's Kuo Min Tang party ruled the nation, but Mao's splinter party began to rebel in 1923. As I understand it, that splinter failed utterly, until in 1929 the Civil War began. Imagine that.
12) Imagine a 20 year Civil War, raging from 1929 to 1949. Raging amongst whom? One Communist Party against another. Chiang Kai Shek's Kuo Min Tang against Mao Tse Tung. Imagine the devastation upon the land.
13) We have to skip over the Japanese invasion and creation of a new nation called Manchukuo. We must mention the terror and horror of the Japanese Empire. We can state, emphatically, that it was America the defeated and destroyed the Japanese Empire.
14) We must linger there for a moment. Little, tiny, island Japan threatened the very existence of an integrated China. China is at least 3,000 years old, and likely 5,000 years. Japan, as a nation, only dates back to around 700 AD. Yet, Japan almost consumed China.
15) Let's grant China its 5,000 year history. Let's look at Japan as only 1,400 years old. Imagine the shame, the pain, the humiliation of China over Japan's invasion and creation of the state of Manchukuo. Can you feel it? Can you imagine yourself invaded as China was?
16) I'm Italian, Calabrian, and my family comes from a town about 18 miles away from Sicily. We claim all Sicilian wisdom as our own. One of the greatest Sicilian maxims is this.

17) China needs...NEEDS...America to know its pain.

We arrive at 1949. Mao Tse Tung has won the 20 year Civil War. Chiang Kai Shek retreats to Taiwan, where he accepts a consolation prize after losing the Civil War. He establishes a totalitarian state there.
18) Who remembers the transformation of Taiwan into a Democratic Nation, after Chiang's death? Contemplate that. Do you begin to see that America is in a life and death war over the most important values in all of human history?
19) We use the term Democracy as if it covered this eternal battle. It is the wrong term. We need a better term for the concept of a Constitutional Republic. Perhaps that term can be reduced to DCR. A Democratic Constitutional Republic.
20) The majority must rule. This is clearly true. Yet, the majority's power must be limited. This is clearly true. The minority must be protected against the majority. This is clearly true. And it all comes down to four basic rights. This is clearly true.
21) I have stated these four rights over and over again, and I will continue to do so, over and over again.

1) Life
2) Liberty
3) The Pursuit of Happiness
4) Property
22) America is the great turning point in all of human history. The four rights above are the reason why. They do NOT invest into the nation or the empire. No, no. They invest into the person. The person. Each individual person. All four rights are the birthright of each person.
23) China has created its own Internet. It holds complete, 100% control over the contents of that Internet. Google and Apple and others have surrendered to China's demands. What are those demands based upon? The exclusion of America's Bill of Rights.
24) Above and beyond all other things, the CCP MUST attempt to prevent every single Chinese citizen from imagining, let alone committing to, his individual rights. Rights. As opposed to Wrongs. China MUST prevent Chinese citizens from righting its wrongs.
25) Property is the last of the four rights. Yet, property is, amazingly, the place to focus upon. If China were to grant its citizen true right of property the Communist Party of China would, in that moment, fall.
26) And that brings us back to @realDonaldTrump. He has - I can't go over it again - destroyed the power, the economic power, of the CCP. America will no longer transfer its factories to China. Imagine that.
27) How do you defeat a thief? You protect your treasures in way that the thief cannot defeat. Manufacturing is America's great power. We have surrendered that power since 1988. It was NOT Reagan who surrendered. It was HW Bush 41. He surrendered. And he profited thereby.
28) If we're to understand how completely evil HW 41 was, we have to contemplate his profit. Evil profit. China does not allow the repatriation of profit. Unless it does. The Bush family gets its profits from its China holdings back. Imagine that.
29) So here's the deal. Stop protecting American factories. Empower China to set up shop, with no regulations. No EPA. No OSHA. And, most important of all, no tariffs or taxes.

Imagine that.
30) We know that the Clintons made millions, probably billions of dollars for their part in all this. But, it was under Bush 43 that China attained its entry, and Most Favored Nation trading status in the World Trade Organization.
31) Please hear me. We know. We do not have to doubt. Communism fails. Socialism fails. The way it merely survives is corruption. Corruption will never end. Humans will always surrender their values to their advantages. Our presidents have been corrupt.
32) Trump is...follow me now...NOT corrupt. Go figure. Go imagine. Let me say it again...

Trump has integrity.
33) Back up again. The most important revolution in all of human history was the American Revolution against our colonial parent, Britain. Why so? Because of the following four rights, mentioned above...

1) Life
2) Liberty
3) The Pursuit of Happiness
4) Property
34) China prevents any mention of the America Bill of Rights in its totalitarian control of social media, Please, please, linger with me on that point.

China prevents any mention of America's Bill of Rights on social media.
35) But what about our Coronavirus riddled economy? I promised I'd address that. Here's a single fact. The mayor of Washington DC has established a 90-day imprisonment if you leave your home. This is China's greatest dream. America as a totalitarian state.
36) By its propagation of a biological weapon, China has obliterated our Bill of Rights. Yet, this is NOT their real power. A 90 day jail sentence for leaving your home means that, you cannot go out and purchase anything.
37) I know nothing about the DC mayor, herself. I know all I need to know by way of her 90 day imprisonment threat. Our economy is China's warfare asset right now. You can't leave your home. You can't buy anything locally. This is how you destroy an economy.
38) Economy. Who knew? Who was taught? Who knew that the individual right of property informed all the rights above? Happiness, liberty and life itself. Here's one guy who knew. Thomas Jefferson.
39) It is Jefferson's America that China must defeat. If China's people embrace the four rights, the CCP would die in that moment. And, my prediction is that it will. As the USSR died, so also will the CCP.
40) Imagine that. Imagine the world with the very last failed Communist State fallen. It is the economic war that is the pivotal battle. Economically, America wins. Freedom wins. And economically, China will fall.
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