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After Hannibal defeated Roman armies badly,Taking advice from Sibyl's book of prophecies Romans buried 2 Gauls and 2 Greeks alive in Marketplace!
Romans didn't used to destroy ancient structures so city was abound with temples
Gold Mines of Spain which Rome annexed from Carthage,a single network tunnel there might be spread over more than 100 sq. Miles,40k slaves worked in Mines!
It is estimated that in 1st century BC Roman Mint used to produce 50 tonnes of silver each year
Rutilus Rufus provincial governer of Asia defend his subjects against tax collector
In 92 BC he was brought before jury and was Charged with crime of extortion he got exiled in Asia where public welcomed him with honor(Province which he was supposed to have looted)
Mithridates King of Pontus defeated Romans and reached till Aegean sea,he wrote to Greek cities ordering them masscaring every Roman in Asia Greeks followed this order with Savage relish,80k Men ,women and children were killed in this masscare.
Mithridates then tortured Manius Aquillius to death who was provincial governor of Asia who dragged Mithridates to war in 89 BC.He was first Paraded through crowrd then Molten gold was poured down under his throat
Roman General Sulla captured Athens(ally of Mithridates) then defeated armies of Mithridates twice during his return he pulled down temple of zeus,looted libraries of Athens.
After 5 years every Roman citizen was registered at villa publica he had to declare name of his wife,number of children his property,possession etc these information were collected by scribes then two magistrate used to scrutinized this information to promote and demote citizens.
Mithridates The lion Pontus
Infant mortality rate in Rome was very high. It is estimated that only 2 out of 3 children survived their 1st year and under 50% were able to reach age of puberty.
Upper class women rarely used to breastfeed their children even though they beilieved that milk was inbued with the character of the woman who supplied it but still they handed their babies to wet nurses
Romans believed that girls had to be molded just as much as boys,physical and intellectual excersises were prescribed for both.A boy trained his body for Warfare,a girl for childbirth.
Spartacus rose to rebellion w
and defeated Roman armies,at last Crassus cornered him in Northern Italy here Spartacus himself led a desperate charge against Crassus but he was killed before he could reach,most of rebels perished those who escaped were killed by Pompey.
Lucullus defeated Mithridates after defeat Mithridates asked for help from Tigranes King of Armenia Even though Lucullus was farther from Rome than any Roman general in history and was vastly outnumbered but he still annihilated Armenian army and stormed Tigranocerta.
Julius Caesar was captured by Pirates once they demanded from him 20 talents,Caesar said he was worth at least 50.He also warned his captors that he would capture and crucify them once he had been released and he actually did that later.
Caesar was Bvll af
Pompey was made commander of force of 500 ships and 120k force to destroy he accomplished this mission in just 3 months!
In 64 BC Pompey defeated Kingdom of Judaea,occupied Jerusalem and stormed The Temple
So Romans were fish lovers.
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