“Thus it came about that that section of the German people which was least capable of civilized conduct came to be the determining factor in German political life. They were not aware of their anti-social leanings. They did not consciously approve of murder and theft.”
“Neither were they any longer able to judge what kind of people their votes had presented with a licence for arbitrary acts. Nazism had given expression to their fears, their envy, and their hatred.”
“There are, it is true, evil elements mixed with the good ones in every large group of beings. But the adoption by National Socialism of an anti-social attitude is no mere coincidence, it is an intrinsic necessity.”
”An anti-social attitude is the logical outcome of the liberation of primitive impulses. Their representatives could only be such persons as had taken the lead in this campaign of ‘liberation’.“
(Hostages of Civilization: the social sources of national socialist anti-semitism, by Eva G. Reichmann 1950)

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