Imagine if the BBC made a documentary with people who actually knew #MichaelJackson rather than a bunch of journalists peddling stale & long-dispelled tabloid gossip & others barely in his life... Alas. Dull, cheap & as sensationalised as a Sun headline..
If anyone watching #TheRealMichaelJackson actually wants a researched, nuanced & thorough look at the facts, watch #SquareOneMJ for FREE on YouTube. No bias, no deifying the dead - just the facts: #MichaelJackson
BBC, I love you, truly - but if you wanted to make something of actual quality, there are dozens of people who knew #MichaelJackson, especially around that time, who you could've approached to interview. They would've agreed. Why didn't you reach out? #TheRealMichaelJackson
How easy would it have been to get Geraldine Hughes, @tajjackson3, his bodyguards or any of the people @dannywuyue interviewed for what was, compared to the BBC, an indie film for this? They would've been happy to discuss this with the nuance it needs. #TheRealMichaelJackson
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