God so I'm in love with the idea of villain Red Riot being confidently and overly flirtatious with heroes that try to subdue him. Deku punching him in the face and Riot pushing back against his fist with his face saying "Ooo harder, daddy~" (just like angel dust 😅👀)
And Deku gets so flustered that Riot gets away. Pinky is next to confront him, but Riot just grabs her wrist and her hip and start swinging her around like they're dancing before throwing her in to a wall and escaping. Sugar Man is able to get him pinned, but Riot licks a stripe
Up the side of his neck and rolls his hips against the heroes and moans "Be gentle~"
Riot is slippery, no hero can seem to take him down. He's extremely attractive, all muscle, hairy chest always showing off his pierced nipple. His long red hair is loose and wild
like a lion's mane. His arms and back is covered in a colorful tattoo That only forms a clear picture when he goes unbreakable, chunks missing from the rare occasions someone breaks through. Riot is so flashy, no one can understand why the heroes can't find his secret identity.
No one knows that the infamous Riot worked at a quietly little bakery during the day, making macrons and frosting cakes. His long red hair braided and pulled into a messy bun that reveals a neat undercut. Kiri wears large red glasses and fake teeth to hide his pointy ones.
While at the bakery Kiri has a completely different personality, shy but friendly. Quietly slipping extra cookies to his favorite customer who came in for their cheap coffee almost every day.

The first time Bakugou, /ground zero/ had come, Kirishima nearly had a panic attack.
He took the heroes order cautiously, trying to play it off as shyness as he waited for the hero to strike, to announce that he was under arrest, but that had never happened.

Bakugou came in the next day too, ordering plain black coffee with a grunt, barely acknowledging him.
The blonde came in almost every day after that, never saying more than "small black coffee" and then reading at one of the small tables. It took about a month before Kirishima accepted that the hero wasn't staking the place out. Bakugou was really just coming in for coffee.
"You know this is just the instant stuff you can get at the gas station" Kirishima said one day while handing the warm paper cup to Bakugou "why come here?"

Bakugou had glared at him and shrugged "Nice atmosphere."

Kirishima hummed and went back to work, stealing glances until
Bakugou finished his coffee and left. It was probably a bad idea to talk to the hero but he couldn't help it. Ground Zero was the only top hero Kiri had yet to fight and any information he could get would be valuable.

"You know this is a bakery, right?" Kiri said the next day
"So what?"

"Why come to a bakery for over priced coffee and not order anything else? I make all these fresh you know..."

"Do you not want me here, shitty hair?"

"Shitty hair... I- no, I just thought you might try something else... Here..." Kirishima grabbed a snickerdoodle
From the display case and put it in a little plate "I just made these, try it! On the house!"

Kirishima offered a small grin and watched Bakugou glare at the cookie before taking the smallest bite... And then another...

"S'not bad" Bakugou said, his mouth full of cookie.
After that every time Bakugou came in Kiri would give him a free treat with his coffee, smiling brightly when Bakugou offered an almost compliment. After about a week of quiet stares, blushing and soft smiles Bakugou wrote something down on his receipt, leaving it on the counter
And leaving quickly. A dark smirk stretched across Kirishima's face as he stared at Bakugou's cell phone number. Things were going better than he had hoped and faster too.

That night he faced Charge Bolt and his partner Mimic. Unable to safely say any flirtatious quips, Riot
Switched to obscene gestures and inappropriate touches until he escaped into the shadows.

"Good day..." Riot said to himself, sifting through the bag of jewelry he had stolen before pulling Bakugou's number out of his pocket "A very good day."
He rips up the receipt and watched the tiny scraps flutter until a dirty puddle, then secured his prize to his belt. Riot would get them to his guy when it was safer.

Bakugou didn't come to the bakery for a couple of days, but Kiri wasn't worried. Ground Zero didn't seem like
The kind of guy to give up after one shot and Kiri was good at waiting.

When Bakugou finally came back, however, the pro hero was a wreck. Black eye with an ugly cut on his cheek bone, arm in a cast and walking with a limp. Kiri wanted to laugh, but he forced himself to look
Concerned as he ran around the counter to meet him at the door.

"Oh my God I was so worried!" Kiri's hands shot out, hovering over the other man's shoulders "What happened? I wanted to call but I... I lost your number and I was worried you didn't wanna see me anymore"
Bakugou's face flushed and he looked away with a click of his tongue. Kiri struggled not to smirk at that. Who knew that the number 2 hero was so /easy/?

"S'fine..." Bakugou mumbled and held out his hand "Gimme your phone."

Kirishima relaxed his shoulder and fished his phone
Out of his pocket to hand to Bakugou. The hero put his number in under the fake name he used when be ordered food. Bakugou was so bad at hiding who he was though, anyone with eyes could tell he was Ground Zero.

"Text me so I have yours..." Bakugou grumbled before turning to go.
"W-wait! You're not going to stay?"

"Got shit to do."

/he came back just to get kiri's number./

"Let me give you some cookies at least!" Kiri's said, rushing to fill a box with a who assortment of sweets and writing his number on the box along with his name.
"Kirishima Eijiro..." Bakugou read his name quietly when Kiri handed him the box.

"That's me! I'll... I'll call you later?"

Bakugou's lips twitched into the tiniest smile "Whatever you want I don't care"

Kiri had Bakugou wrapped around his finger.
As soon as Bakugou disappeared Kirishima made a call.

"What do you want Riot?"

"Shut it, Dabi, I got news."

"/Shit/ watch it!" Kirishima hissed, blowing at the small fire Dabi had set on his shirt "It's acting, Dabi, /acting/"

"If we don't rough you up for real no one will believe us, daddy~" Toga purred against his ear before slicing his cheek open.

Kiri yelped and touched the cut
With his bound hands, blood getting everywhere. "Not the face! It one of my best qualities!"

"Oh I'd say this is better" Toga teased, grabbing his crotch and squeezing.

"Let me have my fun, Riot" Dabi said and grabbed Kiri's neck with a flame covered hand
"I wanna see fear in Ground Zero's eyes"

There was a support item that had been developed that would help Dabi's body withstand his own quirk. The problem was it was deep in Ground Zero's territory. The LOV didn't have any way to get it until now.

Stealing the item was
Relatively simple, Dabi, Toga, and Mr. Compress fought their way through security and had it in minutes. Even dragging Kirishima along as dead weight, his body bruised and bloody, eyes covered and limbs bound.

He heard the first round of heroes show up, one calling out
"They have a hostage!" Before the fight began. Dabi kept his hand firmly on the back of his neck as he fought.

They made it back to the escape truck before Ground Zero arrived, and Kiri wondered if he was even going to come. The thought made his heart ache for a split second.

"Your boy toy is here" Dabi whispered into Kiri's ear, his words barely audible over the roaring wind in the back of the truck bed.

"GROUND ZERO!" Kiri cried, tears flowing down his cheeks as Dabi's hand burned against his neck causing him to let out a scream
A body slammed against Kiri, explosions shaking the truck as Bakugou maneuvered around, prioritizing Kirishima's rescue over recovering the item. Then they were flying through the air, a muscular arm wrapped tightly around him as pressed his face against Bakugou's neck.
He smelled sweet.

They landed hard, rolling on the ground a couple of times. When the moving stopped Kirishima's blindfold was ripped off, the sudden light blinding him.

"Kirishima.. " Bakugou breathed, grabbing Kiri's face before saying louder "Are you alright? An ambulance
Is coming just stay calm!"

"Th-thank you" Kirishima sobbed "You s-s-saved my l-life."

"Shhh I got you... I got you" Bakugou said, gravely voice was surprisingly soothing "You're safe now, w-whats your name"

"K-ki-k..." Kirishima stammered, making his body tremble.
"Just breathe, Kirishima, I got you"

"H-how did-did you k-k-know my na-name?"

Too easy.

Bakugou cursed and lifted Kirishima into his arms as the ambulance arrived, carrying him to the paramedics.

"D-don't!" Kirishima gasped when Bakugou put him on the stretcher
"Pl-please stay-y"

"Shhh it's ok..." Bakugou squeezed his thigh "I'll see you tomorrow ok?"

Bakugou blew himself away immediately after and Kirishima let himself smirk.

/Too easy/

"You suck so much. I had to get 10 stitches. /10/" Kirishima complained, his phone stuck between his ear and his shoulder as he pulled a pan of muffins out of the oven. The heat irritated the burns on his body and he almost dropped the pan "I told you guys it would work!
You didn't have to go overboard like that! Now I have to lay low, if the heroes see me like this they'll know... Fuck you I- hold on"

Kiri heard the front bell ring. He set the pan down and checked the time in his phone. The bakery still hasn't opened yet... Rude fucker...
"We're not open yet!" Kiri called out, transferring the muffins to a cool baking sheet before pushing through the door to the front "I'm just saying you coule cut me some slack, I'm not made of money. I gotta work like this and it huuURTS! AH illcallyouback!"
Kirishima nearly dropped everything he was holding when he saw Bakugou standing at the counter in his hero costume, mask pushed up like a head band.

"G-ground Zero! I- uh, I..."

"You shouldn't be working in your condition Kirishima"

"Oh I-... It's nothing really..."
"You just had a traumatic experience"

"I... Well... Psh it was nothing! You saved me so I... Besides the bakery..."

"Take the day off"


"Take the day off, Kirishima."

Kirishima blushed and set down the pan of muffins.

"I-I can't..."

"Yes you can."
"But I-"

"Kirishima." Kirishima's mouth snapped shut, Bakugou's voice was soft and hesitant "I just got off patrol for the day. You can come to my place and I... I wanna take care of you. I'm sure those bastards kidnapped you because they saw me come here... So please..."
Kirishima blushed a /real/ blush and his mouth hung open.

"L-let me just turn the ovens off and I'll meet you put back?"

Bakugou smirked "bring the muffins"
Bakugou is the number 2 hero. Kirishima had expected a private car that would take them to a giant estate, not holding on to Bakugou's thin waist in the back of a motorcycle that took them to a nice, but surprisingly average, one bedroom apartment. Kiri couldn't mask his reaction
"Not what you excepted?" Bakugou asked as he took the helmet, he insisted Kiri wear, off his head. He had to stand on his tip toes to reach.

"I just thought... I mean you make so much money..."

"I don't pay myself that much, Kirishima."

"O-oh ok..."
Had to be a lie Bakugou probably own the whole complex or this was his spare apartment to show guests so they didn't know where he really lived. Heroes were greedy, rich assholes who'd rather watch homeless people starve in the street than give up their luxury was of living.
"Are you ok? Look I'm sorry if I was being too forward, we don't have to stay here... I can take you home..."

/shit/. Kiri had let his emotions slip out too much. He blushed and looked down, rubbing the back of his neck, wincing as he brushed over the burn there. Fucking Dabi.
"I-i'm fine! This is just crazy, you know? Not every day your hero comes and invites you to his place... And I'm not a spontaneous person... It's a little overwhelming"

Bakugou's face softened up, but he looked... Sad?

"Right... Come on, Kirishima, you should be resting."
Bakugou tucked him in like a baby in his own king size bed. It was the softest thing Kirishima had ever felt in his life. They talked for hours, finishing all the muffins Kirishima has made before Bakugou ordered take out.

Bakugou really did take care of him, putting ointment
On all his burns, changing out his bandages... It was nice.

Kirishima had to kill him.

He /had/ to. This was all too nice. Bakugou had to be acting too... Heroes weren't like this behind closed doors and Kirishima refused to get taken off guard. It would be easy like everything
Else had been. He's wait for Bakugou to initiate something sexual, why else had the hero brought a normal guy back to his place, he'd fuck him until he could barely move and then kill him in his sleep. No big deal... It'd be fiiiine...

"Kirishima, are you ok? You're sweating"
"W-what? No I'm fine!" Kirishima's voice cracked, he sounded tense and uncomfortable. Why was he having so much trouble with his emotions today.

"Let me take you home, I don't wanna pressure you."

Fuck fuck fuck. Bakugou sounded so sincere, why was he so /nice/?
Ground Zero was known as the meanest top hero. People called him the second coming of Endeavor so why was he so nice?

"N-no! I like being here I just..." Kirishima took a deep breath "I don't know why I'm here"

Bakugou raised an eyebrow and sat down next to him.
"You're here hopefully because you like me too..."

Bakugou sounded so shy and unsure as he gently rested his hand over Kirishima's. It was /too/ good. It felt like fan fiction...

Kirishima couldn't stop himself from getting rock hard. His face flushing a deep red as his
Cock jumped to full attention. Feeling in like he had power over the manliest of men always got him off. He couldn't help it.

But this was the worst timing.
Bakugou stared at the tent Kirishima made with shock, his mouth slightly open and his face red. He didn't say anything just stared and that made it so much worse.

Kiri's cock got noticeably bigger because of the attention, throbbing underneath the thick blanket,
Kirishima dropped to his knees, moaning loudly as he inhaled Bakugou's musk. He smelled like caramel, the sweet scent had always been so comforting and homey.

"I still hate you" he mumbled "just want a good lay"

Bakugou hummed, running his fingers through Kirishima's hair
His touch was soft. Kirishima pulled Bakugou's length out licking a stripe on the underside before moving to Bakugou's balls.

"Don't you take care of yourself? Disgusting." Kirishima panted, before lapping at the hero's balls.

"I'm disgusting? I'm not the person licking
Another man's sweaty nuts like a dog" Bakugou groaned, falling back onto his elbows as Kirishima sucked them into his mouth "watch the teeth!"

Kirishima moaned, vibrations around him before releasing Bakugou with a lewd wet pop "I could end you right now if I wanted to"
He breathed, wrapping his lips around Bakugou's length and sucking hard.

"/fuck/ what a way to go..." Bakugou gasped, letting his head fall to the side as he watched Kirishima bob up and down on his cock
"I missed you so much" Bakugou moaned, pushing Kirishima's head further down on his length "You're all I can think about"

Kirishima dug his hardened fingers into Bakugou hips, manhandling the hero until he was fucking his face at a brutal pace.
Spit flowed out of the corners of Kirishima's mouth, dripping into the floor. Bakugou's praises dissolved into loud panting, grunts and moans, but Kirishima could barely hear Bakugou over the sound of his own gagging and the wet squelching his throat make when it got fucked.
Bakugou's rhythm started to falter as his orgasm rapidly approached. Kirishima moaned, using one hand to massage Bakugou's balls while the other braced against the counter.

"/fuck/" Bakugou hissed, suddenly pullibg Kirishima off and grabbing the base hard "/fuck/"
"What are you doing?" Kirishima croaked between gasps for air

"I-i wanna fuck you" Bakugou groaned, his cock red and leaking "I wanna fuck you"

"The bed's upstairs"
Bakugou reached down and wrapped his arms around Kirishima's waist, lifting him off the ground. Kirishima gasped and held on tightly to Bakugou's shoulders. The hero slipped his tongue back into Kirishima's mouth as he climbed the stairs, the red head moaned against his lips.
They fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs, their kisses turning more aggressive and desperate as Bakugou settled between Kirishima's legs.

"You always fuck villains before taking them in" Kirishima breathed against Bakugou's lips as the other man worked his pants off.
"That doesn't seem very heroic"

"I'm Bakugou Katsuki I never do anything half assed, that's why I'm the best" Bakugou grunted, getting frustrated with Kirishima's pants and deciding to tear them from his body.

"/my pants/!" Kirishima gasped and rolled his hips
"I'd be pissed if that wasn't so hot"

"I thought you'd like that" Bakugou smirked, running his hands up and down Kirishima's thighs, setting odd little explosions that tickled his hardened skin "I know you like /manly/ things"
Bakugou spit into Kirishima's hole and started to line himself up.

"Whoa! What are you- haha no..." Kirishima sputtered scooting backwards until his head knocked against the head board

"I thought..."

"I'm not ready? Do you see a plug in my ass or anything? Fuck"
"I don't understand..."

"You dont... Have you not done this before?"

Bakugou flushed "I'm not a virgin!"

"That's not what I asked!"

They were quiet for a few moments, Bakugou stroking Kirishima's legs gently. He eyed kiri's flaccid dick and sighed.
"If you don't wanna do this..."

"I never said that." Kirishima cut him off

"I've never... With a guy... You're the only guy I've ever been attracted to."
Kirishima laughed dryly "don't tell me you're trying to 'save' me because of that..."

Bakugou scowled "that's /not/ what I said"

"You heroes are all the fucking same you know that? I'm not some god damn toy that you can use cuz you think I'm pretty. I'm a fucking person."
"Kirishima, I'm not-"

"Us normal people are just part of the scenery in your life, huh? Like a fucking tree or some shit, it's nice in the picture but you won't notice if it was gone!"

"What are you talking about!?"

"I /hate/ you."

"Kirishima!" Bakugou yelled right before
Kirishima's fist connected with the side of his face. Bakugou groaned and then tackled Kirishima, fists flying and explosions going off. They rolled off the bed, hitting the ground with a loud thud that nearly knocked the wind out if Bakugou. After a few more blows Bakugou was
On top, his knees pressing hard into Kirishima's shoulders, one hand in his neck and the other popping explosions in is face.

"You're just another fucking /hero/" Kirishima spat "did I ever mean anything to you?"

"You mean /everything/ to me! God you're so dense!"
Bakugou growled, moving his hand when Kirishima stopped struggling "You are the kindest, most selfless idiot I know! I knew who you were before I even showed up at hour store. You knew who I was but you didn't attack me or bother me. I was told you were violent so I stuck around.
But you were always nice. I watched you give the left over sweets to children on the streets. How you make lunches for homeless people. You give so much money away that you barely make it by yourself. You're not a villain, Kirishima. You're a good, /good/ person."
"You were stalking me?"

"Fuck Kirishima I was doing my job, and that's not the point! I knew who you were, I knew that shit you pulled with LOV was fake and I still couldn't stop myself from saving you. I like you for who you are. Not seeing you for the last 18 months /hurt/...
And I don't care about sex. We don't have to have sex, but let me talk to you. Let me help you because as much as you hate heroes, You're the best hero I know."

Kirishima searched Bakugou's face with his eyes, eyebrows knitted in concentration and then sighed.
Kiri grabbed Bakugou by the hips and scooted him back until the blonde was straddling his hips.

"Really? You're hard again?"

"What? Fighting turns me on, it's manly. Don't read into it too much"
Kirishima rolled his hips against, his erection sliding between Bakugou's ass cheeks. Bakugou's breath hitched at the sensation, putting his hands on Kirishima's pecs to support himself.

"I, uh..."

"Don't worry I'll bottom this time" Kirishima said with a smirk and Bakugou
Visibly relaxed. "I'll show you how to get me ready, the next guy better thank me"

Bakugou flushed and mumbled something Kiri didn't hear as he got off and sat of the bed.

"There's lube in the bedside table" Kirishima said, removing the shreds of what used to be his pants.
He grabbed the lube from Bakugou and straddled his chest, facing away from him. Kirishima took his time lubing up his fingers before looking over his shoulder. Bakugou's eyes were half lidded as he kneaded Kirishima's ass with his hands, licking his lips before looking up.
"Watch me" Kirishima instructed before reaching back and rubbing circles slowly around his hole. With a low moan he pushed one finger inside.

Bakugou cursed, rutting against the air as Kirishima fingered himself slowly. After awhile Kirishima added another finger, pushing in
To his knuckles, scissoring himself open, gasping and panting when he brushed against his prostate.

"Oh my /god/." Bakugou breathed, grabbing Kirishima's hips and pulling him closer to his face.
"Like what you see?" Kirishima smirked, gyrating his hips and adding a third finger

"God /yes/" Bakugou groaned "Let me help..."

"No need, I'm ready" Kirishima responded, letting fingers slip out.

Bakugou flipped them over and manhandled Kirishima until they were in their
Original position.

"Let's try this again" Bakugou said to himself, pressing his lips against Kirishima's as he pushed his cock at the tight ring of muscle, until it popped inside.
"Holy fucking shit" Bakugou groaned, resting his forehead against Kirishima's "You're so /tight/"

The blond rocked his hips shallowly, twisting his fist right in the sheets as he fucked Kirishima with just the tip. Kiri writhed underneath him, his fingers digging into Bakugou's
Hips as he tried to pull him closer.

"If you're going to fuck me than /fuck me/" Kiri hissed, dragging his hardened fingers over Bakugou's skin.

"I wanna take my time with you." He whispered into kiri's ear, nipping his earlobe "I haven't seen you in so. Long."
Bakugou punctuated his last two words by thrusting a little deeper, just inch or so.

Kirishima clenched around him, trying to pull him deeper. The teasing was making the red head needy and desperate. The stimulation felt good, but the pace was so slow that he wouldn't finish.
"Bakugou" he whimpered as the blond sucked bruises into his neck "/fuck/ please"

Bakugou moaned against his skin and sunk in deeper, brushing past his prostate and sending pleasure radiating through him.

"Fuck you got tighter" Bakugou gasped, stilling his hips.
"More, Bakugou! Please" Kiri cried

Bakugou cursed loudly and slammed his hips forwards, skin slapping against skin as he finally bottomed out. They moaned in unison, Bakugou tried to stop moving against, but Kiri manhandled the blond's hips until Bakugou set a pace.
"You feel so good, so perfect" the blond panted, sweat dripping down his face.

Bakugou groaned and shifted, sitting back on his knees and lifting Kirishima legs to fuck him with hard, deep thrusts. The angle change has the hero hitting directly against his prostate.
"/Y E S/" Kirishima screamed, throwing his head back, his toes curling with pleasure "fuck don't stop!"
"Kirishima... Kirishima" Bakugou babbled, his hips going impossibly faster as his orgasm approached "/fuck/... Eijiro..."

Kirishima screwed his eyes shut and tried to tune him out, wrapping his hand around his neglected cock and pumping it in time with Bakugou's thrusts.
"Eijiro" Bakugou moaned again, bending down and kissing Kirishima on the mouth, their bodies pressed together made it hard for Kirishima to stroke himself, but he resisted the urge to shove him away.

"'M close" Kirishima groaned as Bakugou's rhythm faltered.
He was right on the edge, but Bakugou was throwing him off. The blond was kissing him and moaning his name, it was entirely too intimate.

Kirishima turned his head to the side, away from Bakugou's kisses and the blond moved to his ear, licking and biting. That was better.
Kiri sped his hand up as best be could until he felt an explosion of pleasure, his back arching off the bed, painting both of their stomachs white with his cum. Bakugou cursed as his ass clenched tightly around his length, sending him over the edge.

"Fuck, I love you" he moaned
Kirishima's eyes shot open in shock, he couldn't see Bakugou's face but he could feel him smiling against him as he rode out his orgasm. As soon as the blond's hips stopped Kiri pushed him away.


"Get. Out."


"Don't call me that! Get out!"
Bakugou looked hurt and confused for a split second before pulling on his signature glare.

"I can't do that"

"You have got to be /fucking/ kidding me! You're gonna arrest me because I don't love you back?"

"What? No! Eijiro-"


"I'm trying to say you can't stay here"
"Well that's fucking great" Kirishima sneered, ignoring the cum leaking from his hole as he got up.

"Kirishima let me help you. You can lay low at my place while I get you a lawyer. I said it before, you have a case!"

"I'm not going to jail for going against a broken system."
"You might not have to! Kirishima come on!"

"Do I even have a choice?" He spat as he hobbled to the bathroom "You'll just find me again if I leave, right?"

"You don't have a lot of options" Bakugou admitted, following close behind "but I think coming with me is your best one"
"Course you do"

"Kirishima please I'm really trying here. What can I do to make you trust me?"

Bakugou reached out to touch him but stopped when Kirishima shot him a threatening look.
"Nothing, unless you can bring my family back" Kirishima hissed "but not even the great Bakugou Katsuki can do that, huh?"

Bakugou sat on the bed as Kirishima packed, going through Red Riot file on his phone.

"What are you reading?" Kirishima grumbled

"The article about your family" Bakugou responded "it says they died during the terrorist attack 7 years ago. A guy with a black hole quirk+
Destroyed a whole train."

Kirishima didn't respond, his jaw clenched tight.

"Kirishima there wasn't anything any hero could have done. It was over in an instant..."

"'S not what happened." Kirishima spat, pulling his backpack on.


"I'm not repeating myself."
"How am I supposed to help you if you wont talk to me?"

Kirishima grabbed Bakugou's collar and jerked him inches from his face. "I going to make this fucking clear. I don't /want/ you're help. You are forcing it on me. You forced me into a position where I have /no choice/.
You don't get to ask about my family. You don't get to ask me about /anything/." He dropped Bakugou and the blond stumbled back "I'm ready to go."

"I don't have to do this for you, Kirishima, I'm breaking the law for you. I need to ask questions for your case."
"Then /don't/. I don't understand why you're doing this at all. If you think I'll love you back because of this you should just stop now. I will never love you."

"That's not why I'm doing this."

"Just shut up. I don't wanna hear you talk anymore."
Bakugou sighed and led Kirishima to his car. The red head sat in the back seat, arms crossed, and stared out the window.

"It's a 3 hour drive" Bakugou said.

Kirishima didn't respond.

"Look I gotta make sure I got the details of your case right. I'm going to just run through
What I know ok?"

Kirishima grunted.

"Ok... Uh. Your moms and sister died 7 years ago. You dropped out of school and weren't heard from for a year or so. The next time you were spotted you were living with an elderly couple, the Yamamoto's, when they passed 2 years later you
Dropped off the map again. Um... You first appeared as Red Riot a year later and were confronted by Uravity, the fight was short, you over powered her quickly but other than a couple of bruises you didn't really hurt her..."

"Can you hurry this up? Im not in the mood to go down
Memory lane with you, Ground Zero."

"Can I ask a question? Why'd you drop out of school? You could've taken a break and gone back."

Kirishima was quiet for a long time. Bakugou wasn't sure if he was going to answer.

"I... I wanted to go to UA." He said quietly
"It was the only school I wanted to go to... And I got in..."

Bakugou's eyes widened and he looked at Kirishima in the rearview mirror.

"My moms were so excited. We were on the train to go celebrate. At one of the stops a hero got on... He didn't look right.
His eyes were all blood shot and he was stumbling, muttering under his breath. I think he was drunk. My moms got nervous so they started pushing me and my sister towards the next car. He started shouting and then there's a blinding light... I woke up everything was just. Gone."
Kirishima was shaking now, tears silently rolling down his cheeks. Just thinking about that day reopened all his old wounds.

"I don't know why I was the only one left" he sobbed "I remember laying on the train tracks just staring at him. There weren't even bodies...
And he was shouting at me. I couldn't hear him over the ringing in his ears, but I could read his lips and he was just saying 'dont tell' and 'it was an accident'..."

Bakugou pulled over on the side of the road, trying to process what Kirishima was saying.
"I was questioned for /hours/, no one would tell me what was happening. No one cared. I remember sitting in the hospital and seeing it on the news. I didn't even realize they were talking about what happened until they said what train it was. It was just lies on top of lies...
They said that hero was the 'first responder' and praised him for being brave. He announced that he was retiring a week later and they celebrated his career while I sat alone in an empty house while the police debated on what to do with me as if I wasn't in the room...
How could I want to be a hero after that? How could I go to UA after /that/?"
Bakugou didn't know how to respond to that. He had remembered seeing it on the news when he was a teenager, the "terrorist attack" had shaken everyone. His mom wouldn't let him ride the train for months. There was a memorial on the side of the tracks where it happened and a
Statue of Flash Point, the first hero on the scene... The hero Kirishima claimed was actually responsible.

"You don't believe me." Kirishima said, his voice emotionless.

"I didn't say that, that's a lot to take in at once. I'm trying to process-"

"I can see it on your face"
"Kirishima I'm not saying I don't believe you it's just-"

"It's just /what/?"

"Flash Point's quirk doesn't work like that!"

"Don't you fucking say his name around me"

"He can make little flashes of light that it! He wasn't a big hero before that day, I don't see how-"
"Just say you don't believe me, Bakugou."

"I'm trying to figure out what happened!"

"I told you what happened."

"We're there any details you missed? Anything weird? Even something insignificant?"

Kirishima slouched down in his seat and crossed his arms.
"It was hot. My moms and my sister were between me and the guy... My mom was holding my head and that got burned and I had a bad sun burn afterwards."

"That doesn't make any sense"


"Ok fuck I'm sorry... I know it must be hard to talk about."
After a few moments of silence Bakugou pulled back onto the road and started driving. It was quiet for the next hour. Bakugou focused on the road and listen to the sound of Kirishima breathing. He wondered what would've happened if Kirishima's family hadn't died.
"Bakugou?" The red head said suddenly.


"I thought of something you could do for me to make me trust you."

Bakugou perked up "sure, anything."

"I want you to help me kill Flash Point."

"Hey nii-chan!" Kirishima looked down at his little sister as she tugged on his sleeve "it's that hero! Look he rides the train like us!"

She was smiling brightly, some teeth sharp, some normal. She had just lost another tooth.
Her short black hair framed her chubby little face as she pointed to a tall man who had just boarded the train. Uncomfortable murmurs filled the space as the doors clothes and the train began to move again.

"What's wrong with him?"

"Is he drunk?"

"Heroes these days..."
"Let's go kids" his mom had said, her big red eyes filled with worry as she urged them to move. The train wasn't particularly crowded, but it was still hard to move.

"You're a disgrace. You call yourself a hero Mr. flashy lights"

"/Don't touch me/" the voice was strained.
Kirishima stopped and looked over his shoulder, hand tightening around his mother's. Flash Point sounded like he was in pain. His face was red, veins popping out, eyes bloodshot... There was spit flying out of his mouth as he talked.

"What're you gonna do, blind me?"

"So weak"
"I am /not/ weak. I'll show you!"

White light. Burning. A scream.


Kirishima woke with a start, his heart racing and breathing ragged. His cheeks were wet with tears. Bakugou had a tight grip on his shoulders, he looked concerned.

"Kirishima are you ok?"
"'M fine" he grunted, pushing Bakugou away and wiping the wetness from his cheeks.

"We're here."

Kirishima grunted and got out of Bakugou's car, his muscles stiff from sleeping in a weird position. He frowned as he looked up at the three story house in front of him.
"What the fuck is this? Where's your apartment?"

"I -uh- that was just temporary housing..."

"I really do hate you. You know how many people could live here?"

"Kirishima you can't be outside too long. People might see you."

Kirishima followed Bakugou into the house, glaring at every little detail. The walls were covered in priceless paintings and all might collectables. All the appliances were new, empty bedrooms fully furnished. There was a huge personal gym and a sparing area designed to handle
Bakugou's quirk. There was even a pool put back.

"'I don't pay myself that much'" Kirishima muttered "this is ridiculous..."

"I /don't/ compared to most heroes"

Bakugou led Kirishima to a room as big as his old apartment. It had been decorated with crimson riot memorabilia,
Closet full of neutral clothes in Kirishima's size, bathroom stocked with hair gel.

"You're a creep. What you gonna keep me like a pet?"

"I wanted you to be comfortable."

Kirishima picked up a old crimson riot book he had had as a kid "You're not good with people are you?"
"I thought you would like this stuff, you told me about it when we were dating"

"We weren't dating, what we had didn't fucking count"


"Leave me alone."

"Aren't you hungry?"

"'M not" Kirishima lied

"I'll bring you something. You're tired, just try to relax."
Kirishima grumbled and flopped into the bed. He sunk into the soft mattress and cursed, he has to admit this was the nicest bed ever.

He woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. Kirishima struggled to get up, the bed was /too/ soft. He ripped the sleeves off of a red shirt and
Changed quickly before heading downstairs, almost getting lost in the huge house.

Bakugou was in the kitchen, only in a pair of sweats. There was a skillet full of bacon and another with pancakes.

"Sleep well?"

"Yeah" Kiri admitted, plopping down at the table "bed's nice."
Bakugou turned away from Kirishima to hide the smirk that tugged at the edges of his mouth.

"I have patrol so I have to leave soon..." Bakugou said, setting a plate full of food in from of Kiri "try to stay away from the windows... I have a privacy gate but the paparazzi is
Relentless... The courtyard is safe if you want some fresh air. If you feel up to it you should make a written statement with as much detail as possible."

Kirishima didn't respond, his mouth full of food. Bakugou shifted uncomfortably before continuing.
"If you need me the phones automatically connect to my personal line... And I-"

"How do you know I'm not gonna just steal all this stuff and leave?" Kirishima grunted "with this stuff I could be set for life you know."

"There are cameras..."

"Sure but that's not stopping me"
"Kirishima... I'm risking everything to try to save your ass, please work with me here. You're not a bad guy."


"I'll be back around 8."

"I'll be here."

"Thank you..."

Bakugou reached out like he was going to touch him, but thought against it.

"See you later"

Bakugou had been having a rough few weeks to say the least, he was spending hours building Kiri case on top of his normal hero duties and on top of that he had to deal with Kiri's passive aggressive behavior when he went home. Bakugou was /really/ trying to be patient,
His therapist told him that it would take someone who experienced so much trauma to open up, especially after years of dealing with it alone. She had offered to come to Bakugou's house to do private therapy sessions with Kirishima, completely confidential, but the blond
Hadn't gotten around to asking if that's something Kirishima would even want.

And then there was Flash Point... Bakugou was certain that his quirk wasnt capable of causing physical harm. The retired hero didn't have a clean record. He has a history of violent out bursts and
Public drunkenness. Bakugou isn't sure how Flash Point had managed to get a provisional license in the first place.

He would have to find a way to ask Kirishima more about it, maybe there was another quirk user on the train. Something wasn't right though.
Bakugou met with a team of lawyers before heading home. Right now they guessed the lightest sentence Kirishima would get was 5 to 10 years... Bakugou was stressed about it. They couldn't work around the fact that Kirishima had stolen large sums of money, even if it had been from
Corrupt corporations. And he had used his quirk in public without a licence... Against heroes... Bakugou sighed before stepping out of his car and walking to his door. He knew he could get personal statements from the heroes Kirishima fought, no one thought Red riot had been
A legitimate threat. Everyone joked and made light of the fights they had with him, that's what caught Bakugou's attention in the first place.

"He's a villain, Deku, and you let him get away"

"I know kaachan, but it... It didn't feel like I was fighting a villain. It was off"
"What the hell are you on about?"

"I don't know, you'd have to fight him. I didn't feel like I was really in danger and I didn't have to protect anyone. Property damage was minimal, he made jokes... I think he's a good guy..."

Bakugou shook his head, he didn't wanna think
About Deku right now. He had to spend the day with the shitty nerd tomorrow.

"Oi, Kirishima I'm back!" Bakugou called, dropping his bag on the floor and heading to the kitchen.

The light was one and loud dance music was playing. The room smelled like freshly baked sweets.
And in the middle of the kitchen, laying on the island with his hand propped up on his hand was Kirishima, naked except for an apron covered in powered sugar. Bakugou choked on his spit.

"Hello Katsuki~" Kirishima slurred, taking a drink from a nearly empty bottle of vodka.
Bakugou was struggling to pick his jaw off the floor.

"Kirishima wha-"

"I'm /bored/ Katsuki~ it's been a month! You want me to be a housewife so I'm playing along" Kirishima whined, swirling the bottle with his hand to check how much was left.

"I-i never said I wanted that"
Bakugou sputtered "where did you even get that?" That bottle had been full that morning

"Went through your shit~" Kirishima smirked and hopped off the island, stumbling a little on the landing "what else am I supposed to do all day?"

"Work on your /case/"
Bakugou was trying to look anywhere but Kirishima, it was very difficult.

"You look sexy in your hero clothes" he purred

"Come on, Kirishima, this isn't fair..."
"I'm horny and bored. You seemed stressed, this'll be good for us" Kirishima continued, he was close to Bakugou now, his bulge obvious under the thin, frilly apron his was wearing.

"No this will /not/ be good for us" Bakugou groaned, looking past Kiri "this isn't healthy"
"Whatever" Kirishima said in a sing song voice "I'll be on your bed"

The red head grabbed Bakugou's crotch as he walked past. Bakugou cursed loudly, turning against his better judgement to watch Kirishima's bare ass as he sauntered towards the bedroom.

Bakugou cursed again.
Grabbing the bottle Kirishima had left behind and drinking the rest. It burned and made his head feel fuzzy.

"This is stupid" Bakugou grumbled, slumping down at the table to take his boots off "he can't just do shit like this..."


Quick 👀 Bakugou will
Bakugou put his hands on his head and ran his fingers through his hair.

"/fuck/" he repeated, standing up and heading towards the bedroom. He could hear Kirishima's exaggerated moaned coming from his room.

"Kirishima I'm... I'm not coming in." Bakugou called, closing the door
"I have feeling for you, but you don't for me so I can't. I'm gonna be outside if you need me... /actually/ need me..." Bakugou walked away without waiting for a reply, his self control was barely holding on. He knew if Kirishima started begging he wouldn't be able to leave.
Bakugou went outside to the pool, taking everything off except his boxers and sinking into the cool water. He relaxed in the deep end, hooking his arms over the edge to keep himself afloat. It was peaceful.

After about ten minutes Bakugou heard quiet footsteps approach.
Bakugou frowned, but opted to ignore kirishima. Maybe if he didn't pay any attention to him the red head would go sleep it off.

A hand brushed over Bakugou's shoulder lightly and suddenly his body felt cold... Ice cold. He tried to turn his head but his body was stuck.
"Ground Zero you've been snooping into things that are none of your business." A high pitched voice whispered into Bakugou's ear.

That definitely wasn't Kirishima.

"Who...?" Bakugou said through his locked jaw, he couldn't even move his eyes to see the woman.
"It's a shame people really like you. Your ratings are good... I wonder how people will react when one of the top heroes drowns in his own pool. It'll be sad..."

Bakugou felt a soft hand push his elbow off the bed and his head slipped below the surface.

Kirishima hand three fingers knuckle deep when he heard the door shut with a click. He groaned and pulled them out. Guess that fucker wasn't lying when he said he loved him. Kirishima didn't know how to feel about that.

He pulled the stupid little apron off and pulled on some
Sweat pants... Maybe Kirishima should apologize, he had been pretty difficult. And pretending to be drunk to get Bakugou to take advantage of him wasn't exactly a nice thing to do... Fuck he should apologize.

Kirishima left the room and headed toward the back door.
He froze, scowling as he looked at the back of a woman crouching by Bakugou. She looked weirdly familiar and not in a good way...

Kirishima watched as she nudged Bakugou into the water and he... He wasn't coming back up. Why wasn't he coming back up?
Kirishima threw the door open, sprinting the short distance between him and the woman and slammed into her, his hardened shoulder connected with the small of her back sending them both in to the pool. Kirishima opened his eyes, chlorine stinking as he searched through the bubbles
Until he spotted Bakugou, arms up awkwardly as if he were still leaning in the edge of the pool. Kirishima swam to him, wrapping his arms tightly around his waist and brought him to the surface.

Bakugou wasn't moving, but Kiri needed to find the woman.
He propped Bakugou against the side of the pool again right as she resurfaced, gasping and choking. Kiri was on her in seconds, grabbing her arms in an iron grip.

"If you freeze me you'll drown" he growled, pulling her to the deep end.

She snarled at Kiri as he twisted her
Arms behind her back.

"Ground Zero lives alone. Who the hell are you?" She spat, struggling helplessly against him

"On you didn't hear? Bakugou got a guard dog. Now talk bitch."

It took 10 minutes for Bakugou to be able to fully move again. Kirishima had moved out of the pool, holding the woman's wrists tightly in his hands. She wouldn't talk anymore, but Kirishima wasn't going to push.

Bakugou restrained her and took her to the police station.
Kirishima waited for Bakugou come back, changing dry clothes and cleaning the mess he made in kitchen. By the time Bakugou came back it was almost midnight.

"Kirishima... I thought you would be in bed..." Bakugou said when he walked in

"You ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Just stiff"
Kirishima hummed, keeping his head low. "It's my fault she attacked you right?"

"What no? Why would it-"

"You could've died and it was my fault"

"Kirishima it's not your fault. People try to kill me all the time, it's comes with the job"

"If anything you saved me... So thank you..."

Kirishima stood up, crossing the room in three large strides and wrapped his arms around Bakugou.

"I don't hate you. I don't... I'm sorry"

"It's ok"

Kirishima pulled back, his red eyes filled with tears "I don't hate you"

The red head cupped Bakugou's face and pulled his forward, pressing his lips against his gently. When Bakugou didn't pull back Kiri kisses him harder, licking the seam of his lips asking for entry.

"Kirishima... I don't want to do this unless you're serious"
"Bakugou... /fuck/" Kirishima pulled him back into a hug, burying his face in his fluffy blond hair "I thought she killed you and I panicked... I kept telling myself that you're just another hero, that I didn't care about you but I was wrong... I care about you so much it hurts"
Kirishima gripped Bakugou tighter, tears spilling over and wetting his hair.


"All these years I've been alone. I had people but they weren't my friends, not really. But you..." Bakugou grunted as Kirishima held him impossibly closer, as if the blond would disappear
If he let him go "You care about me. You do so much for me and I don't understand /why/. After all I've done..."

"Everything you've done is what made me love you" Bakugou whispered "You're a good person."

Kirishima choked on a sob and Bakugou rubbed circles against his back.
Eventually Bakugou pulled away and walked to his bedroom, Kirishima followed close behind. The blond didn't say anything when he crawled into bed with him, pressing his chest flush with his back.

They were silent for a long time. Bakugou thought Kirishima fell asleep until he
Felt something swelling behind him.

Bakugou snorted "Really?"

"Shut up" Kirishima mumbled into his ear with a roll of his hips "You try to stay soft with the world's most perfect ass rubbing against you"

Bakugou wriggled around until t get were chest to chest.
Kirishima still smelled like chlorine.

"Just fucking kiss me you idiot" he growled and slammed their lips together, his half hard cock brushing Kirishima erection.

The kiss was needy and desperate, both men moaning unashamed as their tongues slid against each other.
Clothes were torn to shreds and discarded like nothing, Bakugou's quirk was going off so much that Kiri was forced to harden his entire back and arms. Kirishima rolled on top, placing himself between Bakugou's legs half crushing the smaller man under his weight.
"Katsuki" he gasped, sinking his teeth into the other man's shoulder, stopping just short of breaking skin.

"Oh /fuck/" Bakugou grabbed a fist full of red hair and pulled him closer.

Kirishima had bitten him before but he has been wearing those dumb false teeth.
"Bite me harder!" He yelled as Kirishima pulled back as licked the bruise he left behind.

The red head moved lower, squeezing Bakugou's pecs in his hardened hands before biting into the muscle.

"Harder!" Bakugou said again, this time he voice came out as a whimper that went
Straight to Kirishima cock.

With a groan he bit down until he could taste blood in his mouth. Bakugou moaned and writhed beneath him, explosion going off like a fireworks display. Kirishima moved lower, kissing biting and licking. Running his hardened fingers over pale skin.
"Your moans are so sexy Katsuki" Kirishima panted, licking the blood away from a fresh bite mark on Bakugou's hip "I wanna hear more"
"Eijiro!" Bakugou gasped as Kirishima gripped his legs and pressed them firmly against his chest, bending him in half. "Hey what are you-"

Kirishima cut him off by licking a stripe over his hole. Bakugou moaned, arching his back as Kiri attacked him with his tongue.
Bakugou pressed the back of his hand to his mouth to muffle the lewd noises spilling from him as Kirishima vigorously ate him out.

"Nuh uh" Kirishima growled, letting Bakugou's legs fall onto his shoulders so he could snatch the blond's hand away from his face "wanna hear you"
"Eijiro~" Bakugou whimpered as Kiripressed his tongue inside "I've never... Oh /fuck/"

Kiri groaned, thrusting his tongue as far as it would go past the tight ring of muscle. Bakugou's neglected cock leaked pre onto his stomach as he gyrated his hips against kiri's face
Bakugou pulled his hand free from Kirishima's, fisting the sheet and burning holes into them. His moans spurred Kirishima on, moving his tongue faster as drool pooled beneath him. The red head grabbed Bakugou's throbbing length in his hand and timed it with his tongue.
Bakugou clenched around him and came, painting his stomach white as Kirishima stroked him through it.

"Holy shit" Bakugou gasped, trying to catch his breath "that was... Wow"

"Right? I'm damn good" Kirishima grinned, licking the cum off of Bakugou's stomach.

Kirishima grinned as he crawled up to Bakugou's face, pressing their lips together before shoving his tongue deep into the blond's mouth. Bakugou grimaced at the taste of his own cum as their tongues swirled together and Kirishima straddled his hips.

"What're doing?"
"I wanna ride you" Kirishima whispered against his lips "is that ok?"

"Y-yeah I just thought..."

"You can bottom if you want to"

"No!" Bakugou said too quickly "Uh no it's fine"

Kirishima snorted at his reaction "it's manly to bottom, bro"

"Don't call me bro"
Kirishima laughed again as he grabbed Bakugou's cock, stroking him back to life and lining him.

"Wait don't you need to get ready?" Bakugou asked, holding onto Kirishima's hips.

"I got ready earlier when I was waiting for you" he said, biting his lip as he sunk down
Bakugou moaned, rolling his hip up into Kirishima tight heat.

"Oh fuck" Kiri groaned as Bakugou bottomed out, it burned in a way that made his toes curl "You feel so good"
"/Eijiro/" Bakugou gasped, holding Kirishima in a vise like grip and fucking up into him.

Kiri threw his head back and held onto Bakugou's hands, his mouth open in a silent scream.

"'M not gonna last long" the red head admitted shakily "I've been edging myself all day"
"Good." Bakugou said through gritted teeth, sweat dripping down his forehead as he sped up "cum so I can cuddle the fuck out of you"

Kirishima would've laughed if he didn't have a cock slamming against his prostate. "Fuck /Katsuki/"
The blond let go of his hips and wrapped his finger around the other man's length, pumping him in time with his thrusts.

"I love you Eijiro" Bakugou whispered as Kiri came, the red head's loud moan covering his words as he spilled onto his stomach.
Kirishima took a moment to catch his breath before rolling off, his body relaxed into the soft mattress.

Bakugou got up and cleaned himself off. By the time he crawled back into the bed, Kirishima was already asleep. The blond wrapped his arms around him and pressed his face
Against his back.

He couldn't sleep, thoughts were bouncing around his mind like crazy. Bakugou couldn't risk leaving Kirishima at his home alone anymore. He founded the person who tried to kill him would give up after one failed attempt.

"'M gonna protect you" he mumbled

"Wake up Eijiro, we have somewhere to be."

Kirishima groaned and pulled Bakugou closer, pressing his face into the small of his back.

"5 more minutes"

"No. Now."
Bakugou had to pry the red head off of him before standing. His body still felt stiff from that woman's quirk.

"What are we doing?"

"We gotta meet up with shitty Deku, try to get things sorted out for you."

"Can't he come here?"

"Shouldn't I stay here?"


"No. You're coming. I don't want you alone after some one tried to murder me."
Kirishima rubbed his face and rolled out of bed, reaching around Bakugou to steal clothes from his closet.

"I need to go under cover then." He said in an exaggerated 'serious' voice, finding a pair of sunglasses to put on his face.

"This is serious, Eijiro"
"I am being serious." Pulling the glasses off dramatically "super serious"
Bakugou rolled his eyes and grabbed his phone. He has five missed calls from Deku. Instead of listening to the messages he left the room and called him back.


"Kaachan! Fuck, thank god. Are you ok?"
"I'm fucking fine" Bakugou grumbled as he started making coffee

"I went to interrogate that woman this morning, but they had released her"

He froze "they /what/?"

"They let her go, said she made bail-"

"That woman tried to /murder/ me. She shouldn't be eligible for bail"
"Look there's nothing I could do-"

"Did they explain why?!"

"No but-"

"Who picked her up?!"

"I don't know!"

"You didn't asked?!"

Bakugou pinched the bridge of his nose and waited for Midoriya to start mumbling some sort of explanation but all he got was an exasperated sigh.
"Either way I don't think it's safe for you to leave. I'm coming now. Is Riot with you?"

The blond's scowl deepened "where the fuck else would he be?"

"Right right, I'll be right there. By-"

"Wait, Deku. Have you spoken to Shouto lately?"

"Sho- ha what?"
Bakugou heard some rustling.

"I haven't spoken to him since he moved to America. What have you?"


A nervous laugh "ok then... Why'd you ask?"

"What I can't ask about half-in-half?"
"I mean yeah but it's not like you to-"

"You coming over or not shittt Deku?"

"I'm coming. 10 minutes"

"Good. Hurry up."
Bakugou cursed as soon as he hung up and quickly dialed a different number. It answered after a single ring.

"Bakugou." A tired, monotone voice answered.

"Something happened. leaving now, one extra person. Be ready"


"Yeah him. Don't say names over the phone!"
The blond hung up and then blew up his phone.

Kirishima skidded around the corner, clothes half on and one eye a golden brown color from his colored contacts.

"What happened? Is someone here?"

"We have to leave. /now/. I'll explain in the car."

"My disguise-"
"Not important right now." He turned off his coffee maker and rushed to his room, Kirishima followed close behind.

"I'm confused-"

"I said I'd explain in the car!" Bakugou snapped, reaching into the depths of his closet and pulling out a small brick phone.
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