The Storm is here!
✨The Great Awakening is upon us.

In the coming weeks and months, the world will learn about many of the crimes that we've all spent years studying, conceptualizing and coming to terms with in our minds.
Those who are 'only now' going to learn of these crimes, will not have years to digest this information, like we've had.

This will be a difficult and scary time for many, and will cause confusion and unstable realities.
I've spent hours pondering different scenarios in my mind, on how POTUS and the QTeam will announce this to the world.

It almost seems impossible to strategize a scenario in which this pill will be "easy" to swallow for the masses.
Q has told us this will be "biblical" and the evidence will be "impossible to defend or ignore", so we know the public rollout will be HUGE.

"The shot heard around the world. The Great Awakening. A week to remember"
When this happens, those that will be suddenly woke will feel gaslit, angry, upset, frustrated and have extreme cognitive dissonance.

We have to keep in mind, these people have been fully manipulated by the MSM narrative.
Many of them, may have never had "free thought" of their own; as they frequently will regurgitate media talking points, as if it's their own opinion.

They've had no opinion of their own, outside of what someone else has told them to think/feel/believe.
Until now, the media has been used as a weapon against us. When this evidence is shown to the world, many will feel like they have been gaslighted. And they have.
For the first time for many, they will be forced to think on their own, without the subliminal messaging and forced perceptions of the mainstream media.
What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group, covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment.
We witnessed this gaslighting first hand by the hundreds of media articles attacking the Q community as a "cult".

It manipulated the public and made them 'believe' a reality that is unequivocally false.
Gaslighting is actually a form of Narcissistic Abuse.

Those who have been abused in this way, can be severely traumatized; many whom can even develop PTSD or C-PTSD from the abuse.
Many people who have been gaslighted, actually have no idea it is happening, as it subvertly forms a believed "reality", that simply does not exist.
At times, even with overwhelming evidence of the 'actual' reality, their limited beliefs and abused psychological mind will not 'allow' themselves to believe they have been abused, or that their believed reality is false.
The cognitive dissonance is far too much for their fragile, abused mind to handle, and often will cause complete mental instability or even full breakdown.
What is cognitive dissonance?

Cognitive dissonance occurs when a person holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values, and experiences psychological stress because of that.
This will cause many to lash out in anger, frustration, and even into a state of shock, as they begin to try to justify the 'old' reality against the new proposed 'reality'.
This happens in the autonomic nervous system within a millisecond.

The autonomic nervous system functions to regulate the body's unconscious actions.
We have two nervous systems in our body: parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.

Parasympathetic: rest, relax, digest
Sympathetic: fear, fight, flight, freeze
Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the media has propagandized this into a full out fear event.

This has put the bulk of the population into a sympathetic nervous system response: fear, fight, flight, freeze
When the body is in a sympathetic nervous system response, the 'logical thinking' brain is shutoff and the 'reptilian' brain is activated fully; even without the person being aware of it. The reptilian brain is our "survival mode".
As we have watched this unfold, there's been certain things that have stuck out to me, and I just haven't been able to take my mind off of them.
First, we have witnessed over the past weeks, that not only has a cure/medication been found for the coronavirus, but that people all around the world are recovering at a rapid rate with these drugs.
We've also witnessed that only a very "low" percentage of cases have required hospitalization, or at the worst, a ventilator.
So, why has every hospital in the world been placed under "emergency prep"?

Why the need for so many medical supplies that POTUS is calling for? Disinfo is necessary, but this seems different.
Over a year ago, I wrote an article on the Diffusion of Innovations theory, where I showed how information spreads through society.

You can read that here:
Within that article, I showed that the DOI theory stated that 4-6% of the population, the "Laggards", would never wake up; even when shown undeniable evidence.
In the early days of Q, we were told "estimated 4-6% were considered hopeless and forever brianwashed", which falls in line completely with the DOI theory.
Q has also told us "4-6% lost forever", and I always took that to mean as stated above, that they will never wake up.
Now, after witnessing events unfold, I believe there is a duplicate meaning to this that we must be prepared for.
The world is already in a state of "survival", and is responding with a sympathetic nervous system response. This is extremely hard physiologically, and physically on the body.
When this is released to the world, I believe many people will have a major health crisis when they realize the truth of what has been happening.

Many will mentally and physically break. This will overwhelm our hospitals with thousands of medical emergencies.
This is likely why we have seen such preparedness, despite having no evidence of it being necessary in terms of the virus. This is MUCH bigger than a virus.

"4-6% will be lost forever" = Pass away 😓
Yesterday, POTUS stated: "The peak of this virus' death rate is likely to hit in two weeks. We MUST stay the course and keep following the guidelines. Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won."
2 wks - April 12th: Easter
Although we know that some of the evil elite that have committed these heinous crimes will be put to death, or suicide themselves; this goes well beyond just [them]. We are likely to lose innocent lives as well.
Q has told us in the past, the "truth will put 99% of people in the hospital".

Which is why some things will remain classified to the end, because if the full truth were revealed, most would think it was outrageous and revolt, reject, riot, etc. It must be controlled.
Many people have spent the past few years being VERY vocal of their hate for Trump, and calling these truths a "conspiracy". Many of these people will not be able to handle the fact of how wrong they were.
Others are about to learn that their "favourite celebrity" or "politician", etc. has committed heinous crimes against humanity.

Many will become severely sick over this, or worse; and we must keep in mind, they won't have the time we've had to digest this.
While we know "ignorance is a choice", and "we're in the age of information", this goes beyond people just 'choosing' not to research on their own.

We're dealing with a PsyOp here of mass proportions that dates back decades.
What is a PsyOp?
An operation to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

Q has spoke about this a few times:
So while we may be excited, overjoyed and hopeful for the future knowing the Storm has finally arrived; we all need to be mindful going forward of how many people will not be feeling this way.

We don't want to pour salt in their wounds. This will be difficult enough on them.
This isn't to say we shouldn't feel vindicated to those who called us the 'tin hat brigade', but let's be mindful when this happens that we don't gloat or shame those who didn't see through the fog of illusions, like we all did.
There will be millions from across the world that will now look to us for answers and explanations. They will search and find OUR research over the past few years to learn from. This will be helpful for them, but there's more we can do.
It's important now, more than ever, to stand up like the true Patriots we are, and welcome those that are just waking. We can help them walk through the sea of information with patience and compassion, if they choose to.
We are a united front of Patriotism! The world is moving with us, but many have yet to jump on board. But soon, they will.

"Sometimes you don't know what you've been missing, until you find it".
We have so much compassion, empathy and resourcefulness in this community, it's now time that we are the calm, stability and strength for our friends and families in the coming weeks.

When do birds sing? After a storm!
Let the newcomers ask questions, without forcing topics upon them. They will need time in between to digest, before moving forward. If they are rejecting, show them compassion and give them space from the discussion.
When this rollout happens, Q has told us the evidence will be undeniable. It's likely the finale the QTeam has planned will answer many of the questions the public has, along with some huge BOOMS.

We can be a source of strength through it.
We are likely to lose many through this that won't be able to handle it. We won't save everyone. But we can be the calm, well informed voice that creates a light for those around us. We can help guide those who are lost are scared. We are the frame and the support! 🙏🏻
Gradually, over time, the shock of the situation will dissolve and people will begin to have clarity and understanding of what has occurred. But this period will last months, likely into June/July. It will be gradual.
POTUS said it perfectly "no darkness can overshadow the eternal light" ✨
The energy is intense right now. Everyone across the world is feeling the shift happening. Even if they don't know why or what, they feel "something" coming. Dark to Light ✨
This isn't a time to feel anxious or fearful. We are walking into a new world that nobody would've ever thought possible; and it will happen FAST.

Change is difficult, yes, but the benefits and rewards for humanity that will come from this will be astronomical!
Stay together and stay strong! Let your voices be heard! We are the "calm during the storm". Be prepared for anything, and enjoy the show! 🍿

"Last posts (self destruction) will immediately show the world the truth. Coming soon to a theatre near you"
Thank you President Trump and the QTeam for having the courage to stand up for humanity. We the PEOPLE are with you! WORLDWIDE! #InItTogether #WWG1WGA
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