@DavidOldfield13 you are weak http://minded.you  live in trump http://reality.you  are just like trump you dont like http://truth.you  believe in alternative facts (lies ) and http://conspiracy.you  follow up trump bullshit.
That picture trump painted for america has come back to bite him in the ass.trump wanted this country to become racist and hatred.only a fool would follow a fool.trump sold america shit on a stick.america beought http://it.now  it smells bad.
Just because trump is a white man dont mean hes right.GOD said he made the races and it was good.if its good for GOD it should be good for you and http://trump.you  cant walk with GOD holding the devil hands.trump is a known crazy racist liar.
Trump has shitted on america.trump used the constitution as toilet paper.trump used racist hatred to gain a political win.trump is dividing america.he con her with maga while trying to turn her into white nationalist america.trump has left a shit stain on america.
GOD bless america to be a blessing to other countries.trump comes along with that racist hatred maga america me first bullshit causing america to lose her blessing from GOD.america used to say in GOD we trust and one nation under GOD .but now its maga.follow GOD not man (trump).
You think its ok trump told 17,000 http://lies.you  think it ok trump destroying america http://democracy.you  think its ok trump abuse his powers and broke his http://oath.you  think its ok trump is http://compromised.you  think its ok trump drop the ball on viru
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