I’m shaking I’m so fucking mad! This makes 38 tons of medical equipment & supplies that Trump & Franklin Graham shipped out of the country! We have a shortage! Christ! #COVID19 #Coronavirustruth #Trump #PPEshortage #CoronavirusUSA #COVID #StayHome #PPE
And there’s this from the Wall Street Journal six days ago when China started shipping supplies to other countries https://www.wsj.com/video/how-china-is-using-soft-power-to-rewrite-the-coronavirus-narrative/98F60DF4-ED31-41EE-A447-BE17D1583025.html
People are catching on. Everything I was talking about in this thread… they’re now making Memes about. Please call your Senators or reps & tell them #HealthCareWorkers need #PPENow & tell trump to stop letting private comp. ship #PPE overseas.
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