If you need psychiatric services & are in PJ, head to UMSC.

- Rates are different from UMMC
- I know hospital visits can be stressful even during the best of times. You ARE important, but bear in mind, our healthcare infra is stretched thin.

👇🏾 https://twitter.com/DrAmerSiddiqPsy/status/1244530888907472898?s=20
And for those near UKM..

👇🏾 https://twitter.com/Tutiiryani1/status/1244538027730337792?s=20
Some options for those who need continuity of medication.

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If your hospital has redirected you to another facility for psychiatric services, bring your appointment card/referral letter (and maybe get approval from your nearest balai polis) in case you have to travel thru any police MCO checkpoints.
More options for renewal of meds.

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If you have stopped treatment (for any reason) & you are relapsing or having a recurrence of symptoms, you can go back to your original hospital. Call ahead to check where you should go & bring whatever documents you have (appointment card etc). https://twitter.com/yoongkhean/status/1244585589933924352?s=20
This is a list of public hospitals with psychiatric services in Malaysia compiled by @relatemalaysia

Remember, availability of services may be compromised during the RMO. Please call ahead. https://relate.com.my/public-hospitals/
If you are an existing patient of these hospitals, avoid going as they are Covid-19 admitting & screening hospitals. They have scaled down their clinics & services to handle Covid-19 cases. If you have a prescription to be picked up, call them. They may be trying to contact you.
Kepong | Private Clinic
Dr Seed Specialist Clinic is open as usual. Psychiatrist & Clinical Psychologist available.

Tel: 03-6179 3837 | 012-8012 115
For existing UMMC/PPUM patients.

👇🏾 https://twitter.com/JohanAJuhari/status/1245321969039339521?s=20
If you have an existing prescription that needs to be renewed, do not panic. Your hospital is probably trying to contact you. Call them and ask to speak to your psych clinic. https://twitter.com/DrAmerSiddiqPsy/status/1245696026746343424?s=20
Good news, MOH will absorb UMP costs for the next 3 months. You may or may no be able to use this, since psychotropics aren't allowed to be sent through the mail. Call your pharmacy or clinic to check.

Thanks @DGHisham https://twitter.com/NST_Online/status/1247428634995875840?s=20
WeCare Allied Health Center.

FYI - this isn't an endorsement of quality of services.

Teleconsultation options. Your mileage may vary depending on your prescription. Psychotropics cannot be sent through the mail. https://twitter.com/ramzdhanmasdar/status/1248848853484199937?s=20
The Red Clinic is Jaya Open is operating. Contactable via WhatsApp - 010-873 0175

FYI - not an endorsement of quality of services.
If you're looking for psychotherapy options 👇🏾

"For folks who have access to Skype or Zoom, I have two trainee clinical psychologists doing online sessions for RM30. Email [email protected] to make an appointment."

From a clinical psychologist friend, via WhatsApp.
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