Buckle up fam, Pepe Thread time.
1. I'm going to be candid, I don't know just how lethal the coronavirus is going to wind up being. I've given both sides RT's, bit it appears that it's extremely deadly or it's an elevated flu season. It's a pick your fighter moment.
2. After hearing both arguments, the truth probably lied in the middle. The Chinese, by lack of their transparency, missed valuable time at enlisting the entire world community and resources to combating this before it got out of hand.
3. Because of this missed time, we're going to be playing catch-up, and we've done a good a great job. The discovery of the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and zinc should be good news in combating this until a vaccine can get rolled out.
4. Of course, having idiots in Nevada who ban the use is a problem, as is @NYGovCuomo limit it's use to state trials. This is not standard medicine right now. This is combat medicine, which means that the docs make the calls on the ground, and their bosses get out of the way.
5. Now, we've got to discuss the economy and how to break out of the economic mess this is creating, as like it or not, there's talk this will come back in the fall, and if we don't get our economic act together, and another quarantine is needed, our supply chain is shot.
6. There's no doubting that what Nancy Pelosi did with the relief bill makes her a sadistic bitch. That said, we've got to get relief to those living paycheck to paycheck, which is most of the country since our elites spent 30 years shipping our manufacturing to China.
7. Immediately, @realDonaldTrump has to order banks & student loans to suspend payments for 60 days. Not payment due for both months after 60 days, but readjusting the pay schedule.
8. Now, this is the hard part for everyone to swallow. By May 1, we'll have to reopen the economy, one way or the other. China, who perpetrated this upon the world, poached our pharmaceutical manufacturing. If we want that sector back for the fall version, we got to reopen.
9. We're going to have to begin by mandating all hospitals purchase made in America supplies. If the pharmacutical companies want patent protections for their medicine, then it has to be manufactured here.
10. Doing this requires time to build and retrofit factories, hire and train workforces, all before a potential fall wave, of either this or SARS or MERS or whatever the hell the Chinese Bat eaters will unleash upon the world next.
11. Now, we're going to have to deal with China harshly. This is going to be catastrophic to our country, but we need to not just repatriate our pharmaceutical sector, but as many sectors as possible, revamp trading rules, and recoup treasury losses.
12. We can recoup both. First, we need to issue a 90-day warning to all American companies doing business in China that they should cease their Chinese operations.
13. At the end of the 90 days, we should immediately announce that the US is no longer honoring the $1.1 trillion of debt the Chinese hold, and we're taking that as compensatory damages.
14. Furthermore, we should identify and seize all Chinese holdings in the United States. Sorry Hunter Biden, but your $1.5 billion is going to become property of the Treasury Department.
15. Our borders will need to be dealt with swiftly and firmly. No DACA. If you're here illegally, you have to go back. The bottom line is that in a time of crisis we had to provide health care for an extra 30 million, very few of whom can even get licensed in medicine.
16. On the subject of borders, birthright citizenship must be immediately stopped. Birthright tourism is a thing for Chinese, don't know why or what the Chinese government is up to, but whatever their rationale, it's clearly not in our interests.
17. While many would demand more cheap laborers, cheap labor is what is holding our economy from a true revolution. Companies continue to seek the cheapest slave labor they can find, but automation is on the way.
18. Automation is going to permit the massive repatriation of American industry with a smaller workforce. Simply put, we don't need to import the problems of the third world any longer, and China, at least in bat eating, have proven they are the third world.
19. The last point on immigration, and that is there's no specialty workers needed here. You've seen American ingenuity do what China couldn't do. We're handling this much better. So, we need a ten year immigration moratorium.
20. In terms of trade, we have to put the word out that we're for free trade on the condition that our trading partners are economically and culturally compatible with the program. Europe is going to have to choose between open borders and a supply chain that will kill or....
21. A solid supply chain, closed borders, and a determination to out its citizens above globalization. Make no mistake, the Chinese Bat Flu is the cost of globalization.
22. We're also going to have to quarantine China in order to dilute their power. That means taking away their strategic partnership and creating a new power block specifically designed to quarantine China.
23. This power block will be South Korea, Japan, Europe, including all of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Australia. Every nation listed, provided they reestablish control of their borders are more than welcome, and should be eager to join.
24. Italy suffered from the coronavirus because they allowed 200k cheap Chinese workers in so that they could sew designer labels and the design houses could keep the Made in Italy brand while paying nothing for labor.
25. That, combined with Italy's refusal to cancel flights to China, opened a major door for this virus to spread, which is why borders and halting migration now matters.
26. We have no choice but to get our financial house in order so that we can hold strong purchasing power in a time of crisis.
27. Now, I looked at what the sadistic bitch Nancy Pelosi did in a time of crisis, and it's fucking disgusting. All we needed was a one or two time UBI of $1200 for every American, and instead we got billions to Africa, the Kennedy Center got millions....
28. And they proceeded to fire their orchestra. This shit is so fucked up. If it's not obvious that we need to repatriate our manufacturing, secure our borders, and quarantine China, then I don't know what more can be said.
29. Despite that, let me say this, as a landlord and business owner I will have done more for Americans than the damn Kennedy Center as I'm still paying my employees and waiving rent, but since I don't lobby Nancy or live in Africa I won't see a dime, but....
30. I will see my purchasing power erode because of all this extra his damn pork, and that's before I get to the fact the sadistic bitch tried to use this to rig the 2020 election and get parts of the Green New Deal passed.
31. And I might add in the Green New Deal that AOC was wanting us to eat bugs. Wanna find out what diseases we can get when we eat maggots instead of bats because these progtards view anyone bin their way as collateral damage?
32. So, it's simple. Either stand up, do the right thing, and create long term prosperity bat lower risk, or else, I'm cashing out and fleeing.

I'm an SAR member, but myself and my family have done enough sacrificing. When you'll pay the Kennedy Center and Africa.....
But you don't pay me, an American than I'm offended. I don't really want the cash, but the fact that's who you'll prioritize ahead of me tells me we're not a serious nation.

If this crisis doesn't make us a serious nation, then it's time to give up on it.

Pepe Out.
Anytime fren. Sorry I didn't get to it sooner.
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