since we know that ben died on a mission and i have a weird feeling that luther was somehow involved, i think it was a mission that only ben and luther went on. the rest stayed at the academy. then, klaus suddenly noticed ben and asked him why he was back so early, but ben +
+ didn’t say a word. it didn’t really matter to klaus, he was just happy ben was back. a few hours later, luther came back to the academy looking absolutely devastated, holding ben’s body and as soon as klaus saw it, he locked himself in his room and refused to talk +
+ to anyone for days.

his siblings were trying to comfort him, because they’d never seen klaus being so quiet. luther would be the first one to try to talk to him, since he felt like it was the right thing to do, being the ‘leader’ and all, but honestly +
+ he was the last person klaus wanted to see.

diego also wanted to comfort him, since he knew how close him and ben had been, but every time he knocked on klaus’ door, klaus would just yell “go away”.

when diego told the rest that klaus locked his door and refused to +
+ let anyone in, vanya decided that she was going to leave snacks for klaus. and on the plate, there was a piece of paper, where she wrote some kind words full of sympathy.

klaus and vanya never talked about it, but a few hours later vanya noticed that the plate was gone +
+ and she felt like she might have helped her brother just a little bit, even if it was a small gesture.
the only person klaus wanted to talk to was ben, who also comforted him a lot about what happened. it really seemed like it affected klaus much more than it affected ben (and he was the dead one here...)

klaus started to appreciate his powers a bit more now, because he didn’t +
+ lose his brother for good, but he quickly lost that sparkle of enthusiasm, because the nightmares after being alone for hours during the day were more than he could handle.
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