RIP NHS hero Dr Amged El-Hawrani, ear, nose and throat specialist in Derby and Burton hospitals. He has died after testing positive for COVID-19 #NHSheroes
His family and NHS colleagues pay tribute to Dr Amged El-Hawrani. RIP #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Alfa Saadu, who has died from Covid-19. He returned to the NHS from retirement during the pandemic.
Dr Alfa Saadu RIP. From Huffington Post
RIP NHS hero Professor Sami Shousa. The 79 year old cancer specialist had worked at Charing Cross hospital since 1978. Honorary professor of histopathology at Imperial College. He carried on treating patients before contracting Covid19 a fortnight ago and died today. #NHSHeroes
RIP NHS hero Aimee O'Rourke. The 38 year old nurse has died in Margate, at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital hospital where she worked. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Thomas Harvey. The 57 year old worked for 20 years in Goodmayes Hospital in East Loneon. He died at home in self-isolation after contracting Covid-19. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Habib Zaidi. The 76 year old, a GP for 45 years, died at Southend hospital on March 25th #NHSHeroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Adil El Tayar. The organ transplant specialist from Sudan was working at Hereford County Hospital, where he is thought to have contracted Covid-19 from a patient. He died in late March. #NHSheroes
RIP Dr Adil El Tayar. The surgeon had volunteered to work in A & E during the pandemic, his cousin Zeinab Badawi told the BBC
RIP NHS hero John Alagos. The nurse who worked at Watford General Hospital was just 23 years old. He collapsed at home after a 12 hour shift on Friday. Born in the Philippines, John came to Britain as a child. #NHSHeroes
RIP NHS heroine Liz Glanister. The long-serving nurse at Aintree University Hospital died on Friday after contracting Covid-19 #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Lynsay Coventry, who died on Thursday after contracting Covid-19. Her colleagues in Harlow lit a candle to grieve and to remember her #NHSheroes
RIP Lynsay Coventry. Her family, NHS colleagues and the chief midwifery officer pay tribute to the 54 year old, a mother and grandmother, who is the first serving NHS midwife to die from Covid-19. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Jitendra Rathod. The heart surgeon at Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales is thought to be the first NHS worker in Wales to have died from Covid-19. #NHSheroes
RIP Jitendra Rathod. His NHS colleagues in Cardiff have paid tribute to the father of two as an "incredibly dedicated surgeon, well-liked and greatly respected by one and all".
RIP NHS hero Dr Anton Sebastianpillai. The consultant geriatrician, 75, came out of retirement to help at Kingston Hospital, where he died on Saturday with Covid-19. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Alice Kit Tak Ong. She came to the UK from Hong Kong to as a 23 year old to train as a nurse, working for the NHS for 44 years as a midwife, diabetic nurse and community nurse #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Rebecca Mack, who died on Sunday, aged just 29. The nurse had worked in the children's cancer unit at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary and more recently for the NHS 111 telephone service. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Donald Suelto. The nurse, originally from the Philippinnes, worked at Hammersmith hospital in West London. #NHSheroes
RIP Donald Suelto. A colleague wrote "he was an enthusiastic nurse, full of life, loved his NHS job and a spirited friend with a loving heart. Rest in Peace Donds". He had earlier posted this image to his Facebook profile #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Janice Graham. The district nurse and health care support worker died at Inverclyde Royal Hospital on Monday. She is the first NHS worker from Scotland to die from Covid-19. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Abdul Mabud Chowdhury. The 53 year old from Bangladesh was a senior consultant at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Romford. He recently celebrated his 25th weddding anniversary but has died from Covid-19. #NHSheroes
RIP Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury, pictured with his family at Stonehenge. He recently urged the Prime Minster to ensure protective equipment for every NHS worker.
RIP NHS heroine Barbara Moore. The 54 year old grandmother has died of Covid-19. The patient discharge planner at Aintree Hospital, and former care worker, was described by colleagues as an unsung hero who will be terribly missed. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Amor Gatinao, who has died today with Covid-19. She came to the UK in 2002 from the Philippines. She was "a nurse, mother, friend and most of a warrior" says her colleague #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Sara Trollope, matron of older adults mental health services in Hillingdon. Her family and colleagues have paid tribute to her "unbeable combination of kindness, selflessness and total determination for patients" #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Gareth Roberts, an 'old school' nurse remembered by his colleagues in Cardiff and the Vale. #NHSheroes
RIP Elsie Sazuze. The nurse, who came from Malawi, was working as a nurse in Birmingham. 'A dedicated nurse, you lost your life doing the job you love most', her friend wrote on Facebook as family and colleagues pay tribute to her.
RIP NHS heroine Leilani Dayrit, 47. The nurse, from the Philipinnes, was based at St Cross Hospital in Rugby. She was self-isolating at home when she died last week. "My mum was selfless until the very end" says her daughter Mary Dayrit 19. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Edmond Adedeji. The 62 year old doctor, a locum registrar at Great Western Hospital in Swindon "died doing a job he loved, serving others before himself", his family said. He leaves behind a wife, 3 children & 3 grandchildren #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Fayez Ayache. "He was a rural village GP at heart" say his family. A GP in Suffolk for over 40 years, he returned to work part-time after retiring two years ago. Dr Ayache also raised funds for refugees in his native Syria. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Syed Haider. The GP at Dagenham's Valence Medical Centre died in hospital in Romford on Monday. He qualified in Peshawar, Pakistan, coming to the UK in the 1960s and working for the NHS for half a century #NHSheroes
RIP Pooja Sharma. The 33 year old pharmacist who worked at Eastbourne District General Hospital died last month 24 hours after her father Sudhir, 61, who worked at Heathrow as an immigration officer.
RIP Glen Corbin, 59. The mental health worker from Brent died in early April. (Mentioned earlier, without this picture)
RIP Elbert Rico. He had worked as a porter at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, since coming to the UK from the Philippines in 2004. He died on Friday, of suspected Covid-19 #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Julie Omar. The 52 year old nurse was working at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch and previously on the trauma team at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. She was self-isolating at home with suspected Covid-19 but died on Friday. #NHSheroes
10 heroic doctors who came to Britain and lost their lives saving others. Sunday Times recognising #NHSheroes this Easter Sunday.
RIP NHS heroine Donna Campbell. She worked with cancer patients for two decades, and is thought to have contracted Covid-19 working in intensive care at University of Wales Hospital, Cardiff. The mother of two was also an active Unison member. #NHSheroes
RIP Donna Campbell. Her colleagues have paid this tribute to her #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Kevin Smith, who has died after 35 years service to the NHS. He was a plaster technician at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. (My birthplace). His daughter was overwhelmed by so many tributes to "an incredible person who loved his job" #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Melujean Ballesteros. The nurse, from the Philippines, worked since 2003 at St Mary's Hospital on Paddington, where she died with Covid-19 on Easter Sunday. "She loved her job" said her son Rainier #NHSheroes
RIP Elvira Bucu. The 50 year old healthcare assistant and mother of three came to the UK from the Philippines
RIP Leilani Medel. The nurse, originally from the Philippines, was working in Bridgend, Wales. She has died with Covid-19 via @NursingNotesUK
RIP nurse Rahima Bibi Sidhanee, whose death from COVID-19 has been reported by @NursingNotesUK #NHSheroes
RIP Oscar King Jr, one of the two Filipino porters at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford to die with Covid-19. His wife, a nurse, has also been hospitalised with severe symptoms. They have a 10 year old daughter #NHSheroes
35 health and care workers who have died with Covid-19 are commemorated on the Daily Mirror's front-page tomorrow #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Josiane Zauma Ebonja Ekoli. The 55 year old, from Leeds, was a mother of five. "It meant everything to her to be a nurse" said her daughter Naomie, reflecting on her mother's 30 years in nursing #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Ade Raymond. The student nurse at Middlesex University was also working part-time as a healthcare assistant. Colleagues say he was 'a wonderful student who would have made a fantastic nurse' #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong. The 28 year old nurse, from Ghana, worked at Luton and Dunstable hospital for 5 years where she has died with Covid-19. Mary was heavily pregnant. Her baby, born by emergency caesarean, has survived. #NHSheroes
RIP Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong.
RIP NHS hero Dr Peter Tun. After coming to the UK from Burma in 1994, Dr Tun worked at the Royal Berkshire Hospital for over 21 years, where he died on Monday. "Our family is immensely proud of our superhero dad”, his sons said. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Andrew Treble. The theatre assistant, 57, worked for almost 40 years at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. "I'm proud to call him my father" said his 17 year old daughter Emily. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Lourdes Campbell. Known to her friends as Des, the 54 year old healthcare assistant had worked at the Royal Bolton Hospital for over 12 years, and died on Wednesday night having contracted Covid-19 a fortnight ago. #NHSheroes
RIP Lourdes Campbell. The Bolton News pays tribute to the courageous NHS worker at the Royal Bolton Hospital.
RIP NHS hero Amrik Bamotra. The radiology support worker and former porter was 63. He worked at the King George Hospital in Goodmayes for the past four years. "He treated everyone like family", said colleagues. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Cheryl Williams. The ward housekeeper on an elderly patients ward at North Middlesex University Hospital was "a lynchpin of care, comfort and compassion" said colleagues. Cheryl died with Covid-19 on Sunday #NHSheroes
RIP Barbara Sage. The nurse, working for the Marie Curie charity, had forty years experience of palliative care.
RIP NHS hero Jane Murphy. The 73 year old, a clinical support worker at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, has died with Covid-19. Colleagues have spoken of how "she refused to retire from the NHS", mentoring many who are senior nurses and doctors. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Brian Darlington. The porter at Leighton Hospital in Crewe has died of Covid-19. He worked for mid-Cheshire NHS Trust for over 20 years, continuing past retirement age. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Michael Allieu. The acute care nurse worked at Homerton Hospital in Hackney, London for 13 years, where he died today with Covid-19. His colleagues paid tribute to a "larger than life" character who would be widely missed. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Simon Guest. Simon was a radiographer at Furness General Hospital, where he has died after contracting Covid-19. His wife Nicky said he was "a true gentleman and a great role model to all". #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Julianne Cadby, 49, who worked for the Cardiff and Vale Health Board for three decades. She was the mother of a seven year old son, Euan, who has also lost his grandmother, Joan, 84 to Covid-19 just days earlier. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Gladys Mujajati. The 46 year old mental health nurse in Derby was much loved, showing "true compassion and empathy", colleagues said. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Linda Clarke. A community widwife for over thirty years, she had "brought many new lives into the borough" colleagues at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan said. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Jenelyn Carter. The 41 year old, born in the Philippines, was a healthcare assistant on the admissions ward at Morriston Hospital in Swansea. Colleagues were devastated by the loss of a 'lovely caring person with a heart of gold'. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Krishnan Arora. The 57 year old GP had been a family doctor in Croydon for over 27 years. He was self-isolating with Covid-19 symptoms when he died last week. Krishnan worked tirelessly for his patients, colleagues said. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Margaret Tapley. The 84 year old auxillary nurse had continued to work night shifts at Witney Community Hospital in Oxfordshire. She was "the strongest woman I ever met in my life" her grand-daughter Hannah wrote in a tribute #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Wilma Banaag. The 63 year old nurse worked at Watford General Hospital for 11 years having come to the UK from the Philippines in 2001. She was a mother of three. Husband Kuya Jun said she was "very kind and compassionate" #NHSheroes
RIP Gilbert Barnedo. The 48 year old from Hammersmith, born and trained in the Philippines, suffered from multiple sclerosis yet continued to nurse in care homes. He died with pneumonia and Covid-19. He is survived by his wife and two young daughters.
RIP NHS hero Dr Rajesh Kalraiya. Born in Nagpur in India, the consultant paediatrician lived in York, having worked as a doctor in Britain for 40 years. "Medicine was his life" said colleagues #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Steven Pearson. The 51 year old from Northumberland, pictured with his wife and two daughters, was a mental health nurse working at St George's Hospital at Morpeth and at Durham prison. His family said he was a "natural carer" #NHSheroes
RIP Gaily Catalla. The nurse, from the Philippines, lived in Maidstone and worked for the NHS for four decades #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Ruben Muñoz Jr. The nursing assistant at East Surrey Hospital worked for the NHS for over a decade. He was a father of two. ‘Rest in Paradise, Kuya Ruben. The Woodland Ward family will remember you forever’, his colleagues wrote. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Patrick McManus, 60. The father of three was a nurse for over 40 years, with Stafford County Hospital for the last decade. Colleagues said the avid Celtic fan, from County Tyrone, "knew everything there was to know about nursing" #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Manjeet Singh Riyat, 52. Colleagues at the Royal Derbyshire Hospital said the consultant in emergency medicine, and father of two, was hugely respected as a mentor to many and the "founder of the current emergency dept" there. #NHSheroes
RIP Dr Manjeet Singh Riyat. He was the first A&E consultant in emergency medicine from the Sikh community nationwide, his colleagues noted. 'He was an incredibly charming person and well loved'. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Muhanad Nowar Eltayib. The 36 year old doctor, registrar at Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital, died with Covid-19 after self-isolating.'Nothing can prepare you for the loss' said a friend who studied medicine with him in Sudan #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Khulisani Nkala. The 46 year old from Zimbabwe was working as a charge nurse in mental health in his adopted city of Leeds. Colleagues' moving tributes praise his integrity, his presence and his selfless commitment #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Sadeq Elhowsh. The surgeon, a father of four, worked for St Helens and Knowsley trust for 17 years. Watch how his grieving colleagues at Whiston Hospital in St Helens lined the street to applaud his hearse #NHSheroes
RIP Sadeq Elhowsh #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Grant Maganga. The nurse from Malawi worked in mental health rehab at Tameside Hospital for a decade. Grant, 56, was a father of four. Colleagues have been leaving online tributes to their colleague, 'a wonderful human being' #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Julie Penfold. The 53 year old worked for many years as a nurse at Arrowe Park hospital on the Wirral. The grandmother of eleven had also fostered more than twenty children with her husband Nick. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Josephine Peter. She grew up in apartheid South Africa, before graduating as a nurse in East Johannesburg 1998 and working in the UK since 2002. The mother of two always put others before herself, said her husband Thabo. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Craig Wakeham. The father of two, who was 59, served for thirty years as a much loved GP in the Dorset village of Cerne Abbas, and has been praised by colleagues for many contributions to clinical leadership across the county #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Kirsty Jones. The 41 year old healthcare assistant in Airdrie had joined NHS Lanarkshire from school, aged 17. She had two sons, aged 4 and 14. Her husband Nigel said "Kirsty devoted her life to caring for others" #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Sharon Bamford. The healthcare assistant at Swansea's Singleton Hospital died with Covid-19, days after her husband Malcolm also died in the hospital from the virus. The couple are survived by their two sons, Craig and Christian #NHSheroes
Condolences to NHS hero David Courtney-Williams. The 48 year old charge nurse in Swansea recovered from a coma with Covid-19, to hear his partner Steven (wearing glasses) had died of the virus. The couple are pictured on their wedding day. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Medhet Atalla, consultant geriatrician at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary. Originally from Egypt, he was "a very special human being who practised medicine across three continents, affecting the lives of so many" said colleagues #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Khalid Jamil. The 57 year old, a healthcare assistant at Watford General Hospital, has died with Covid-19. He was a father of two. His daughter Sumaiyah paid a moving tribute to "our beautiful dad - an NHS hero" #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Vishna Rasiah. The 48 year old consultant neonatologist specialised in the care of newborn babies for Birmingham Women's & Children's Hospitals. “Vish loved his work" said his wife Liza. He leaves behind a daughter, Katelyn. #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Angie Cunningham. The popular nurse from the Scottish borders had worked for NHS Borders for over thirty years. Angie was a great grandmother, who had died doing a job she loved, her brother said #NHSheroes
RIP Katy Davis and RIP Emma Davis. The identical twins, 38, died, 3 days apart, at Southampton General Hospital with Covid-19 and underlying health issues. Katy was a children's nurse at the hospital; Emma had been a nurse there for 9 years too #NHSheroes
RIP NHS heroine Mayadaye Jagroop. The 66 year old, known as Mary, continued to work as a nurse as Birmingham's Heartlands Hospital. Colleagues paid warm tributes to her care for patients during the pandemic and over her long nursing career #NHSheroes
RIP NHS hero Dr Yusuf Patel. The long-serving GP founded the Woodgrange NHS medical practice in Forest Gate. Of Gujarati heritage, he came to the UK from Malwai as a child. He had touched & enriched many lives, his devastated colleagues said. #NHSheroes
RIP Ian Reynolds. He served for 32 years as a paramedic with the London Ambulance Service, and for the last eight years was a pitchside paramedic at his beloved Crystal Palace. The 53 year old was a father of two.
RIP NHS heroine Joanna Klenczon. The 34 year old from Poland worked for Northampton General Hospital for a decade. Joanna was a domestic supervisor managing cleaning teams at the hospital. #NHSheroes
RIP Gerallt Davies MBE. The popular Swansea paramedic spent over 25 years working for the Welsh Ambulance Service. His son paid this moving tribute to his selfless service.
RIP NHS hero Amarante Dias, who worked at Weston General Hospital, where he was described as a much valued and loved colleague. The Weston-super-mare association of Malayalees also sent condolences to his family to his family and friends. #NHSheroes
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