Palestinian food thread. Or some of the food you can find and eat in Palestine. Please keep in mind that some dishes are common for all the region so you know.. 😋
1- Msakhan مسخن or we call it m7ammar at the north.
It is made of special bread (khubz taboun) with onions sumac chicken and lots of olive oil. It can be done as rolls too
Hwerni حورينة or moqra/mo2ra مؤرة at the north. It is a herb grown between feb and april, it has a sour taste, it is treated with water and salt then mix it with laban/labne and then eat it with olive oil after few days.
Khabeesa خبيصة is a sweet dish made from white grapes or carob. It can be cooked in many ways and as a drink too.
Louf لوف. It’s scientific name is Arum Palaestinum. It’s a plant that grows in Palestine at the end of the winter time. It’s very healthy and used for curing many diseases.
Maqlube مقلوبة which means upside down. It is cooked rice with eggplants/meat/chicken/cauliflower or many other options. Usually kids gather everytime to watch their mom flipping the pot and cheer if the rice don’t collapse 😂
Hummus حمص is a common dish through all the middle east. But it is an important dish in Palestine especially for breakfasts.
Qiz7a قزحة (ez7aa) is a Palestinian sweet dish mainly made up from black seeds (crushed nigella seeds) and eaten with ater (sugar syrup)
Qedra قدرة is a Palestinian dish especially in the city of Hebron. Made up from rice and chicken with special spices and cooked with the pot inside the oven
Knafe is common for all the Middle East but most probably originated from the city of Nablus. We have it in different types here are 4 of them
1- na3me (smooth) it’s the most popular one
2- kheshni (rough)
3- mabrome
4- ramlaweyye for the city of Ramleh
Kaak elquds كعك القدس is a special type of bread cooked in the city of Jerusalem. You can find people selling it at every corner in the city.
The Galilean cuisine is very close to lebanon and syria. We have kbbe neyye too and it is very popular between the towns of the north. Other parts only eat it cooked or fried.
Sumaqeyye سماقية is a native Gazan dish prepared traditionally on holidays. It receives its name from the spice sumac. The ground sumac is first soaked in water and then mixed with tahina, additional water, and flour for thickness
Zaatar (mtabba2, fteri etc) is baked dough with green thyme and olive oil (now some people add onions and cheese). It is very popular between villagers and one of my favorites.
Jazar Ahmar. Stuffed red carrots and mainly popular in the southern parts of the county.
Falafel is most probably coptic/Egyptian but also one of the main street food and breakfast dishes in Palestine.
Kaak asfar or khubz ftout is cooked by Palestinians in many special occasions such as the Christian Holy Thursday, the Muslim prophets birthday, funerals, weddings, etc. the circles represent rain drops inherited from the canaan culture. It represents life and new beginnings.
Zirb زرب is made up from chicken or meat and vegetables cooked for 2 hours in an underground oven. Popular in the southern parts of the country
Hilbe حلبة is a Palestinian sweet dish. Mainly from fenugreek and semolina.
Taboun bread or khubz el taboun is the traditional Palestinian bread baked in a special oven called taboon or on hot rocks.
okay this is common for almost all countries in the region but I want to say that Palestinians call it Dawali دوالي, not wara2 3enab like many arabic speaking countries.
Tabboule is also eaten in Palestine and one of the main dishes at holidays and weddings. Most probably it’s lebanese/syrian.
Sfee7a yafaweyye. Special sfee7a made at the city of Jaffa. Stuffed meat in circle doughs.
Dokka دقة is a special Gazan dish. Made up from herbs and have a sour and spicy taste.
Akkoub عكوب is a Palestinian dish. We cook the akkoub plant with rice or yogurt or meat or eat it fried.
Allayet bandura قلاية بندورة is a local dish, mainly from fried tomatoes and capsicums
Balouza is a sweet dish found in Palestine. Made up from rose water, milk, corn starch etc
Palestinians have 2 special cheese types. Akkawi cheese جبنة عكاوي originates from the city of Acre/Akka, and Nabulsi chesse جبنة نابلسية from the city of Nablus.
I know there are dozens of more plates but I’ll stop here that’s enough😂
I’ll continue adding..
Halawi zalabye حلاوة زلابية is Palestinian sweet food from Nablus. It’s fried sweet dough with sweetened pumpkins or carrots eaten like a sandwich
Freekeh فريكة is cereal food made from green durum wheat that is roasted and rubbed to create its flavour, eaten with chicken or meat. Freekeh was the main food for the Levant before rice was introduced, since rice isn’t native and doesn’t grow in our land..
Rommaneyye رمانية is a Palestinian dish from Gaza. Mainly from pomegranates, eggplants and lentils.
Makabees/Mkhallalat are an important factor in the Palestinian cuisine. You can find pickles at breakfasts, lunches and dinners.. we ferment cucumbers, eggplants, olives, labne, turnips, green tomatoes, green almonds, sour grapes etc
Malateet ملاتيت are Palestinian biscuits. Mainly made up from margarine and anise seeds.. the heart shaped ones are done by me😝
Bisara بصارة is a vegan dish, made up from minced mlokheye and lentils.
Ors el toom قرص التوم is a Palestinian Nabulsi breakfast dish, it’s literal meaning is garlic pie.. made up from flour garlic eggs baking soda oil etc
Burbara is a sweet dish made up from boiled wheat and topped with sugar, raisins, candy, dried fruits etc. It got the name from St. Baraba and mostly cooked during December by most palis from all religions. It’s other name is Snoneyye.
Tamreyye تمرية is sweet food from Nablus. The steps are in the 1st pic 😂
Mtafeyye or zahra blaban مطفية is made from cauliflower, yogurt and meat. Sometimes it’s zucchini instead of cauliflower
Felfel or red pepper paste is one of the essentials to many. Many Palestinians add a spicy flavor to food especially in Gaza for example.
Bsesit elkharoub بسيسة الخروب is made from carob molasses، semolina and olive oil. Old time ago, Palestinian pilgrims when traveling to Mecca used to take and eat them because they give power and energy while traveling for days .
I think that’s enough... I have to mention that we eat many foods from the ottoman turks/greeks/etc such as kafta, shushbarak, shawarma, lahme b3ajeen, etc..
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