Patriot Friends:
Recently, I have Seen that there are Accounts on here professing to be MAGA, who are in Fact Leftist Infiltrators. No One wants to be Involved in Controversies...
BUT...We Elected @realDonaldTrump Because he Stands Against Evil. So WHY Don't WE? #StrongerTogether
IF SOMEONE ASKS YOU TO BE IN A ROOM...BE CAREFUL! BE VERY CAREFUL! DM me if you need to know if they are good peeps..
We Know the Left are Evil, But this tweet was my Commentary about Supposed MAGA who come Against other Patriots. I’ve been a Target. They Malign Your Character for their own Egos. Too many are fearful to make a Stand. Accts & #’s aren’t worth your Silence. TY to those who have!❤️
Here are some Stand up Patriots:
REAL Patriots who Use their Voices!
I have NOT added ANY handles of the Account that I am referring to...But I am getting tons of DMs showing that he is posting on this thread. I will Not lower myself to defending myself against liars. Take note though Fellow Patriots! I guess Evil has a way of revealing itself...
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