"The whole concept of a tradeoff [between the right to privacy with the potential to save lives] is false from the start, because no app can fix the thoroughly inequitable U.S. health care system." @mathbabedotorg via @bopinion
There are critical factors (like ventilation) that a purely automated system will not have access to. You cannot “big data” your way out of a “no data” situation. Period. Any attempt to believe otherwise is an exercise in hubris & technology triumphalism.
"CovidTracker Ireland might become a ‘super app’, which extends its original ambition and goals."

Will CovidTracker Ireland work? @RobKitchin
"Like thermometers, tires, and many other products that operate safely only within a specific range, these apps should come with a warning about their many points of failure." This is one of the best pieces I have read on contact tracing apps yet
"The decisions we make now are going to follow us around for generations. It’s important that we move quickly, but it’s as important that we don’t run headfirst into a surveillance state that offers nothing but oppression & more uncertainty." @_alialkhatib
Data privacy advocates in India have launched a legal challenge against the mandatory use of a state-backed contact tracing app.

"to criminally prosecute people for not installing a smartphone app even at the time of a pandemic is illegal" the IFF.
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