Deaths due to lockdown in India. A thread:
2. Three workers and two children, heading home on foot crushed to death in Haryana:
4. 11-year-old Rahul Musahar died of hunger yesterday when Jawahar Tola in Bhojpur, Bihar
12. Two more critically ill patients die as Karnataka continues to block ambulances from Kasaragod at Mangaluru border as part of Lockdown:
23. A daily wage labourer in Merut committed suicide due to a lack of food and employment during lockdown. His wife said that the family with five kids had not eaten in two days:
This takes the number of deaths to 43. We have not included many deaths due to road accidents and suicides caused by withdrawal symptoms, fear of infection or quarantine in this count. If they were included too, the number would be more than double.
15 deaths & suicides due to alcohol withdrawal. We have not counted them in this thread, but still putting the no. out there. Many of these could be because of delirium tremens (+lack of medical attention or enough food):
The count is now 46. This does not include 17 deaths caused by alcohol withdrawal, 15 deaths by road accidents, 6+ suicides due to fear of infection/isolation/lockdown.
53. A farmer in Gujarat died by suicide because of economic hardships intensified by the lockdown:
57. A migrant labourer had walked almost 850 kilometeres. He collapsed in Varanasi. For two hours, no one including ambulance staff touched him fearing he was infected. He died.
68. A dialysis patient died in UP after he was denied care from several hospitals:
75. A farmer in Maharashtra died by suicide as he could not sell his produce:
78. 6 bhopal gas survivors, also COVID patients, died because they did not get timely care:
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