1. This is actually "curiouser" than some might know. What is significant about the 1916 presidential election? It set the standard for the 2 party presidential election we know today. The US's last "four candidate election" with four contestants from four parties was in 1912. https://twitter.com/Inevitable_ET/status/1243953202590031872
2. How did incumbent Woodrow Wilson EASILY beat Republican SCOTUS Justice challenger Charles Hughes? Because, Wilson ran on the "He kept us out of war" (WWI) and "America First" slogans. Sound familiar. But, what happened 2.5 months after his 1917 re-inauguration?
3. Woodrow Wilson led the United States into World War I. Four million Americans would be mobilized and/or sent to fight overseas. We would lose just under 120,000 American soldiers to the cause. The war took 20 million lives...more civilians than soldiers were killed.
4. The 1st betrayal from Wilson's new 2 party system came just 2.5 months into democrat Woodrow Wilson's term, contributing to 20 million deaths. That wasn't enough for the Cabal. As pointed out by ET in his post I've R/T'd, the Spanish Flu of 1918 picked up as World War 1 ended.
5. By many accounts, it looks like that flu may have been engineered on purpose, not naturally occurring. As the world's worst war to that point in time was ending, a flu is contracted by 500 million people worldwide, 1/4 of the earth's population of 2 billion at the time.
6. Up to 100 million died from the 1918 Spanish Flu. Anybody seeing similarities here? The 2 party political system that started all this deception and manipulation of society, took America into World War I. This completed the Cabal's plan for "INFILTRATION" of American politics.
7. But, even that wasn't enough. An engineered virus infected 1/4 of the world, killing 100 million people...while a world war was winding down after killing 20 million on its own. Before both were over, 1/14th...nearly 7% of the entire earth's human inhabitants would be dead.
8. And, Donald J. Trump gets elected exactly 100 years after that 1916 election, answering the call to end the Cabal's reign of terror and death. Biggest PROOF yet...the 100 year DELTA. Trump, as an outsider, ran and upset the 2 party system that had started a century earlier.
9. The truly scary thing is to look at what [they] thought was going to happen. They thought [she] would win. And, a major world war was in her sights. And, what's this? Right on cue, a major, world wide outbreak of a virus from the same strand of flu as the 1918 virus has hit?
10. It would've been a 100 year celebration for HRC and the demons she worships. The war was ready to go. The virus showed up in this "centennial" presidential term as well, which [they] thought [she] would be holding. It would be the 100 year anniversary of the 2 party system.
11. Was there supposed to be a massive war after [she] won that would kill 10's of millions? War with Russia? China? North Korea? Iran?

Was there supposed to be a massive disease outbreak that would wipe out 5% of earth's population?

Trump avoided the war. But, the virus?
12. Many people have questioned why the media and the left tried so quickly to discredit Trump's early actions against the virus. Almost like they wanted him to undo his measures that were going to save lives!

Then, they blew the virus out of proportion, spreading endless fear.
13. The leftist media described the virus in ways that scared every nation across the earth, disregarding worse pandemics in the past that they NEVER panicked over to this extent.

Then, using that instilled fear, they attacked Trump for not "sharing" in their terror and panic.
14. Remember, we're watching a movie which means there's a script. It's been in the plans for years. But they couldn't rewrite all the parts after [she] lost. So, some folks are still reading from the, "if [she] had won" script. COVID-19 would be MUCH worse if she had won.
15. The virus was supposed to be so bad that the ridiculously fearful response the media has given was actually going to be accurate! Trump halted the spread, where as [she] would've acted to worsen its impact and allow for it to evolve to a point WORTHY of today's media frenzy.
16. Do you understand now just how important DJT's victory in 2016 really was? Do you understand the level of evil the United States has been subjected to for all these years? Do you understand the level of death and doom that Trump put an end to and protected us from?
17. 120 million = 1/14th of the earth died 100 years ago, how many would that = this time?

7% of today's population =
550 million people.

Think of all those who tried to make sure [their] 100 year anniversary occurred.

The media. Hollywood. Foreign and domestic world leaders.
18. Think of all the bipartisan traitors in congress, the top levels of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DIA and so much more...all in cahoots to ensure that [she] won. Each of those "willing" participants "knowingly" did their parts, fully aware that innocent people would die in mass numbers.
19. How many positions of public trust were filled with traitors? How many nations were contributing to this evil? Consider how much liberation has TRULY been provided, WORLDWIDE, by our modern day Cyrus. The Q team stood beside POTUS and opened the back channel comms to us.
20. Where We Go One We Go All is not just an encouraging phrase. It's a promise.

As this evil is overcome, EVERYONE will benefit.

As ONE person enters newfound freedom and life without oppression and duress from evil leaders, ALL will be able to enter the same newfound freedom.
21. The "GOAL" is for all people to be free, not just us or just them. The next time you say WWG1WGA, remember, it's not just encouragement. It's a promise.

It's a most amazing time to be alive. Faith has been rekindled in the hearts and minds of millions of people.

God wins!
22. The prayers of the faithful were heard. The pleading and passion of believers was answered by God. Mankind was given another chance. A reckoning has come.


I thank God for all of you.

The fight is not over.

Keep PATRIOTS in your thoughts and prayers!
23. There's been some AMAZING testimonies from people already and many more are yet to be heard. People are waking up from multi generation deception and greed. Entire cultures and races are realizing they have been victims of decades of abuse by those they trusted the most.
24. The 100 year reign of the Cabal's 2 party system of treason and evil purpose has ended. We've been spared incredible loss and pain by God's Grace alone.

May we all see the darkness give way to the LIGHT.

Thank God for Donald Trump!

God bless.


- End
P.S. in case anything happens to the original post by ET due to some Twitter games...here's a screenshot of it.
P.S.S. and folks...TRUMP NAILED IT!!! HE TOLD US! Thank you to @Americanlll and @IQUQWEQ for this AMAZING CONFIRMATION! https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1243728141199212546?s=19
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