THREAD: 1/ Why did Q put a RED BOX around the words “No outside comms…?” in this drop, what does it have to do with @AustinSteinbart and what does it REALLY mean?

Before I get into my “Red Box DECODE” I need to set the stage.
2/ Humanity is about to be hit with a HUGE dose of reality, “how could we have been so wrong?”

For too long we’ve blindly followed leaders telling us what to think, what to do, and who to follow.
3/ From the beginning Q has challenged us to take nothing at face value, do our research, and above all think for ourselves. SHEEP NO MORE.
The message was clear: We must dig for truth and think for ourselves if we want to be free of the control structures that have us captive.
4/ Then Austin Steinbart showed up on YouTube claiming to be Q. On one hand my logical mind said, “no way he’s Q!”
But there he was giving credible proof to his claims! My intuition told me to pay attention, do my research, and expand my thinking, so I did...
5/ What I found totally convinced me that Q was launching phase two. Then Austin set the stage for the Ephesians QProof which was validated by the Q drop below. I needed no additional proof.
6/ then, Q made the “No outside comms” drop and haters went wild! Throwing the Eph. proof out the window, they ignored all other evidence, and forgot how Q tried to teach us to “think for yourselves”. Instead, they jumped on 2 PHRASES outlined in a RED BOX and made their stand.
7/ @AustinSteinbart is a LARP!
NONE of them stopped to THINK or ASK QUESTIONS for themselves, such as, “Why did Q draw a RED BOX around those two lines?”

I asked myself this question and here’s what I realized:
8/ Q drew a RED BOX to show THIS is what the #QHorde and #QPharisees are doing! They take TWO LINES out of the entire body of Q intel and elevate them above the body of evidence that contradicts it, & follow the footsteps of the very people they claim to abhor.
9/ But there's more!

Guess what the symbolism of a RED BOX is?

A red leather covered box is traditionally used by ROYALS to hold government documents.
10/ Then I thought to check the meaning of RED BOX in Gematria and got “MK Ultra”

How does that apply?

When you’re under the influence of MK Ultra programmed “voices” on the MSM, you’re putting yourself in a limited, red box of mind-controlled information.
11/ By cherry-picking only TWO LINES by Q outlined inside a RED BOX, QPharisees not only threw out a mountain of evidence but also snubbed any Q post that contradicted their position, such as Q post 393 which clearly states there would be comms outside the platform.
13/ By holding to the RED BOX, QPharisees limit block their ability to progress into the future. But they'll come around soon...Greenland is only 2-weeks away!

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