Will do a thread of what I have watched and will be watching during this lockdown. #QuarantineLife

#TheValhallaMurders - Good
#SpecialOps - Decent
#Broadchurch Season 1 - Very good
#Broadchurch Season 2 - Good
Maska - Average affair
#MoneyHeist new season - Thrilling fun as usual.. Gives the kick during this boring lockdown. 👍👍😻
#CrashLandingOnYou - Cheesy as they can get (bollywood in Korea) series :D my first ever Korean show.. 16 episodes in a seaon is just too long.. Now I know why teens and some women go gaga over them.. I kept envying the women's skin..
#Panchayat - Good ❤ https://twitter.com/Sharanyashettyy/status/1247891856010014720?s=20
#TheWeddingyear - If you want a chicflick right now.. Go for it :) https://twitter.com/Sharanyashettyy/status/1248339496413757440?s=20
#Manmarziyaan - Can watch it to then think. https://twitter.com/Sharanyashettyy/status/1248476075815886854?s=20
#FailuretoLaunch - for some drool worthy #MathewMcCounaughey , cheesy fun romcom
#JaiMummyDi - Give it a miss
#LoveWeddingRepeat Brit Humor,Italy, wedding. Yeah.. Makes up for boredom during quarantine. https://twitter.com/Sharanyashettyy/status/1249238205397778432?s=20
#Uncorked - A lovely tail of dream, hope and family of an African American boy by @The_A_Prentice .. Moves you. Makes you smile. Connects https://twitter.com/Sharanyashettyy/status/1249358225830379526?s=20
#Gullak by @TheViralFever - Must watch 👏 https://twitter.com/Sharanyashettyy/status/1249648527141007360?s=20
#LoveJacked - As cheesy n cliched as they come romcom.
#AlltheBrightPlaces - Disturbing,emotional
#theRAIKARcase - Just Palatable show nothing extraordinary. https://twitter.com/Sharanyashettyy/status/1250739507504152576?s=20
#Fauda Season 3 - Totally bingeworthy
#TripleFrontier - Just one time enjoyable timepass
#PlayingItCool - Some romcom :)
#MotichoorChaknachoor - Bakwas. Last half hour or so gave me a headache
#Otherhood - Cute
#Zodiac - Really good 💪
#TheNovemberMan - Strictly average, can be skipped
#MothersDay - Silly timepass
#PhantomThread - As usual a Daniel Day Lewis drama which is hard to fathom. Whacked movie. Geez
#WomenInGold - What a lil gem of a movie based on real life events. Helen Mirren and @VancityReynolds are such a delight.
#FourMoreShotsPlease2 - A BIG FAT NO. You Rather watch re runs of some f fav show. https://twitter.com/Sharanyashettyy/status/1252650159193722886?s=20
#TAG - Super mad fun. Craziness galore. To know that a group of guys played it for 23yrs in real life is so awesome. (movie Netflix)
#Extraction - Boom Boom Pow Pow all action.. If you like such movies then it is for you.. If not skip it https://twitter.com/Sharanyashettyy/status/1253710828819210241?s=20
#TOWN - A super heist thriller directed by @BenAffleck
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