Buhaha this thing really pained these people

A short thread - The maternal and pediatric center was commissioned by Ajimobi less than 8days to the end of his useless 8yrs administration of the state. His administration did nothing to improve the state health infrastructure https://twitter.com/BabajideFadoju/status/1243919562292310017
Alao Akala's administration renovated and did some re-equuipment of Adeoyo Maternity Hospital, Yemetu

He awarded the 2nd phase, the rehabilitation of Adeoyo state Hospital, Ring Road

He constructed LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso, and an outreach center in Oyo
This is a pictorial evidence of the Oyo town outreach center for LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso


Note that for 8yrs, the useless Ajimobi and his people did nothing here. Part of it was supposed to serve as training school for School of Nursing
Rather than complete the renovation and re-equpping of Adeoyo state Hospital Ring Road, guess what Ajimobi and his people did?

His wife, Florence, went to establish a diagnostic center close to Adeoyo Ring Road, so that Adeoyo can always refer patients there
Less than 8days before the end of his administration, they went to frenzy and started commissioning of uncompleted projects

He even had the audacity to be naming them after himself. I talked about it here https://twitter.com/Asccheim1/status/1225704807253577728?s=19

Like I noted in that thread, Governor Akala did not go around commissioning projects and naming it after himself

But in Ibadan today, there are 2 roads that are called by everyone after his name. One is Akala express (New Garage - Apartments Road) and Akala way in Akobo
The date was December 31, 2017. Fresh FM was having their crossover/countdown night, then something happened

One of their OAPs was hit by a vehicle on that road. They rushed him to Adeoyo, but the placed was closed and not functioning

The guy died while on their way to UCH
Everyone was pained. Fresh FM crew tore Ajimobi and OYSG apart on radio on the state of Adeoyo state Hospital, for weeks. It was brutal

That was where the problem was reinvented. The 1st problem was Ayefele's closeness to Akala, circa 2011 elections
At the time that road was being dualized and there was demolitions, Ayefele had to do a page advertorial in Nigerian Tribune about the witch hunt, and how his place was marked for demolition and a nearby structure wasn't

That one was later sorted
So then comes the Adeoyo issue and the death of their OAP, Ajimobi and his people felt embarrassed and the desperation to get back at Ayefele was in the works

The incident did not make Fresh organize a countdown the following December
The plan to deal with Ayefele/Fresh FM was ongoing when the issue of the Bodija abattoir demolition came on

Ajimobi and his people finally had the opportunity and made a libel claim against Fresh FM in one of their analysis

Perfect time to strike?
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