Thoroughly enjoying the bookshelf portion of TV these days so herenceforth I'm starting a thread of my favorite bookshelves.

Now if only we could've spent all TV shows checking out everyone's bookshelves without the pandemic.

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First off @LateNightSeth has an amazing bookshelf. It's wide, it's wood, and it's not in any form of pattern or order. What are all those tall and skinny books on the lower right hand side? They look suspiciously educational. 8/10

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Next up @JoeBiden's bookshelf is a hodgepodge of vertical & horizontal books and pictures. My favorite thing though is that conspiracy theorists say it's a Fake.

... a fake bookshelf

Like it hides a secret tunnel to Obama's?


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William M Rodgers III is professor of public policy and chief economist at Rutgers University.

He also has wonderfully colorful and tall bookshelf that comes with a window.

Totally down for bookshelves with colored boxes. 9/10

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Next up @StephenAtHome and Finally someone is close enough to their bookshelf that I can snoop their books!!

Am searching a bunch of his titles on Goodreads now...


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Oh wow Eddie Glaude Jr's bookshelf is so incredible there are even extra books piled on the floor. So many titles to add to my must read list. I really learn a lot by seeing what the people I respect read.

I'm blown away 11/10

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Yes, I'm exactly the kind of person who immediately makes a beeline to check out the host's bookshelf at parties.

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Now I'm the person who's disappointed when someone I admire is not interviewed in front of a bookshelf.

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Although, shoutout to Simon Gallagher from What Culture Music for talking in front of a massive Ikea shelf CD wall.

Now that's what I call a child of the 90s.


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Wow.... 😲What Rep Ami Bera's bookshelf lacks in substance it totally makes up for in style!

8/10 I'm blown away.

50% jealous. 50% imagining the chaos I'd cause if I tried to balance my books like that.

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An amazing reporter I follow, Benjy Sarlin is spreading the word about Covid in nursing homes after his father tested positive. Go follow him to find out more.

In the meantime, here's his bookshelf. An amazing mix of fiction & nonfiction: Napoleon, Escape Artist & Harry Potter.
Been saving some my fav bookshelf shots bc news has been bleak. But had to post David Wallace-Wells's, author of The Uninhabitable Earth.

It's haphazard, vertical & horizontal. It has a polar bear & a hippo. Simply incredible. 12/10

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Paediatrician Dr. Aaron Edward Carroll has The BEST FICTION COLLECTION I've seen on television to date.

The news may be bleak, but seeing this much epic fantasy makes me feel better about the world.

It's even Two books deep. 42/10

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I'm such a huge Richard Engle fan I started googling the books on his shelf immediately -- and started reading Emergency State -- without even checking to see whether I'd gotten a screen shot with his eyes open.🙄
Seth Myers BookShelf Has a LADDER!!! But unfortunately @LateNightSeth filming switched location before I could get a picture of it.

Having a bookshelf so big it needs a Ladder is the dream.
Late show changed camera set up so I can now browse @StephenAtHome's bookshelf. Ike's Bluff, The Quest, No Easy Day, Game Change... all good. But this is clearly the political shelf.

Where you hiding the fiction Stephen?

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SE Cupp's bookshelf! It's huge and amazing. I'm such a sucker for bookshelves that are horizontal, vertical and wedged with knick knacks. 8/10

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Not enough women's bookshelves on this thread. Here's Jessica Dean. Zooming in and searching titles. Several amazing autobiographies...

Hang on, did she hang pictures on her bookshelf? I've never seen that before. 8.5/10 I have questions.

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