Nerdy virgin twink Katsuki with big glasses and braces, red faced and teary eyed as he struggles to swallow Kirishima's fat dick.

Kirishima is super understanding about it, cooing at him and calling him a good boy as he feeds him inch after inch of thick, hard pelvis meat.
❗CW: Facefucking, dirty talk, bad blow jobs, gagging, slight coercion, reciprocated blow jobs, premature ejaculation, sweaty balls, lots of spit, etc.❗
There wasn't even supposed to BE anyone on the roof.. All of the shitty extras were either in class or at lunch. No one was supposed to be up here doing...



He doesn't even remember the face of the girl who had rushed by him, red cheeked and half undressed.
But holy /shit/ does he remember the face of Kirishima Eijirou.

At 18 years old, Kirishima was an absolute brick fucking house of a student. He towered over Katsuki by at least a head and a half, and had a grin that could drop panties like a hot bowl out of a microwave.
He was always wearing something obscenely tight that barely hung on to his wide shoulders and slightly pudgy abs. Hard, but with a little give to them that made him soft.

At least that's what all the girls claimed.

And he wasn't even a real bad boy!
He was like...just barely hitting bas boy standards. One one hand, he would absolutely smoke a cigarette and/or other substance and apparently fuck on the roof during school hours, but on the other hand, he would beat the shit out of someone that was bullying a weaker student.
Katsuki had been saved by him more than once.

Had watched those large arms as Kirishima slammed someone up against the locker, sneering meanly after he'd been shoved to the floor, books and all, and growling at the offender to apologize in that deep, rumbling voice of his.
And yes, /maybe/ that kind of raw display of power is the hottest thing he's ever seen, and he's been plagued by dreams of those large hands and thick fingers in his dreams for longer than he can even remember now.

But he's getting off topic.
The topic being the fact that while his conquest has already fled the scene of the crime, Kirishima is, still in fact, sitting on the ground with his dick out, groaning in frustration.

"Bro, not cool," he sighs, running thick fingers through soft, bright red hair.
"I was really looking forward to that."

It's a down hair day today, Katsuki thinks absently, trying his damnedest to not let his eyes stray farther than they needed to.

"Can you put your fucking dick away? Animal."

Kirishima shrugs nonchalantly.

"I could."
He's always so fucking passive! Katsuki wants to fuc-hit him.

He sighs loudly, angrily, turning his eyes towards the heaven's to stop the temptation of looking where he shouldn't.

"Look, what will it take for you to go away? I wanna study here."

"...Wanna get me off?"
His neck straightens so face that he feels a muscle twinge in his neck, shocked crimson meeting curious ruby.

"/Excuse me/?"

Kirishima shrugs, scratching softly at the light dusting of hair on his belly that slowly gets darker the farther down it goes.
"Well, it's /your/ fault that my afternoon snack ran away. The least you could do is help a bro out. 'S manly."

Katsuki is speechless for all of five seconds, his eyes wide and stunned behind thick, round glasses, before he explodes.

"Who the /shit/-?!"
"But look, if you're scared, I get it," Kirishima interrupts with a condescending smile. "I was scared my first time, too. Don't worry, I won't push you."

And now Katsuki is angry for another reason.

Kirishima rolls his shoulders in a slow, passive aggressive shrug as he lets his legs fall open just a little bit wider.

"Why don't you prove it?"

And Katsuki falters, just a little bit, because it /is/ his first time, he's never done anything like this in his 17 years of life.
But if he takes it back now, Kirishima will laugh at him, and his ego is way too big for that.

"Fucking /fine/ then," he snaps angrily, slamming his books onto the floor and kicking the still open door shut behind him.

Kirishima looks surprises but also pleased.
As if he had expected Katsuki to renege on his words immediately after saying them, and fuck if that doesn't piss him off all the more as he awkwardly falls to his knees between those absurdly thick, jean covered thighs.

And holy /fuck/.
Katsuki inhales deeply, his eyes almost rolling into the back of his head.

"Where to you think you're sniffing?" Kirishima asks above him in amusement, his hand reaching down to thread through the hair at the back of his head and clench gently. "Pervent."
"Shut the fuck up," he grunts, but it's a weak effort at best as he inhales again, desperate for more of that scent.

It's something dark and earthy, a natural kind of musk. He's been sweating all day in those jeans of his, and here is apparently where it all accumulated.
Kirishima watches him with a small smirk. "Smell good?"

Katsuki doesn't even have it in him to give a scathing reply, yanking his bottoms down a little more until he can reach in and expose his balls to the open air as well, causing him to hiss lightly.

"Fuckin' cold-!"
Just like that, the smell increases tenfold, causing the nerdy blond to whimper almost inaudibly as he presses his face to Kirishima's skin and inhales from the source.

It's like a fucking festival of scents down there. Sweat. Soap. Skin. Piss.
Lube from the condom he'd taken off and tossed to the side earlier when his girl had run off.

All of it mixing together to make this thick concoction of smell that was making his own dick twitch in his pants, growing bigger with each ragged inhale he took.
And then Kirishima was gripping his hair a little tighter, yanking his head back so that he could stare down into his flushed, dazed face.

"Well, aren't you just a little slut?" He coos, reaching down to wrap his hand around his dick, stroking until a drop of pre beaded the tip.
Katsuki swallows loudly and licks his lips, his eyes locked on that small drop of liquid like it was the only drink on earth and he had just escaped from a thousand mile wide desert.

"You thirsty, baby boy?" The redhead whispers softly.

Something wicked in his voice that sends shivers up and down Katsuki's spine as he watches the tip of his cock inch closer and closer to his spit slicked lips.

He nods slowly, unwilling to move too far from his prize.

"Then open up for me, pretty thing."
His jaw goes slack almost of it's own accord, and then it's /there/, the taste of skin and salt so vibrant on his tongue that he can't do anything but moan loudly as arousal rips through his body, his hips pressing desperately against the ground.
Kirishima laughs softly, and it's not mean, but it makes him bristle anyways, flicking angry eyes up to amused ones.

"It's only the tip, baby, calm down," he murmurs, scratching gently at his scalp with his fingernails until those annoyed lines creasing his forehead disappear.
And fuck, he would be madder if it didn't taste so /good/.

It's not the fucking best thing he's ever tasted because duh, it's fucking pre-ejaculate, but there's something subtly sweet about it that makes him dive down another inch, eager for more of that taste on his tongue.
Kirishima hums softly, his hips beginning to rock, fucking those two inches of dick in and out of his mouth shallowly.

"You're a lot prettier when your mouth is full," he mutters softly, his eyes locked on the spit slowly dripping down that angular chin.
"Lot quieter, too. I hear you all the time, yelling at people for being too stupid. Too useless," he almost whispers, the soft whispers wrapping around Katsuki like a snake, squeezing him tight. "But this is what you needed, isn't it pretty? Someone else in control?"
Katsuki makes a muffled noise of protest, but Kirishima quiets him with a short, disappointed 'tsk' sound, hooking a thumb around his jaw and tugging until he can slip another, and then another inch inside of his mouth, listening to his laboured breathing and soft moans.
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"Of course you need someone to take control," he moans, shuddering as the blond's inexperienced tongue licks up the length of his dick, pressing against the largest vein in a way that makes his hips jump and his voice shake. "N-need someone to quiet all those big thoughts."
Katsuki whines softly, almost as if he wants to protest but can't, dazed red eyes looking up at him behind those round glasses as he sucks harder, more eagerly, and suddenly Kirishima can't wait any more. It's been too long.
Watching his prey from afar. Learning what he likes and dislikes. Mentally filing away his inability to back down from any kind of challenge, especially when formed in a completely petty kind of way.
Noting with /great/ interest how he seems to thrive off praise.

Raising his head higher for compliments.

Straightening up when he receives slaps on the back or pats on the shoulder.

And today wasn't /exactly/ what he'd planned for when he pursued him.
But damned if it wasn't all working out /excellently/ in his favor.

"Turn," he mutters, pulling his dick away from those now sinfully swollen lips with a lewd 'pop'

Katsuki doesn't ask questions for once, doesn't argue. He just does it, flipping onto his back quickly.
Kirishima is shoving his pants down to his knees as he does, gripping his dick and stroking it firmly.


The sight of Katsuki's mouth dropping open to reveal shiny silver braces, dripping heavily with saliva and pre-cum, will be seared into his brain forever.
"Fuck," he swears loudly as he yanks both his over shirt and under shirt off, rolling it to make a little pillow that he pushes under that stretched neck, smirking when Katsuki moans.

"Relax your throat for me," he grunts, gripping his dick to position himself and pressing in.
(Please take this absolutely high quality picture of the position they're in, drawn by yours truly 😌)
He chokes at first, unused to something so big being so far inside of him, but Kirishima shushes him quietly, rubbing soothing circles across the bulge in his throat while gently fucking his mouth until the slick from his own saliva is making every thrust velvet smooth.
"That's it, you're doing so good, baby," he whispers softly as the thrusts become easier, grinding all the way at the back of that wonderfully tight throat, only to pull back when Katsuki convulses underneath him with a choked moan.
He groans when Katsuki finally catches a rhythm and begins to suck him strongly, those small hands reaching up to rest on his clenching thighs as he dicks down his warm, spit soaked hole.

"F-fuck, I almost wouldn't believe you're a virgin," he moans, his head dropping forward.
Watching hungrily as his dick disappears and emerges from his mouth, covered in a ridiculous amount of spit that makes a lewd squelching noise each time he shoves it in. He's thankful the blond had the foresight to shove his glasses up so his balls aren't slapping against them.
But the only reason he notices /that/ is because of the broken moan that he gives off every time they slap against his face, making him inhale, hungry for more of that sweaty ball smell in his nose.

"You look so desperate for it," he grunts, his hips snapping sharply.
Katsuki manages to articulate a choked gurgle, sending more spit bubbling out of the sides of his mouth and down (up?) his cheeks, mixing with the tears that are trailing down (up??) into his hair.

It's the most debauched look he's even seen, and he loves it.
He probably loves it a little too much, if the way his stomach is twisting is any indication.

"Fuck," he snarls, his upper lip pulling back over abnormally sharp teeth as his hips thrust harder than he can control, making Katsuki gag between his knees.
"Shhhh, be a good boy for me," he moans, his eyes squeezing shut as he shoves a hand under his neck, forcing his head back even more to make swallowing easier. "I'm almost there baby, you can do it for me, I know you can."

Katsuki whines, gurgled and broken, his body shaking.
He's been playing with his nipples for God knows how long now, shirt rucked up and just lightly plucking at them until they're hard, pink little nubs on top of his chest.

His dick is hard too, Kirishima can see it pressed up against his standard uniform slacks.
It makes him chuckle even as his orgasm nears.

"Fuck, you're perfect, aren't you?" he says, shudders rocking his body as his hips begin to lose their rhythm. "Gonna cum soon, pretty boy. Gonna fill this warm little hole all up with it, and you're gonna swallow it, right baby?"
Katsuki makes a whorish sort of moaning noise, and that's all the permission Kirishima needs.

He pushes his dick as deep as he can and just...lets go, groaning loud enough to echo across the rooftop as he unloads shot after thick, sticky shot down the blond's quivering throat.
He could honestly just stay here, buried in this little not so virgin anymore throat forever.

But he's all done now, and Katsuki has to breathe at /some/ point, so with a reluctant sigh, he eases back, hissing softly as he exposes himself to the cool air once again.
Katsuki looks /destroyed/.

His glasses are tilted on his forehead and covered in sweat. His lips are swollen as all fuck. Spit and tears are smeared all over his tomato red face, and his breathing is rough, giving away the state of his fucked raw throat
And his mouth...

Kirishima dick give a valiant twitch as he watches the spit and cum gleaming on his braces. He looks like some kind of school boy porn star.

He desperately wishes that he could take a picture, but knows he would get murdered, especially as an almost stranger.
Baby steps.

Like reciprocating the amazing blowjob he had just been given.

"That was great," he groans, pulling his underwear and pants into their proper places and doing up his buttons. "Not exactly the best as you claimed, but definitely worth the time spent."
Katsuki grunts, a touch of anger in the sound that Kirishima would bet money on having been an explosion of yelling had he not just dicked his throat into disuse.

"Now, let me show you how it's done."

Katsuki had only one second to be confused before his pants were yanked down.

Kirishima was already between his knees, using his shoulders to spread his legs open so that he can see his dick properly.

"Oh, you're so /cute/ here," he coos, purposely letting his warm breath wash over pale inner thighs just to feel him shiver.

"A-ah, wait-!"
He breaks off with a high pitched cry as Kirishima licks just to the side of his crotch, along the innermost crease that becomes the v-line of his hips.

"Taste good, too," he purrs, looking up coyly into panicked red eyes.

He doesn't let him protest for long before doing it again, licking slowly back down until he meets an inner thigh that he can bite gently.

Katsuki arches into the air with a wail, his legs already shaking wildly.

Kirishima moans back at him, sucking a light hickey into the pale skin there that should only last long enough for him to admire in the mirror should he choose to before moving on, dragging his nose across a surprisingly well groomed set of testicles.
"Well, you're just perfect everywhere, aren't you?" He asks right before sucking both of the small orbs into his mouth.

Katsuki jerks with a wordless shout, his eyes rolling into the back his his head a heat unlike anything he's ever felt wraps around him.
It feels like he's gonna melt at any second.

"K-Kirishimaaa," he whines loudly, small fingers tangling into red hair and yanking roughly as his hips buck up. "P-please-!"

Said male hums loudly, and Katsuki chokes as the vibrations send lightning shooting down his spine.

Kirishima pulls away with a slurp and a low laugh. "Such language..."

Katsuki doesn't even hear him, both of his hands now pulling at his hair, trying to guide him to where he needs him most.

"Please," he gasps softly, his eyes sparkling with a fresh sheen of tears.
And like, he may have this reputation of being a 'bad boy', but he's not a fucking monster, okay?

"Get my shirt and put it under your head," he mumbles, licking softly at his wrinkled balls until he does what he said before swallowing all of his dick in one eager gulp.
He's not /small/ per se, just...dainty.

Average sized.

Perfect for Kirishima and his large, warm mouth and wet, licking tongue that drags up and down his dick with each bob of his head.

Katsuki has actually gone speechless this time.
He'd frozen the second Kirishima had swallowed him down and stayed that way while his mouth worked him over, but he could tell that he was into it.

Could hear his sharp gasps as he struggled to breathe and feel his legs shaking violently where they were wrapped around his head.
Overwhelmed by the kind of pleasure that a simple mouth was giving him.

A few more harsh sucks and a dry finger pressing against the hole hidden between his cheeks brings him alive with a yell, his hips pressing up forcefully as he empties all of himself down Kirishima's throat.
He just barely manages to hold him down with one hand on his hip and the other gripping his ass as the smaller man bucks wildly, sobbing as pleasure rocks his body straight to its core, before leaving him wrung out where he's spread across the roof top.
And then it's just a matter of pulling off and getting him redressed as he twitches through the aftershocks, which he does just in time for the bell to ring.

"Damn, we went a little overboard," he hums, pulling a pack of wet wipes out of his pocket to use in his face.
It feels weird, and it /definitely/ won't fully erase the smell of sweaty ball sack that he's sure has seeped into his skin, but it's nice to know the man cares.

Kirishima grabs one of his notebooks and a pen, scribbling across a random page before dropping it and standing.
"Let me know if you need someone to take control again," he says over his shoulder with a smirk and a wave.

'Not fucking likely,' Katsuki scoffs in his head as he continues to lay against the concrete.

Fuck class.

It takes a good two and a half weeks, but one day, Kirishima comes out of the shower to a text message on his phone.

(From_Unknown Number:
This Kirishima?)

He smirks, typing a few things into his phone before replying back.

(To_💖Pretty Boy💖:
Hello Katsuki.)

(Everyone who read this thread owes me tree fiddy.

I'm kidding, but if you WANT to give, feel free, and if not, then I'm glad you enjoyed anyways 💖💖💖 as always I love you guys and thank you for always hyping up my horny 2 a.m. ideas MWAH!!!) 
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Katsuki's mouth was like:
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