This is thread on BATs!
Would rather say it is really important to know abt Bats in today's context.

Most of us may not like this animal, for many reasons. Keeping aside those dislikes, read about the only flying mammal BAT. (some other mammals glide, don't fly) 1+
Bats are quite fascinating, as they are the only TRUE flying Mammals. It is said there are abt 1300 species in it. Next to rodents, they account to 20% of all mammal species in d world. Mostly nocturnal, they prefer to stay in large groups. 2+
DYK!! Bats fly with their hands and not wings! Yes, it's the thin skin like structure that connects the five digits in the forearm to help the animal fly strong.

While the legs help them to hold fruits and to cling upside down.
Megabats & Microbats are 2 types. Largest in size is d flying foxes whose wing spans to 2 metres. Smallest is bumblebee bat, weighs only 2 gms & its d world’s smallest mammal too!

DYK, bats r more closely related to humans than they are to mice? Something to Ponder isn't it!!3+
Bat's pee!! Said to be source of many diseases. SARS, Ebola, Nipah viruses are said to have spread by d bat droppings.
But how?? As human entered the interior forests& occupied those area.
Who should be blamed here??

Bats turn down to pee..guess why? 4+
Here comes one other scariest creations VAMPIRE BAT. With the sharpest teeth in the animal kingdom, the vampire bat can drink blood for 30 minutes without its victim noticing.

Now don't think.. All bats are Vampires. Most bats feed on fruits & insects.

Credits in the video. 5+
'Why do we need them on earth?' is d question in your mind. As any other living being, they do help in many ways. As pollinators, seed dispersers, pest controllers - ecosystems need bats. DYK some bats eat mosquitoes, as many as thousands+.
What do they need?
Forests & trees! 6+
Try to hear this sound, closing your eyes!!
A dark deserted forest would have flashed in your minds. And that's where these bats belong to.
We know how sharp is their echolocation, that can identify even a hair strand.

This is bat Noctule's distinctive call - Credit in video. 7+
The most disgusting part is bats are consumed in most parts of d world, though largest consumption is in few Asian countries. Looks like this tradition dates back even before 10000 years.

Video not recommended for weak hearted! It's a part of a wet market. 8+
Do the virus affect those bats? Research says NO! The reason is d strong defence mechanism these animals developed. Lucky Bats!
Unfortunately, human have weak immunity and world realised that only NOW.
So the best solution is not to disturb & to let them live in their forests!
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