#Bereavement in the time of #Coronavirus

As a student #socialworker I completed a practicum in neonatal intensive care (NICU), during H1N1

#Pandemic precautions meant some families couldn’t be with their baby at time of #death

Here’s how you can help your family/friends

When someone notifies you of a death

👉🏼Show empathy (‘sorry for your loss’)
👉🏼Don’t bring up your own losses
👉🏼Only offer assistance you can provide, keeping social distancing in mind (ie ‘my DMs are open’)
👉🏼Don’t post about it on social media

Comforting others 1

👉🏼Meet them where they’re at - don’t force talk about loss/deceased/pandemic
👉🏼Lulls make us anxious. In silence use nonverbal comm ie eye contact/relaxed body language
👉🏼Don’t reflexively pass a tissue - it sends the message crying bothers you

Comforting others 2

👉🏼If possible, help bereaved safely acquire something symbolic of the deceased to keep (NICU parents get a lock of hair or hand/foot imprint)
👉🏼Connect with a pastor/spiritual leader/funeral home to explore final arrangement options in your area

Communications Help

👉🏼Respect that #frontliners cannot provide pre- #COVID19 standard of communication w/families
👉🏼Offer to assist w/locating/filing paperwork/applying for insurance/employment assistance
👉🏼Offer to be family 'spokesperson'


#COVID19 #bereaved #MutualAid
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